Roll of Honor

David M. McNally

  • Assistant Chief
  • Keokuk Fire Department
  • Iowa
  • Age: 48
  • Year of Death: 1999

David M. McNally‚ 48‚ a 25-year veteran and Assistant Fire Chief of the Keokuk Fire Department‚ died on December 22‚ 1999‚ when a flashover trapped him and two other firefighters as they tried to rescue children from a structure fire. All three firefighters and three of the children died. McNally served two terms on the Keokuk Catholic School Board and was Financial Secretary of the Knights of Columbus.

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Memorial Wall

  1. David and Jason came to staff our station back in 1997 so we could attend the funerals for our 2 fallen firefighters. Dave was such a nice man. He was so helpful to us during and after our tragedy. I learned to appreciate all the guys at Keokuk. We were able to honor Dave, Jason, and Nate by staffing the Keokuk station during their funerals. The years have certainly flown by. I will not forget these guys.

    Dirk Tweedell
    Fire Chief
    Carthage IL Volunteer Fire Dept.

    – Dirk Tweedell