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Floyd Dean Hiser Sr.

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  1. I miss you Uncle Floyd….

    Uncle Floyd…

    To my Uncle, so brave and bold, and all firefighters who don’t get to grow wrinkly, and old.

    You gave your life protecting others. I saw your crash site, it made me shudder.

    Fire emerged from one little spark. Smoke spread, and the sky grew dark.

    A man was celebrating the 4th of July. A sign prohibiting flames, and sparks he’d passed right by.

    He cared not what the sign read.
    He made up his mind, didn’t use his head.

    You were called, and ran right out. It was a forest fire, during a drought.

    In your helicopter you fought it hard. But there’s nothing you can do, when the Lord pulls your card.

    He wanted you home, your task was complete. I’m certain that one day again we will meet.

    My Uncle so brave and bold, I wish we could see you grow wrinkly and old.

    You taught so many others about these things. A great knowledge you had, about birds with no wings.

    You flew for many years, teaching about the great care you’d given to them. My Uncle knew the lives of many counted on him.

    My Uncle so brave, and bold. My Uncle saved the young and old.

    You died a hero, and saved many lives. Now I pray for safer July’s.

    A life of service, and full of love. I know your watching from above.

    My Dad, he misses you, more than the rest. For you and him were the best of the best.

    He now celebrates his birthday without his twin. We’re lucky it doesn’t stop the stories of you and him!

    He laughs and laughs as stories he’d recall. Times of you and him, having quite a ball.

    I’m so proud of you for saving others. You saved children, and their mothers.

    A great man you came to be. A fearless man, who served his country.

    My Uncle so brave and bold. Fought the fire, won’t be growing wrinkly and old.

    Son, Father, Husband, Uncle and Brother. You are missed everyday by one or another.

    A hero you are, and a hero you remain. This is to remember you by till we meet again.

    Fires and fighters are each one of a kind. You’ll never forget one once they’re in your mind.

    So many others with stories untold. Don’t forget to listen to signs told.

    Most of all My Uncle, Floyd Dean Hiser SR. So brave and bold. Loved by all, young and old.

    7-27-1946 to 7-6-1997
    The Hemlock Fire

    – NIECE