Roll of Honor

Frank E. Young

Frank E. Young

  • Chesapeake Fire Department
  • Virginia
  • Year of Death: 1996

Submitted by his son

Firefighter Frank Young served the fire service for a total of twenty-three years; fifteen as a career firefighter specialist / cardiac technician with the Chesapeake (VA) Fire Department beginning in 1981 until his death in 1996. Prior to that‚ he served as a volunteer with the Toms River Fire Department in New Jersey beginning in 1973 until moving to Chesapeake in 1981.

Frank was interested in every aspect of the fire service. He was interested in Haz-Mat‚ technical rescue‚ dive rescue‚ paramedical service and photography.

Frank lost his life along with Firefighter John Hudgins Jr. during an auto parts store fire.

On March 20th‚ 2009 the Chesapeake (VA) Fire Department named a memorial fire station in honor of Frank Young and John Hudgins. Fire Station 3‚ where John Hudgins was assigned and where Frank Young was filling in was reconstructed and therefore renamed as the Firefighter Specialist John Hudgins and Firefighter Specialist Frank E. Young Memorial Fire Station. These two men left fire station 3 to battle a 4 alarm fire at an auto parts store on March 18‚ 1996. And where both became trapped by fire and a light-weight wood truss constructed roof which collapsed trapping the two.

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