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National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Roll of Honor

Battalion Chief
Age: 51
Year of Death: 2001

Dennis Lawrence Devlin

Dennis Devlin was a casualty of the World Trade Center disaster on September 11‚ 2001. Dennis is survived by his wife of 30 years Kathleen and his four children Kerry‚ 29; Casey‚ 26; Dennis‚ 24; and Katie‚ 18.

Dennis was an active member of his community of Washingtonville‚ NY‚ and St. Mary’s Church for 24 years. He was appointed to the FDNY on November 21‚ 1980 and was assigned to Engine Co. 45 in the Bronx. He was transferred to Ladder Co. 58 in 1987. He was soon promoted to Lieutenant in 1989 and assigned to Engine Co. 35 in the Harlem section of Manhattan. In 1993‚ he was promoted to captain and worked at Engine Co. 75 in the Bronx. He was instrumental in securing a new firehouse for Animal House E.75/L.33. While Captain of 75‚ he also waged a battle to have the American Flag displayed on their rig. This battle resulted in our American Flag being displayed on fire rigs throughout the city.

Dennis continued through the ranks. He was promoted to Battalion Chief in 1998 and assigned to the 9th Battalion in Manhattan. His last assignment was Division 3 on W. 77th St. where he served as the NYC Special Events Coordinator. He responded to the World Trade Center immediately after seeing it unfold on TV at the Division. He was in the City volunteering his time for the primary that day.

Dennis was also Chairman for the 1127 Committee working with many FDNY officers and firefighters to repeal a ‘condition of employment’ tax placed on uniformed city workers.

He was a dedicated husband‚ father‚ firefighter and remained an avid runner throughout the years. He attended every swim meet‚ basketball‚ volleyball and baseball game for all of his children and worked diligently with our other swimming families in our community to have our district incorporate a pool in the new high school.

He loved his music and watching sunsets from the deck of his home in Washingtonville. He will be missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing him. His smile and zest for life were contagious and will live on in the hearts that he has touched.

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  1. i don’t know him but I feel he should be remembered for what he did for the people of 9 11 so always remember 9 11

    – audrey
  2. I never had the honor to meet you but your courage and legacy have touched my life. Thank you Dennis Devlin and all the other heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice on 9/11/01. God bless your heavenly souls and your beautiful families with a peace that passes all understanding. We will never forget September 11, 2001. You will always be remembered. #15SeptembersLater

    – Amber
  3. Several years ago, I purchased a memorial bracelet at the sight in NYC. Dennis’s name is on it. I wear it every year on 9/11. I am an elementary school teacher at a rural school in Canada. We always take time to discuss and remember all those who gave so much at such a tragic time. We particularly remember your husband and father. It is honour to wear the bracelet that was created in his honour.
    Our thoughts are with you at this time of year.

    – Steve Oberman
  4. I go to a school in Canada we are learning about the 9/11. My teacher picked a bracelet with Devlin’s name. and I don’t know him but I can still remember him. I think we can all keep his spirit alive. Together we will always remember your husband and father and what he sacrificed.

    – keegan srigley
  5. Hi, we are two kids from a small school in Ontario. We are very sad to here about what happened to your father/husband. You may have heard the name of our teacher Steve Oberman., if not he drew Dennis’s bracelet at the 9/11 memorial. He will always talk about him a lot around this time of year. We give you are thoughts and we hope the best for your family, and we hope no one will ever forget what Dennis and all the fire fighters did who gave up there lives for people they didn’t even know.
    Brayson and Henry

    – Brayson Fay and Henry Betcher
  6. We are grade 6 students at a school in Ontario. Our teacher, Mr. Oberman, has talked about your husband/father to our class. We know that it must’ve been really hard to go through that. We really do care about your family, and we’re sorry for your loss. We’re thinking of you on 9/11 and will keep Dennis’ memory alive always.
    From Aurora and Naomi

    – Aurora and Naomi
  7. 15 years ago a tragic event happened and your husband/dad happened to be apart of it. We are sorry for your loss and want you to know that we support your family. We wish you the best, and will be thinking of your family. ~ Alexis and Anna

    – Alexis and Anna
  8. We are learning about 9/11 at school in our grade 5/6 class. This is our first time hearing about 9/11,We hope that all of Dennis´s family is doing fine.

