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Roll of Honor

Fire Chief
Age: 49
Year of Death: 2012

David M. Flint

David Michael William Flint was born January 15 1963 to Raymond William Flint of England and Johanna Hannelore Mathilde Alsbach Flint of Germany. He grew up in Millcreek Pa

While growing up David rode dressage almost daily and won several hundred ribbons. He had a few different horses while riding, the one he talked about the most was George, he was part Arabian. His mother also rode dressage with him. They rode a lot at the Erie Hunt and Saddle Club in Franklin Township.

David joined his first fire department as a junior with Perry Hi-Way Hose Company. He was still attending McDowell High School at the time. David was also a part of the ROTC program in high school. David graduated in 1981 and from there he went into the Navy.

David spent 22 years and 1 day (that day made a difference to him because he always mentioned it when asked how long he served.) David was active through the wars including Granada, and the Gulf War. His ship was out in the Mediterranean provide support for the ground crews in the Gulf. He was a decorated veteran when he retired.

After retiring from the Navy David he moved to Franklin Township. He took the skills he learned while serving and put them to use by starting his own business. David started Flint Equipment Servicing in 2002. He worked on diesel engines and heavy equipment. He also used his firefighting skills to help out his local community.

In 2002 David joined Franklin Township Volunteer Fire Department and quickly moved up the ranks. 3 years after joining he became the chief of the department. He held that position until the night he died February 02, 2012.

Due to the fact that he was self-employed he could dedicate much of his time to the fire department, which he did by chairing several fundraisers to help fund the department.

If you had a problem or ever needed to talk David was always willing to listen and help out when he could. There were many nights that he was on the phone until 1 or 2 am talking to people. Many nights he was at the station long after drill was over or most any night.

Besides David’s 2 sons and 3 step children that he loved as his own he took special interest in all the kids at the station. Many of them looked to him as a father figure. His death had a huge impact on many of the kids at the station as well as the adults.

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  1. Never Forgotten

    – Tresa Curtis
  2. David Flint Certainly has a special place in his heart for young people especially the ones that have a interest in Emergency Services .He is still putting a boot in our pants to move with urgency in getting training in the hands of young people. Be it in our schools, churches ect before they make their final career choices. Rest in Peace Brother Dave We got it from here

    – Daniel Netzler