Roll of Honor

Eddy Wayne Meador

Eddy Wayne Meador

  • Chief
  • Pattonsburg Rescue and Fire Protection District
  • Missouri
  • Age: 54
  • Year of Death: 2012

Eddy W. Meador‚ 54‚ of Pattonsburg Missouri‚ passed away Saturday‚ December 8‚ 2012. He was born August 28‚ 1958‚ in Bethany‚ Missouri‚ the son of Eddy Joe and Elnora (Salmon) Meador. Eddy was a lifelong resident of Pattonsburg.

Eddy had served with the Pattonsburg Rescue & Fire Protection District since he was 18 years old. In 2002‚ he became fire chief and was still serving in that position at the time of his death. He was also the superintendent for the Water Department of the City of Pattonsburg.

Survivors include his two sons‚ Bryan (Bobbie) Meador and Chris Meador‚ and his daughter‚ Whitney Meador-Ortiz‚ all of Pattonsburg; his mother‚ Elnora Smith‚ sister‚ Elizabeth Hoover; brothers‚ Danny Meador and Randy Meador; half-sisters‚ Jenny Jo Page and Felicia Meador; and seven grandchildren.

If you knew Eddy‚ consider yourself blessed! For anyone that has ever met Eddy and knew the kind of man he was‚ no explanation is necessary to understand why his passing leaves such a huge void in our community. For those unfortunate few that never had the pleasure of meeting Eddy‚ no amount of explaining will ever adequately describe this man without making it appear that he was a super hero of some kind.

While I have never actually seen Eddy leap any buildings in a single bound‚ I have seen him soaring high above the buildings and light poles of Pattonsburg on many occasions‚ with the aid of an ‘old yellow bucket truck.’ That tiny detail might not qualify him for true ‘Super Hero’ certification. But when you factor in the other highly admirable qualities this man possessed‚ he’s just about as close to being a super hero as anyone you will ever meet on this earth!

Eddy didn’t have x-ray vision‚ but he could truly see deep into the hearts of others and could always seem to find the good in someone where many others could not. Eddy wasn’t faster than a speeding bullet‚ but he never wasted any time rushing to help someone in need. Eddy couldn’t lift a locomotive‚ but he was ALWAYS willing and able to help lift the spirits of someone who was feeling like the weight of the whole world was crashing down upon them! Eddy didn’t wear a cape‚ but he would give the shirt off of his back to anyone that was less fortunate than him.

Eddy Meador may not have been a super hero‚ but if you knew Eddy‚ you can consider yourself blessed‚ because you knew a man that treated everyone with true dignity and respect‚ no matter their age or their gender‚ and who could persuade you to feel good about yourself‚ even during times when you really didn’t want to!

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