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Training Officer
Age: 40
Year of Death: 2003

Douglas Clark Waters Jr.

Submitted by his family

Training Officer Douglas Clark Waters Jr. was a proud member of the Jefferson Volunteer Fire Department. He also served as a Seargent for the Cherokee County Fire/EMA Services and a member of the Georgia Smoke Divers. Prior to his role with Cherokee County‚ Clark worked as an Instructor for the Georgia Fire Academy for 4 years. Clark was a proud member of the United States Marine Reserves for 12 years.

Clark loved life and was dedicated to his family and his brothers in the Fire Service. As a Training Officer‚ Clark only knew one way‚ the right way. He approached his professional and personal life with the same intensity and as a result was loved by all. He will be missed but never forgotten.

Clark was a devoted and loving father to his two daughters‚ Morgan and Madison and a dear caring Fianc_e to Cindy Pierce. Clark was the cherished and loving son to Douglas and Van Waters Sr. Clark was a loyal and loving Brother to Jan and Kim. He was a very special Uncle to Emory‚ Ava-Claire‚ Archer‚ Lily and Burell.


A friend Don shared this story at Clark’s funeral.

I have known Clark since I joined the Jefferson Fire Department 25 years ago; he would bug me to ride on the tale board like we used to do. He was about 14 years old. Chief once said Clark was the only Fire Instructor who was 35 years old with 30 years of experience. He began riding with his Father‚ Chief Douglas Waters Sr. when he was only 5. This week we lost a Friend‚ a Brother a Fire Fighter and one of the greatest Training Officers. Clark gave his time at the Jefferson Volunteer Fire Department free of charge because he loved what he did. Doug‚ Van‚ Jan and I were on department business when we were informed of Clark’s death. Driving back we could see the lightning in the distance. I told Clark’s parents that was God showing Clark what a flashover was like from Heaven. Van‚ Clark’s mother‚ commented that Clark was probably shooting off fire works‚ something he loved to do on the 4th. I later thought to myself‚ Clark was probably showing Heaven Firefighters how t! o put out a fire the right way.

We love and miss you Clark. With belief in God‚ one day‚ we will join you in your department.

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  1. We all still miss you terribly. I am still discovering ways that you touched more lives than I could have ever imagined. You would be so proud of your beautiful daughters. I think about you every day. xoxo

    – Cindy Pierce
  2. We are coming up on the 5 year anniversary of your death. As I type this I know that I will never forget you and the love we shared. I think of you every day. Xoxoxo

    – Cindy Pierce
  3. Clark, you have not been forgotten. We miss you every day. I personally look in the sky for your safety and guidance when I am going to calls. Love ya brother.

    – Jason Anderson
  4. Another year has passed and I still can not believe that you are gone. I miss you and I will always love you….xoxoxo

    – Cindy Pierce
  5. Another year has passed and it still feels like yesterday. I think of you every day and will always love you. xoxoxoxo

    – Cindy Pierce
  6. Clark taught me firefighter 1 in Fort Gaines Georgia when I got started in the fire service in 1997 and at the fire academy in 1998. Rest easy Brother

    – Andy Bryant
  7. June 5, 2020
    This of you every day, dear Hijo. Have pictures of you and the girls where I seen them when I wake up and when I go to bed. You’re in my heart, always laughing. Haneous <3

    – Kim Waters