    – Mary and Nicole
  9. We will try and keep Dennis´s memory alive always.
    Sincerely, Mary and Nicole

    – Mary and Nicole
  10. i don’t know you but you were a hero during 9 11. I know if that was me i would probably not have been a hero like him. He truly is a hero. Me and my friend Alec are learning about him and others in the attack of 9 11. It was very sad thousands of mums and dads died. It is very unfortunate that he died. We live in a small town in Ontario Canada. We are sorry your loss .

    – Travis & Alec
  11. Hello we are in grade 6 and our teacher has been telling us about 9/11 and how he has a bracelet with the name Dennis on it.What happend that day was tragic and we should always remember those people who risked their lives to save others. Firefighters know that they are risking their lives and they still do it. I’m sure he was a good man father and husband.And all those people who saved lives we thank dearly.

    – julia and chloe
  12. We are in a school in Canada in a small town called tiny. we are learning about the incident in 911. we honour this day and for this man working hard for us. we are very very sorry for you to wiitness this incident that happened.

    Sincerely Ryder and Jarret

    – jarret and ryder
  13. My dad is a fire fighter and i would hate to see anything happen to him. We are learning about 911 in our class. Our teacher got the memorial bracelet that says Dennis. Thank you for putting other peoples live before yours.

    – Chyanne
  14. Hi my name Morgan and in my class we are learning about 9/11. We heard about your husband from our teacher Mr. Oberman. I’m sorry form your lost but your husband did a wonderful thing for everyone and we all thank him for that. We will all remember him and all the people that passed with him. we hope you are taking this ok, wish you the best. the grade six class

    – Morgan
  15. Hi my name is Tyler. Your husband or boyfriend he was a great man. The reason i am telling you this because he probably saved so many lives. He was a great man. And his soul will rest in peace

    – Tyler
  16. Dear Family of Dennis Devlin

    I go to a school in Canada and my class is learning about the 9/11. Before class I never heard of him but we should remember the good things that he did to help the world. I don’t know where my parents were when the 9/11 happened. Also where were you when it happened? We want to thank Dennis for giving his life for others.


    – Griffin Desroches
  17. Hello there,
    My father is a firefighter and I would hate to have something terrible happen to him. It is because he is part of the family but he has to do what he wants.I now how it feels. I’m scared ever day from him because you never know what’s going to happen. think him for risking his life to save many people.
    Sincerely, Pearson

    – Pearson
  18. hello my name is David I live in Canada but i was born in Germany i am learning more about this tragedy
    i feel very sad about what happend and we thank your father for what he did.

    sincerely David

    – David Schulz
  19. I live in Edinburgh, Scotland and had watched the horrors of 9/11 unfold on TV back in 2001. I visited the 9/11 memorial at the end of a 7-week rail tour of the States in April / May 2015 and spent several hours there trying desperately to comprehend the tragedies that occurred in 2001. On returning to Manhattan in June 2017 and once again walking around both North & South Pools, I stopped close to the Survivor Tree and was struck by a further sense of grief for all who perished but especially for the family of Dennis Lawrence Devlin, given that my own first & last names are identical and I was born in July 1951. He sounds like he was a great family man, a husband, father & colleague who gave his life selflessly so that others could survive. Although I am certain that the pain will never leave, I hope that it can ease with time in the sure knowledge that he undoubtedly died a hero, doing the job he loved and I know you will all be immensely proud of him. My deepest respects to him and all his family, you have lost a shining star.

    – Dennis John Devlin
  20. My daughter with Vernon Fire & Ems Vernon Tx did the stair climb in Dallas Tx 9-8-2017 in honor of Dennis Devlin

    – Charles Boyd
  21. Hello there,

    I have a new Grade 6/7 class this year. We just finished a discussion on 9/11, as many students are learning about the incident for the first time. I wore my bracelet to school and we read Dennis’ Memorial page together. Just wanted to let you know we are thinking of Dennis and his family today.


