Roll of Honor

Dwain Franklin Hudson

Dwain Franklin Hudson

  • Firefighter
  • Argyle Volunteer Fire Department
  • South Dakota
  • Age: 73
  • Year of Death: 2019

In 1972, Dwain was employed by the Florida Highway Patrol as a state trooper, where he continued his career until his retirement in 1998. He also was a volunteer firefighter at the Lacrosse Volunteer Fire Department during the 1990s.

Dwain was very active from 1992 to 2019 with Single Action Shooting Society, in which he was a life member and regulator. This is a family-oriented sport and one that is still shared by his wife and son, who are also members of SASS.

Dwain also had a five-year employment with the Department of Homeland Security from 2006 until 2011, where he was a firearms instructor in Artesia, New Mexico.

He remained very active throughout his retirement and loved to travel, hunt, and fish. An interesting story on the fishing, his very good buddy finally talked him into ice fishing, and he found—to his surprise—that he greatly enjoyed that new adventure. You see, he had a fear of going out on the ice, as previously in northwestern Montana, he fell through the ice while fishing and resolved to never, ever again ice fish. However, thank goodness for dear friends, they re-introduced him to the art of ice fishing, and all without incident.

Dwain joined the Argyle Volunteer Fire Department as a volunteer fireman in 2018 and, until his passing, enjoyed his time training and working with this great group of dedicated men and women.

Dwain was a very family-oriented man and very close to his parents, sisters, sons, and granddaughter. Memories of Dwain’s life and times are so memorable, because through him all things were possible for me, Caffy L. Hudson, his wife of 50 years.

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Memorial Wall

  1. Dwain was a great friend and is truly missed every day.

    – Bob Stubbs
  2. He was a great friend and is missed daily.

    – Bob Stubbs
  3. dwain will be missed

    – Randolph Rapp