The National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weeeknd Will honor 226 Firefighters
May 4-5, 2024
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Roll of Honor

Age: 39
Year of Death: 2002

Edmund E. Malinski

Submitted by his wife

Ed was an active member of the Northern Wayne Volunteer Fire Company‚ for many of his adult years‚ and also was a member of the Lake Como Lions Club. Ed was killed in the line of duty while fighting a structure fire at a home only a few miles from his own home on November 4‚ 2002. He was 39 years old.

Ed enjoyed the simpler things in life such as his family‚ wife Michele‚ and daughter‚ Patricia‚ and building his own home with his own two hands. His ability as a carpenter and mason made it not only possible‚ but made it look easy as these things were also his hobbies. He also loved spending time outdoors.

Ed was very dedicated to the fire company and his position as a volunteer fire fighter. He knew what the loss of a home felt like as he lost his own home to fire. He did not want others to suffer that same loss as he did. He had a very big heart which meant doing all that he could to prevent another family from losing their home.

Ed was a fun loving person who loved to play practical jokes and put a smile on people’s faces. He would somehow make you laugh on your worst day. In the community‚ Ed was known as ‘Fast Ed’. One minute you would be talking to him‚ and the next he would be moving on to the next person to strike up a conversation‚ or get involved with another activity. He had so much energy to burn and always kept busy.

Ed was a very dedicated employee and loved his work as a Maintenance Supervisor. He would be there day or night if needed‚ and got so much satisfaction from the praise he received.

Ed was a best friend to many who were close to him. He was charismatic and loving‚ yet stern and serious when needed. He was a loving husband and father who would make time in his busy day to call and let them know that he was thinking of them. His daughter‚ Patricia‚ was the apple of his eye. He loved her so very much and wished that she could have all that the world has to offer. His wife‚ Michele‚ was his soul mate. Their love of each other was like no other‚ it was their own.

Ed never realized the respect that he earned from his wife‚ daughter‚ friends‚ family‚ neighbors‚ and fellow fire fighters. He never expected credit for the things he did to help others‚ and for that‚ Ed will always be remembered in our hearts as well as our minds for the example he has set for all of us.

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  1. In a couple months it will be almost 4 years, and I’d still give anything to hear half your voice… miss you Dad.

    – Patricia Malinski
  2. The heartache never dulls. You are my hero

    – Patricia Doubrava