    Steve Oberman

    – Steve Oberman
  22. Hi my name is Alec you might know from last year me and my friend Travis made a post about denis we are very sorry about your loss and hope for the best he is in a better place Rest In Peace Sincerely Steve Oberman’s class

    – Alec Rankin
  23. Hello my name is Leah Ireland and i just learned about Dennis and he sounds like a wonderful man. Mr.O’s class always thinks of him on 9/11. i hope all is well and you are having a good day

    from Lean Ireland

    – Leah Ireland
  24. Hi my name is Madeline and i just wanted to say that today in class i was learning about 911. I really am sad for you. i live in Ontario.

    – Madeline
  25. Hi! My name is Devinne! Today in class we learned about what happened on 9/11, and my teacher had bought a bracelet with your father/husband’s name on it. I really am sad for the loss of Dennis. He was a very brave man, and his memory will live on.
    Devinne .L.

    – Devinne
  26. My dad told me about 911 and i think its bad what happened to Dennis and the many others who lost their lives that day. my class wanted to tell you that we were thinking about you and 911.

    – Logan Henderson
  27. We are thinking about you and your family today.

    – Logan Henderson
  28. I grew up with Dennis Devlin on Olmsted Avenue in the Bronx in the 1960s. He was older than me so I looked up to him. His mom and my mom were very good friends. I consider myself lucky to have known him.
    REST IN PEACE Birdman.
    Mike Volgare

    – Michael Volgare
  29. Although three years younger than Dennis I grew up with him in the Bronx . I will never forget his smile. He was a kind and caring person even as long as I can remember

    – Mike Messina
  30. Hello.
    I don’t know you but shortly after 9/11, there was a fundraiser to purchase the bracelets of a fallen hero and I got Dennis Devlin’s name. I wear it every week for 1 week a year to honor the fallen heroes.

    – Rachelle
  31. I have been looking for Dennis Devlin, a graduate of the class of 1968 Wayne Hills HS to give him information about our 50th class reunion. This seems to fit his description, he would have been born in 1950 or so.

    Please let me know if this is Dennis from Wayne Hills. We would like to honor him at our 50th reunion in October. Whether it is or isn’t, I send my condolences to his family and am thankful for his honorable service in this horrific event.

    – Barbara Feddema Dardia
  32. I am so sorry for the loss of Dennis Devlin and all the other people that died in this tradgedy. My brother’s name was also Dennis Devlin which is why I am so interested in this man. He is a true hero and we could be related. We had many relatives in New York. If the original family is from Ireland. May he Rest In Peace and I hope he met my brother up In heaven. They will both be watching down on all of their families, of that I am sure! God Bless

    – AnnMarie Lundstrom
  33. I new dennis from the neighborhood we lived in,dennis was 6 years older than me but was always a gentlemen and practical joker.I’m glad they named the triangle park on Olmstead Avenue in bronx after him.Rest in peace my friend and god bless his wife and family.Steve puppi

    – Stephen Puppi
  34. I had the opportunity run the San Diego stair climb yesterday September 7, 2019 in honor of Chief Dennis Lawrence Devlin. I had never known this man prior to the stair climb however, I wanted to do a little research on him the day after. I’m so happy to know he had a large family and was an avid runner. This hits home with me. He was a patriot and stood for flying the American flag on fire engines. I’m so proud to have had this opportunity to honor him. Rest In peace Dennis.

    – Montana Dye
  35. It’s hard to believe 18 years have passed since that tragic day. I wore the bracelet today with Dennis’s name on it and shared his story with my students. I have a wonderful Grade 5/6 class this year. Dennis will always be remembered and we are thinking of his family today. Thinking of you in Canada….

    – Steve Oberman
  36. Hello Dennis’s family,
    Were both grade six students learning about 9/11.
    We heard about Dennis and his tragic passing through our teacher Steve Oberman.
    9/11 happened a long time ago but we still remember Dennis and won’t forget him.

    India and Ruby

    – India and Ruby
  37. Hello Denis’s family,
    We are six grade students, in a five six class.
    Our teacher told us about the passing of Denis
    We discussed what Denis sacrifice at the 9/11.

    Jessica and Kyla

    – Kyla and Jessica
  38. I visited the memorial today and took a video to share with my family. At the end of the video, my camera lingered on his name. I wanted to find out more about him and am so glad I did – he seems like an incredible man. Prayers to his family and friends for your loss. Heaven gained many angels on that day.

