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Age: 38
Year of Death: 2001

David P. DeRubbio

David P. DeRubbio was born on March 9‚ 1963‚ the fifth of seven children born to Albert and Marion DeRubbio. He grew up on 48th Street in the Sunset Park part of Brooklyn with his six brothers and sisters‚ Marylee‚ Dominck‚ Anthony‚ Albert‚ Robert and Angela‚ and with his niece Leah‚ who lived upstairs. He attended St. Agatha’s Grammar School and graduated from Aviation High School.

David married Lori in February 1989 and their daughter Jessica was born later that year. The DeRubbio family continued to grow with the addition of his in-laws‚ Steve‚ Mario‚ Cathy and Terri and his cherished nieces and nephews (his godson)‚ Anthony‚ Joseph‚ Dominick‚ James‚ Leah and Danielle.

David successfully completed training at the New York City Fire Academy at Randall’s Island on August 12‚ 1998 and was assigned to Engine Company 226. David now joined the ranks of the DeRubbio Firefighters: his brothers Dominick (Battalion Chief‚ 22nd Battalion‚ Staten Island)‚ Anthony (Firefighter‚ Engine Company 235‚ Bed-Stuy)‚ and Robert (Firefighter‚ Engine Company 248‚ Bed-Stuy). He soon went on rotation and spent a year at Ladder 20 in Manhattan and Engine 290 in Brooklyn.

David was an extremely loyal New York Rangers fan and wore the team logo on his Fire Department issued helmet. He was also an avid player around the neighborhood. He played on a few teams with friends and also with the guys from the firehouse. It was as if he was born on skates!

He was also a devoted New York Yankees fan and a NASCAR follower. Bill Elliot was his favorite driver and Dave followed him religiously.

Dave was the ultimate pack rat. There wasn’t anything he didn’t collect‚ from stamps to baseball cards‚ his daughter’s baby and toddler toys‚ cards that she made for him‚ pictures and mementos. Dave was always willing to help‚ no matter what the job entailed. He could take anything apart and have it together in no time. Most times‚ when Dave wasn’t at the firehouse‚ or playing hockey‚ he could be found under a car. Whether with his friends‚ or with his Dad‚ he was always there when you needed him. He was ñbuilt like an ox.

To know Dave was to love him immediately. His family is heartbroken and remains so to this day. He is missed so very much‚ not for what he could do for you‚ but for what he brought to your life.

David was the funniest person alive. His presence‚ his smile and laughter could brighten the darkest of rooms. There was never a time when he wasn’t laughing or sharing a story. No one did it better than Dave. There will never be words adequate enough to express our loss. We miss him terribly and love him more than we could ever say. We know heaven has the best now.

David Paul DeRubbio
Forever in Our Hearts
3-9-63 to 9-11-01

The tide may erase our footprints‚ but only for a moment‚ for having walked here once‚ we remain always.

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  1. I was in NY on 911. I won’t go into that but I did go back many weeks later to St. Paul’s Church and walking through, I noticed a table with memorial cards on it. I picked one up and it was the memorial card for David P. DeRubbio. I still his picture on my desk, the same card.

    All the times, I looked at David’s Card , I never noticed his date of birth until today (6/21/15). His date of birth was March 9th 1963. My sister died on March 9th…….but not in 1963.

    I made it off that island on 911. I still have some strange feeling about that entire experience.

  2. I completed the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in Richmond, Va in honor of Firefighter DeRubbio. I hope his family knows he was not forgotten! God bless.

    – Lyndsey Noel
  3. I completed the 9/11 2016 stair climb in Denver Colorado in Tribute to David. His card and picture hang in my gear locker where I see it every morning of every shift.
    God bless his family.

    – Eric Farnsworth
  4. I just carried David’s name and picture to the top at the Memorial Stair Climb in Wichita Ks on 9/10/2016. It was a humbling experience. Peace to the family and please know that we have not forgotten.

    – Ben Jones
  5. Thank you all for sharing your stories and for helping to keep my brother Dave’s spirit alive. We are forever grateful.

    – Angela DeRubbio
  6. I carried David DeRubbio name and picture on the 9/11/2017 Memorial Stair Climb in Kingsport Tennessee. He is a hero and won’t be forgotten.

