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Age: 38
Year of Death: 2001

Edward Alexander D’Atri

Edward D’Atri‚ 38‚ was a lieutenant with Squad 1 in Brooklyn. A firefighter since 1984‚ he said that the FDNY was ‘in his blood.’ Firefighters who worked with him said that D’Atri was someone they would want behind them if they had to go into a burning building. D’Atri was a bodybuilder who won the title ‘Mr. Staten Island’ in 1987. He took karate classes and loved to read philosophy.

More than anything else‚ he cherished time with his two sons‚ Anthony and Michael. He managed their Little League team and took them on many father-son trips. The boys especially looked forward to nights they spent at the firehouse with their dad.

Eddie had a lot of energy and much courage. He certainly earned his hero status that day. He will be missed by many.

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  1. I climbed the stairs equivalant to 110 stories for the 9-11 memorial for the 343 fallen firefighters.
    Lt. Edward Alexander D’atri was the pictured badge i wore. Thank you to your whole family and sacrifices for sharing one of the amazing people in the USA.

    – Melissa blade haight
  2. I will be doing a walk tomorrow on 9/11 for the first 343 responders. Lt. Edward D’Atri was assigned to me. I thank you and your family for his service. Thank you! RIP!

    – Brianna
  3. Eddie, I wear your bracelet this weekend to remember you, as I do every year. Fifteen years. Patricia

    – Patricia Mongelli
  4. I hiked a mountain yesterday in the equivalent of the Trade Towers 110 floors. Edward was pictured on the badge I carried. Thank you and your family for the ultimate sacrifice you gave for others.

    – Jack Olivier
  5. I was an explosive detection K9 handler for the Department of Homeland Security from 2012 to 2017 and my partner/K9 was named after Lt. Edward D’Atri; Her official name was DD’Atri; the double D in her name signified, internally to the fed, that she was bred for detection work. She is a female black labrador and was also a breeder for explosive detection K9 puppies, producing 4 litters before joining me in the field. I think of Lt. D’Atri and his family everyday.

    – Brandon
  6. My son Nicholas Brunetti climbed the stairs today in your honor EDWARD D’ATRI. Nick is 18yrs. and was just 9 months old on the day the United States was attacked. He just became a fire fighter during his senior year of high school. I didn’t understand what went into being a fireman, not just the training hours and days but the commitment to being on call all the time day or night.
    I am so proud of him and proud he honored you today for what you did for our country. My family thanks you and your service to helping others and will NEVER FORGET.

    – Deborah Brunetti
  7. I am climbing tomorrow 9/11/19 for Lt. Edward Alexander D’Atri. I will remember him with honor and peace for the sacrifice and courage he gave to us all.

    – Dana Derichsweiler
  8. Good Morning Edward Alexander D’Atri and family,

    Today I had the honor of dedicating my first stair climb at Red Rocks Amphitheater, CO to you and all the 9/11 first responders. Thought I’d let you know that the weather was perfect and the organizers of this event did a stupendous job with the set up and the many volunteers helping out. Even though I was climbing with a bum foot due to a crazy marathon I did 2 weekends prior I climbed the whole laps of the stairs and then some extra and my foot pain did not even surface as an issue. I can only imagine the pain that all those that were out there felt but that adrenaline kept all of you going till the very last breath.
    Thank you and I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I’ll make this a new tradition in doing stair climbing events on the 11th of September.
    God bless you Eddie!

    – Maritsa Yupa-Shelley
  9. I worked with your father when he was security at Ogilvy & Mather advertising we both worked in the lobby. I used to call him gorilla baby cuz he used to lift weights and he was huge for his age, I did not realize that he perished in 911 until I heard his name called and is picture. I looked for him for years and this is not the way I wanted to find him, my condolences to your mother and you and your brother. But I do have to tell you this your father love to play games, I put shaving cream in the phone receiver and I called him on the phone next to him he picked it up and there went to shaving cream and in his ear. I used to get him at least once or twice a week. We lost track of each other after I got transferred out. Your father was a good man and a fun man to be with, he had a great sense of humor and always I mean always had a big heart again my condolences to you and your family

    – Jose Cordero
  10. Today I carried your picture with me as I climbed 110 flights of stairs in honor of everyone. It was a very humbling experience for me and a pleasure to carry you with me.

    – Jeremy Hale
  11. This year, Arkansas had their first ever 9/11 memorial stair climb. As I suited up in my gear, put on my helmet, and put on the tags around my neck, this young gentleman was one of the two I wore last Saturday. I’m beyond honored I got to make that climb for him. Reading about him after my climb, I realized we would have made great gym partners. I’ll always remember him, and his family are forever in my prayers. -FF 535 EEFD Station 3.

    – Samantha Watts
  12. I ran the 1st annual Tunnel to Towers 5k in Utica NY in your honor Lt D’Atri. You made the ultimate sacrifice on 9/11/01. I will run this race every year proudly wearing the badge that you are pictured on. May you have eternal peace in heaven.

    – Linda
  13. I did a memorial stair climb this week in honor of the hero’s of 9/11 and I climbed in honor of Lieutenant D’Atri. Thank you for your sacrifice and service.

    – Paige Williams
  14. Today I was honored to climb 110 flights for Edward D’Atri in Little Rock(2021), a true American Hero and will be remembered for years to come. My thoughts are with his family today. RIP

    – Michelle Cipriano
  15. Thank you LT.

    – Jordan Fraga
  16. I climbed with you today for the first time LT but it will not be the last l time to say the least. I was honored to carry you with me as we paid our respects , honored , and remembered our fallen while making the climb. Never Forget Brother.

    – Tom Coulby
  17. We are honoring Edward today in all that we do! Two of my sons will play baseball to their fullest ability for him today! The other son will honor Edward by fishing his next tournament in his honor! We are thinking of his two boys (Anthony and Michael) today!!! We were meant to honor Edward because we have an Anthony and Michael as well in our family! Much love❤️⚾️

    – Angela Conrad + 3 Sons
  18. I participated in the Tucson Tower Challenge on 09/11/2023 and wore Lt. Edward Alexander D’atri’s picture on my lanyard. Thanks to his family and the sacrifice he made for this beautiful country.

    – Jeff Higby