    – Dianna
  39. hello! I heard you was witnessed in the the Happyland fire in the Bronx in 1990, I am so sorry dearly to all of your family members, dearest to also your closest friends, I hope you rest well. Witnessing 2 of the most deadliest fires and terroism.

    – Dannalisa
  40. Thinking of Dennis and his family today. I’m wearing my bracelet and I will be sharing Dennis’s story with my new class. They are a wonderful Grade 6 class. Hope you are all well during this very strange time period.

    – Steve Oberman
  41. Hi, we are two Grade 6 students and today we are learning about 9/11 with Mr. Oberman.
    We are very sorry for your loss and we will be thinking about Dennis today.

    – Katie and Kiely
  42. Hi, our names are Ethan and Charlie. We just learned about 9/11, what a sad and tragic event. We are very sorry for your loss,know that we are keeping your husband and father’s memory alive.

    – Charlie and Ethan P
  43. Hi, I am so sorry about what happened to Dennis. What a tragic loss but your husband was a great man and a hero to many. We are thinking about you today and remembering what happened on 9/11.

    – Olyvia and Emma
  44. Hello, we are two Grade 6 boys and we just learned today about your father/husband’s passing and we are very sorry for your loss. We will always remember him and the contributions he made to save others’ lives.

    – Hunter and Hudson
  45. He was a great man that is still missed by everyone who had the privilege of knowing him. His love for his family & friends and his sense of humor will not be forgotten.

    – Xoxo
  46. Dennis and I were were probies together at the academy in 1980. He got assigned to the Bronx and I went to Manhattan. Fifteen years later we met again when he was the Captain of E-75 and I was a Captain assigned to the Design/Build Project; building and renovating firehouses. We worked hard together building his new firehouse E-75 and shared some great experiences in doing so. He was ahead of his time when it came to improving this great department. I still remember his proposal for Firehouse generators in case of a major catastrophe. Well after 911 the department realized this might be a good idea. I was so fortunate to work along side him and am honored to say Dennis was my friend, who taught me, “I’m not here for a long time, I’m here for a good time.”

    – Ron Schmutzler
  47. Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of that very sad day. I am thinking of Dennis and his family today. I am sharing his story with my Grade 6 class this year. I’m also wearing my bracelet which I purchased in 2011 with Dennis’s name engraved.
    These are difficult times. Individuals like Dennis inspire us and remind us how we all need to contribute to making this world a better place.

    – Steve Oberman
  48. It’s very unfortunate that your father and husband lost his life on 9/11. We’ve been talking about your father and how brave he was. We will never forget him.

    – Peyton and Wesley
  49. We are learning about the contributions Dennis made. My older brother commented here several years ago, his name was Ryder. Dennis sounded like a fantastic person and I would have liked him to survive and live much longer and have a full life. We will always remember him.

    – Danika and Alora
  50. Hello, Dennis’s family. I am so sorry that Dennis passed away. We wish we had known him. This was a terrible tragedy that could have been avoided and should never have happened. We hope that Dennis’s family is well and we are thinking of you on this day.

    – Finn and Parker
  51. Our class is learning about 9/11 and in particular Dennis. We were upset when we learned what happened to such a kind man. We think we always remember Dennis on this day and we hope you are feeling ok today. Sincerely Aiden and Carter

    – Carter and Aiden
  52. My name is Mathew I am so sorry that Dennis passed from 9/11. I just want you to know that I’m deeply sorry I wish I was able to meet him.

    – Matthew
  53. Today is the 20th anniversary, and I’d like to pass on my best wishes to Dennis Devlin’s family and colleagues.
    I’m a retired Firefighter from Northern Ireland.
    After I walked the Camino in Spain in 2003, I got a Mass card singed in Dennis’s name in Santiago’s Cathedral but never managed to send it to his family.
    Very sorry for your loss on this sad day, he and his colleagues will never be forgotten.
    God bless. James Devlin.

    – James Devlin
  54. My heart is with all today. You were all very brave. When I heard “Devlin” – My heart twitched. We may be distant cousins. My Grandparents came into this country through NY and they lived there for a while.