    – Clayton Mitchell
  7. Wearing David DeRubbio’s name and picture today for the DeWitt Professional Firefighters Association 9/11/17 Memorial.

    Syracuse, NY

    – Stephen Lizardo
  8. today I climbed the Denver 9/11 stair climb at Red Rocks with Bollman EMS in honor of David P DeRubbio. He sat over my heart the entire time and never forgotten. If there is anyway I could trade his or any of the other 342 other beautiful brothers and sisters I would. Let their souls rest in peace ???

    – Bre Beck
  9. Today I carried Davids name and picture in the 2018 Firefighter Stair climb in Melbourne, Australia. R.I.P brother.

    – Ian Bryant
  10. I carried David’s Card with me today at Lambeau Field Stair climb. RIP. You will never be forgotten.

    – Jeremy Laakso
  11. I met a very sweet lady today at the Bay Ridge Library-Marion. She approached me and we started to chat (with my son fast asleep in the stroller). We spent about 45 min talking. She shared stories about her amazing family, including her brave son David. She even showed me a “worry” rock that David gave her. She always carries it with her. I just want you all to know that David will never be forgotten. I had 5 colleagues die on 9/11. Those who made it out was because of David and other first responders like him. He is a true hero. Marion is an amazing mom to raise such an amazingly brave son. Much love to you and your family.

    – Cindy Alano
  12. I went to visit New York City with my best friend last year for the first time. We took the Ferry from Lower Manhattan to get to Staten Island. When most of the others immediately returned to the ferry to get back to Manhattan, we decided to walk around the Island for a bit. We got to the 9/11 Memorial and I looked at all the different names. For no particular reason, I stopped at David DeRubbio’s name and said that I will remember his name – as one example for all the other brave men and women in fire departements, police and any other first responders. Later that day, we went to the 9/11 memorial museum in lower Manhattan. It was one of the most intense experiences ever in our lives. Luckily, we didn’t lose anyone we knew on 9/11. But it was the first serious event in my life I remember so clearly. Getting to see the people that helped so many people survive this horrible tragedy and reading their stories was as heartbreaking as it was encouraging at the same time. In two weeks, my best friend and I will return to New York City and will most likely revisit the 9/11 Memorial on Staten Island. I wish David DeRubbio’s family and friends a lot of strength for the future. Kindest wishes from Switzerland.

    – Gabriel Marty
  13. I ran the Nebraska 911 Memorial Stair Climb in remembrance of David today -9/7/19. He will never be forgotten.

    – Nicole Kingston
  14. 9-11-19
    Today I honored David at the memorial stair climb at Red Rocks in Colorado. I carried his picture with me and did my best to honor him.
    God bless his family. David will never be forgotten.
    #thinredline #thinblueline

    – Tonya
  15. Carried your memory and badge on the Blackhawk climb. I will wear it every year in your honor. Love to your loved ones.God Bless and keep you.

    – Bonnie Best
  16. I posted this link yesterday on 9/11/19 on Facebook. I miss Dave. We became friends when we were both living in Bay Ridge. He was a very good friend to one of my best friends Tony O’Donnell. We had some wonderful times together. This photo doesn’t even do him justice. God bless him and his family. We will never forget Dave.

    – Tina Cutinella
  17. I was on Staten Island this weekend visiting from Atlanta for my grandmother’s funeral. Tonight I went to Lee’s Tavern for a hero and a beer. When the (stellar) bartender told me he’s a firefighter I thanked him for his service and then asked him if he knew Dave Derubbio. Turns out he’s the lieutenant at Dave firehouse, and passes by his shirt which hangs there, every day. ❤️ I used to teach in Brooklyn, and knew Dave through friends he grew up with. God rest his soul, and may his sparkle and talent carry on forever through his family and friends whose lives he touched most.

    – Bonnie
  18. Dave was one of my best friends. I will always miss him. We lost the best guy I ever met. We grew up together. I will love my fallen brother forever.

    – Joseph Masiello
  19. It was an honor to carry your card today, ring the bell and announce your name at the Greenville, SC Memorial Stair Climb. May your memory live on forever. Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice David Paul DeRubbio. Friday, September 11, 2020

    Tamera Pirraglia

    – Tamera Pirraglia
  20. Today i Carried David’s name and picture in the stair climb in wildwood nj. He will never be forgotten!

    – Tom Outlaw