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Diana Jones

Diana Jones

  • Firefighter
  • Cresson Volunteer Fire Department, KL Farms/Fire LLC (Oregon)
  • Texas
  • Age: 63
  • Year of Death: 2020

At the age of 58, when most grandmothers are spoiling their grandchildren and enjoying the rewards of a loving family, Diana Jones chose a different path. She began a new career as a volunteer firefighter/ EMT. Born in Oklahoma and raised in Houston, this widow moved to Cresson, Texas, to be near her four sons.

Over the next five years, she soaked up the training opportunities offered her. She became an EMT. She obtained multiple wildland firefighter certifications. She rose to the rank of engine boss and was working in that position for a contract firefighting company on the large August Complex wildfire in Tehama County, California, when at 4:20 PM on August 31, 2020, her fire truck was consumed by the wildfire, and she lost her life.

Her example of striving to learn, improve herself, and serve others left an enduring impression on members of the Cresson Volunteer Fire Department and on her community. Today, living a healthy life, is a gentleman in the community who suffered a cardiac arrest and was resuscitated by a team from the volunteer fire department that included Diana Jones.

Diana did not seek recognition, and no job that helped others was too menial for her to do. A local church provides a weekly lunch for area first responders. After attending once as a first responder, she continued to attend weekly, but not in her role as a first responder. She began cooking to help others at these weekly luncheons. The fire department purchased an adjacent building to use for training and department meetings. Diana chose to keep that facility spotless. Floors stayed waxed, toilets stayed clean, and the kitchen was always ready for the next firefighter meal.

The members of the Cresson Volunteer Fire Department voted unanimously to name the building Diana loved The Diana Jones Memorial Training Center to forever remind everyone of the example she set, always learning to better oneself to better serve others.

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