Roll of Honor

Edward L. Metters

  • Dallas Fire-Rescue
  • Texas
  • Year of Death: 1981

Submitted by his Son

Edward L. Metters died while fighting a structure fire in Dallas‚ Texas in 1981.

Ed Metters is loved by his family that continues to carry on his name‚ ideas‚ and memories. Ed Metters is survived by his Wife Karen and four children‚ Jodi‚ Carlinda‚ Scott‚ and Wendi. At present there are four Grandchildren that will know of their grandfather’s sacrifice in time. Edward and Neva‚ Ed’s parents‚ continue to live in Texas along with his Sister Sheryl.

Edward Metters served in the military as an elite Green Beret. Ed was also known for his artistic and gymnastic abilities. Edward is remembered and loved by many‚ and his legacy will continue as long as Firemen fight fire.

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Memorial Wall

  1. Ed was my Godfather! It’s my understanding that his son, Scott, followed in his footsteps by also becomming a Firefighter. I had a taste for it myself as a part-time Firefighter EMT in Ohio. Unfortunately, Ed was lost while I was just a kid and I never got to meet him in my later years. In his rememberance and always believing him to be a hero, I proudly wore his initials on my helmet. I ended up leaving that position to become a Police Officer in Las Vegas.

    – Jason Rose
  2. I was 8 years old when Ed Metters passed away. My Parents, Butch and Vickie Warden were great friends with Ed and Karen. To this day, I still remember seeing the funeral procession on tv and I remember who life was so precious!

    – Sean Warden