    God Bless
    Susan Devlin Perzel

    – Susan DEVLIN Perzel
  55. I knew Dennis Devlin and his family when I moved to Washington Ville New York in 1981. He was an amazing person, wonderful father and husband and friend. We would see him at church sitting in front of us with his children and me with my daughters, Kristen and Danielle every Sunday. We are privileged to have know him and will never forget this wonderful man. On this 20 th anniversary we will always remember , Dennis Devlin.
    God bless his Beautiful Family

    – Alice J Franzella
  56. I had the privilege of meeting you Kathy and Dennis at our mutual friend Janis’ barn house/pool parties. I’m am praying for all of Americans today, and am especially thinking of you and your family. Good bless you all, as you keep his memory alive through stories you tell of his fun and laughter. ❤️ ❤️

    – Anne Skivington
  57. Hi I don’t know what to say but thanks for what all you did on that day my dad has told me so many good things about you and I would have loved to meet you

    – Brandon Mowbray
  58. We miss and love you uncle Dennis. We will never forget you.

    – James Michael Ahearn
  59. I have never known him personally, but I know what he was about. I’m very saddened that I never got to meet him. He was truly a hero for us at Washingtonville and he will be GREATLY missed. Much Love from Washingtonville.

    – Jaylen Brownlee
  60. “No ordinary man”-Dennis Devlin. I proudly wear my t-shirt as a reminder to a person who gave so much of himself everyday. An especially on that terrible day 09/11/01. Thank you for your courage.

    – Kathleen Curnyn
  61. OK so I’m gonna share a story with you all.
    9/11 ).
    I’m jasey I live and was raised in London UK.
    On September 11 I was at work in London. On the afternoon of September 11 2001 at 1.46pm (london time) I was working for a clothing company in South London near the famous Battersea Dogs Home.
    I was sorting out parcels on the back of a truck 🚚 destination WTC NYC USA, these initials were written on the boxes in big black pen by myself.
    Whilst on the truck my boss called in inside the warehouse and told me about a plane crashing into the first tower. I went white as a sheet.
    We rushed to an Irish pub and watched the live news, very sad day.
    London being a sister city to NYC, London went into a lockdown, all transport stopped etc. I walked home in a daze.
    So years and year later, I find a huge photo of New York skyline with the twin towers on it which now hangs on my wall.
    Now years pass again, until I meet Laura in a bar in London.
    Dennis is Laura’s Uncle.
    Life is totally strange.
    God bless you Dennis 🙏 ❤️

    – Jasey 0'Dalaigh
  62. It is 2023, and my new grade 5/6 class are remembering Devlin today. Our thoughts are with you and your family.

    – Steve Oberman
  63. Hello, we are two girls in Grade 5 and in Mr. Oberman’s class. We are disappointed that Devlin passed away so young, twenty-two year ago. He is a real hero and will never be forgotten.

    – Layton and Audrey
  64. We are very upset Dennis Devlin died in the 911 tragedy and we will miss him very much. Thanks for your service as a firefighter and we remember you today.

    – Callum and Kellan
  65. We are so very sorry for your loss. Thank you for your service with the firefighter of NYC and all the challenges you faced saving other people’s lives. We were all sad to hear that you lost your life. Thank you for giving your life for others. We will always remember you, you will not be forgotten Dennis.

    – Iris, Promyse, Vivian and Allison
  66. We are so very sorry for your loss. Thank you for your service with the firefighter of NYC and all the challenges you faced saving other people’s lives. We were all sad to hear that you lost your life. Thank you for giving your life for others.

    – Iris, Promyse, Vivian and Allison
  67. Hello, we are two students in Mr. O’s grade 5/6 class. Today. we talked about 9/11 and learned about you. We are sorry for your family’s loss, you sounded like a fantastic person. We will never forget the hard and dedicated work you have done.

    – Rory and Sylas
  68. Fate brought me to Dennis’ photo today, as I carried him with me at the 2023 9/11 stair climb memorial in Baltimore. It truly was an honor. May he rest in peace, knowing that his life and sacrifice will always be remembered.

    – Hailey
  69. I knew Dennis I grew up with him in the Bronx. He was a good friend and great guy. All the best to his family.

    – Bill Maicon