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Age: 50
Year of Death: 2013

Douglas J. Snokhous

Captain Douglas James Snokhous was born January 1, 1963, to Louise Jares Snokhous and Jimmy Snokhous. He was the oldest of four children. His brother, Robert Snokhous, also died in the West explosion. Surviving are his sister, Karen Hoelscher, and brother, Barry Snokhous, who retired from the United States Air Force.

Douglas spent his entire life living in the town of West, Texas. He attended St. Mary’s Catholic School from 1st grade through 8th grade. He served as an altar boy for many years. He was part of the West Boy Scouts and spent his childhood years with his dad and uncles, who also served on the West Volunteer Fire Department.

Doug went to West High School, loved science projects, played baseball, and was great in football. After graduating from high school, he worked for neighbors mowing grass and saved money to buy his first car. That gave him the chance to go to Waco, Texas, and work. He began his lifelong career at Central Texas Iron Works, where he worked for 32 years as a supervisor.

Douglas was married for 13 years to Donna Beseda Snokhous. He has two daughters, Lauren Snokhous and Laken Snokhous. Douglas also has one grandson, Hogan James. He also had three stepchildren and several step-grandchildren.

Douglas loved being involved in the community. He enjoyed cooking barbecue for different events in West. He always spent time with his family and friends. His hobbies were golf, NASCAR racing, football, and deer hunting.

Douglas’s real passion was volunteering for the West Volunteer Fire Department alongside his brother Robert. Both Douglas and Robert were captains on the fire department. They would always try to be the first two to arrive on the scene and were always ready to help.

Douglas was a wonderful husband and dad. He taught his daughters to drive, taught them to swim, and was understanding about everything in their lives. Being his daughters, he made sure they knew how to hunt and fish. He was proud of all their accomplishments.

Central Texas Iron Works helped to donate a brush fire truck in memory of the two Snokhous brothers, in honor of their dedication and loyalty to the company.

Douglas was a sweet, calm person and friend to all. Always willing to help everyone, he was a brave and faithful man to the West community. His love and support will be missed by all his family and friends, especially the fire department. His courage will always be remembered in our town of West, Texas. He was a true hero!

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  1. I love you Uncle Doug!

    – Marqee