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Age: 41
Year of Death: 2001

Eric Taube Olsen

Eric Olsen‚ 41‚ was at Ladder 15 for his entire 11-year career with FDNY. He was a member of the FDNY Vikings Association.

His mother said his first love was ‘being a fireman-after that he loved building things.’ He also collected classic cars and owned several antique cars that he loved to work on.

Both of his parents described him as the kind of person who got alone with everybody.

He was one of four sons of Barbara and Taube Olsen.

compiled from articles submitted by Taube Olsen

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  1. My cousin’s partner and the only father her infant son knew until he were lost on that awful day seven years later. She too is gone too soon, and I hope that she and Eric were reunited in heaven. You continue to be in my prayers. RIP, Eric.

    – Patricia Pagano
  2. I participated in my first 9/11 stair climb this past weekend (9/10/16) in Green Bay, Wisconsin. I was honored to carry the badge of Eric Olsen. You will be forever remembered and in my prayers for the sacrifices that were made on that tragic day.

    – Brian Klesmith
  3. I did my first stair climb on Sunday, 9//11/16. It was an honor to climb those stairs for Eric. I will keep the badge with his name and picture on it to remember to pray for his friends, fellow firefighters and family. I am glad I know the names of his parents, (Barbara and Taube) so that I can pray specifically for them. He was also the same age as my dad. He will always be remembered.

    Brooke Dudley
  4. I completed my first 9/11 memorial stair climb this past weekend (9/11/16) in Lancaster, PA. I climbed those 110 flights of stairs in Eric’s memory. His badge will remain in my possession and will be carried at every stair climb i complete. He will never be forgotten. God Bless

    – Michael Berger
  5. I ran a 10k in Kronenwetter, WI (9/9/17) I proudly ran, with Eric’s badge on my shirt. I will remember him and honor him with every run I complete and I will continue to pray for his family. Thank you Eric for your sacrifice, you are a true hero!

    – Heidi Marckx
  6. I was in sixth grade when it happened. A few months after, my school created a memorial involving all of the students drawing a patriotic picture for every life lost in the 9/11 attacks. I chose to decorate the name of Eric Olsen, the firefighter. The sixth grade me was honored, and I still am to this day, to know and remember the name of Eric Olsen.

    – Lance
  7. It was a pleasure honoring Eric Olsen today was a great walk at Lambeau field great day to honor all these people

    – Michael enke
  8. I was honored to carry the badge of Eric T. Olsen durning my first 9/11 memorial stair climb at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wi yesterday (9/16/17). It did the climb with my 16 year old son who is a fire explorer. I held Eric’s badge in one hand and proudly and loudly reported his name, then rang the bell as hard as I could in his honor. Our family has an elaborate gym in our basement, Eric’s badge will be clipped to the American flag that hangs in our gym; his courage and selflessness will inspire us always! God bless his family and friends and all of our fallen heros!

    – Mark Malcore
  9. I completed my second climb this year and it was in your honor wearing a tag with your name and ringing the bell for you after saying your name. We just want you to know that we will never forget and will always be grateful for your life and your service. Praying for your family. Springfield Missouri 2017

    – Stephanie Dowler
  10. Eric, I just passed by the memorial sign for Steven Olsen, and thought back to the 90s when we first moved into Great Kills and on Holly Avenue, on which I met you and your late wife Kathy. We liked you guys immensely, and miss you both immensely.

    Your sacrifice did not go in vain, for a few years after 9/11, I was intensely involved with the rebuilding of Ground Zero, the project of my career. It’s a beautiful new area of design for tourists and NYers of all sorts.

    – Steve Scalici
  11. You touched so many lives, with your incredible wit and just joy of life, yet you put your life on the line for everyone in doing your job. If I close my eyes and listen, I can still hear your laugh and see that impish look in your eyes. I can also see you in full gear rushing up stairs and clearing buildings to get everyone out safe. What a joy and a privilege it is to have had you as my cousin. We love and miss you every day and thank God he gave us you, even if it was for such a brief time.

    – Marianne Hare
  12. It was my honor to walk in Eric’s memory today in Farmington NM.

    – Tina Pachexo
  13. I was honored and humbled to climb in Eric’s honor in Jefferson City, Missouri. His name badge shall remain on my conference table for the remainder of my working career so that all may share and honor.

    – Robert Wilson
  14. Uncle Eric,

    There is not a day that passes when I am not thinking of you.

    I miss you and Aunt Kathy so much. Thank you for showing me signs before my wedding.

    Never forgotten


    – Deanna Cagnina
  15. I was very humbled and honored to carry the badge of Eric Taube Olsen during the Tri-Cities 9-11 Memorial Stair Climb in East Tennessee. His ultimate sacrifice will never be forgotten. Prayers for his family and loved ones.

    – Donna Hardy
  16. If it weren’t, for you angel Eric, my daughter would never have met n married her soulmate John Wells another fireman, who decided to finish rebuilding your antique fire engine, which became engine 9/11. God and Cupid really do move in mysterious ways. RIP Dear Hero. Roms: 8 :28

    – Susan a clark
  17. Eric, I walked the stairs of Lambeau field yesterday(9/10/22) in remembrance of your ultimate sacrifice. I was given your name and we did it together.

    Never forget
    Joe Wollin

    – Joe Wollin
  18. I’ve climber every year in honor of Eric Olsen since 2017. It’s truly an honor to carry his badge every year up the 110 flights of stairs. You continue to be in our prayers Eric. Now and forever!

    – Chad Knochenmus