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Efren Medina

Efren Medina

  • Firefighter
  • St. Mary's Fire Department
  • Georgia
  • Age: 21
  • Year of Death: 2021

Firefighter Efren Medina, 21, passed away April 17, 2021, while on his first shift. Efren was born on October 15, 1999, in Redlands, California, to his loving parents, Elsa and Efren Medina. He was raised in Bloomington, California, with his two sisters, Jacqueline (Jackie) and Estefania (Tefani).

While in high school, Efren was very hardworking. He helped his mother at her restaurant and his father at his construction job, while also doing track and field and cross country. After he graduated from Bloomington High School in 2017, he continued to work with his father in their construction business and attended college to become EMT certified.

On December 23, 2019, Efren married his high school sweetheart, Brittany Vasquez. Due to his wife being in the military, Efren moved across country to Georgia to live with her and start their lives together. He soon joined a private EMT company and enjoyed every minute of his job, but he wanted more as a career. He wanted to become a firefighter.

Efren began applying to multiple firehouses but kept getting turned down due to a previous medical condition he had. He was soon accepted into the Saint Mary’s Fire Department and was thrilled to start his new career. During his first 24-hour shift, Efren passed away in his sleep due to unknown circumstances.

Efren loved exploring and creating new experiences and memories. He always wanted to try something new, whether it was a restaurant or a new hobby. He loved to play the guitar, go camping, and just be outdoors. He was always laughing, making jokes, and having a good time. If you were around him, you could never be sad; he would always find a way to cheer you up somehow. Efren was a loving and faithful husband to his wife; all he ever wanted to do was make her happy. He was devoted to helping anyone he met and was always striving to become a better man and person. He was very compassionate, loving, dependable, and cheerful.

Efren is survived by his wife, parents, and two sisters. Even though his life was cut short, he cherished every moment he could with his friends and family, and he will be forever missed.

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