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Dennis G. Mignerone

Dennis G. Mignerone

  • Captain
  • Webster Groves Fire Department
  • Missouri
  • Age: 50
  • Year of Death: 2003

Submitted by his wife and three daughters.

Captain Dennis George Mignerone was born on August 19‚ 1952. He became a professional firefighter on July 7‚ 1976‚ when he joined the Webster Groves Fire Department. He attended St. Louis University where he received his Paramedic License on June 30‚ 1980. In 1998‚ Dennis was promoted to Captain and assumed the duties as the Chief Medical Officer in charge of the ambulance service for the Department. I can still remember waking the girls up so that we could all watch him leave for work in his brand new white Captain’s shirt. That day was one of the proudest days of Dennis’s career. On January 21‚ 2003‚ Dennis was performing Department prescribed exercises when he suffered a heart attack; he was 50 years old. He served in this great brotherhood for the City of Webster Groves for over 26 years. A couple of days following his death a representative of the fire department was quoted as saying‚ ‘Dennis was a leader‚ a mentor and a friend. He served with honor‚ courage and integrity and will sorely be missed by all who knew him.’ One of the last duties Dennis performed was the ordering of the new Ambulance‚ which now reads on the left and right side‚ ‘Dedicated to our Fallen Brother Captain Dennis Mignerone.’

Dennis loved being a Firefighter. He did not consider being a firefighter work; he considered it an honor. The thought of helping others and making a difference in people’s lives was the most important to Dennis. He loved working with 40 of the Best Firefighters around. They were not just coworkers to him; they were his brothers‚ his family. Since his death‚ the Webster Groves Firefighters have been there for our family in every way. We are lucky to have them and know that they will always remember MIG.

Not only was Dennis a leader to his co-workers‚ he was a leader in his community. He served as the Vice President of the Holy Name Society and the Athletic Director at St. Simon Catholic Church for over 8 years‚ the longest in history of St. Simon to date. It wasn’t very often you didn’t see ‘Mr. and Mrs. Mig’ up at St. Simonïs cutting grass‚ painting lines‚ distributing uniforms‚ raising money at the annual picnic‚ or just helping out. He started the Holiday Basketball Tournament 13 years ago and in 2003 it was renamed the Dennis Mignerone Holiday Basketball Tournament. He was honored twice for his service‚ once in 2000 when he accepted the Man of the Year Award and again in 2003 when his family accepted the St. Simon Holy Name Society Round Table Father Dierker Award‚ the highest honor there is at St. Simon Catholic Church in his honor.

Paul and Myrtle Mignerone are the proud parents of Dennis‚ and his two brothers‚ Donald and Dale. They raised him in St. Louis‚ MO‚ where he went to Bayless High School. Dennis lettered in three sports and was active in the band‚ but more importantly met me‚ Patricia Pizzella. We were married on November 23‚ 1973 and were happily in love for over 29 years. Over those 29 years‚ we hardly did anything apart. We did the small things together like grocery shopping‚ mowing the grass‚ or picking the kids up from school. We loved to go to dinner‚ the movies and the casino boats. Dennis loved to go to Las Vegas. In September of 2002‚ our daughters sent us there for Dennis’s 50th Birthday. Dennis’s philosophy was ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’‚ but win or lose‚ what I can tell you is that we were happy‚ and I will cherish that last vacation for the rest of my life. Several friends have commented that we were like one‚ I know we still are.

Dennis and I had three daughters‚ Antoinette‚ Angela and Amy. Dennis devoted his life to his family. He enjoyed coaching all three of his girls in soccer‚ volleyball‚ softball and basketball. He also enjoyed taking our family to the lake and teaching us to water-ski‚ which was a hobby he grew up doing with his brothers. I cannot remember a time that he missed any part of their lives. Dennis’s girls were his pride and joy. I am sure that the firemen got tired of hearing how each one was doing‚ or what big accomplishment had been achieved‚ Dennis was always bragging about his girls. He was their father‚ their coach‚ their cheerleader and their friend and confidant. He showed them how to love‚ respect and cherish each other‚ values that will never be forgotten.

I loved Dennis from the day I met him‚ loved him during the glorious time we shared‚ and will continue to love him all the days of my life until I can see him again.

To my beloved husband and our loving Father‚
We love you lots‚ miss you even more and we will never forget you.

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