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Frank J. 'Frankie' Kucera

Frank J. ‘Frankie’ Kucera

  • Lieutenant
  • Seminole County Fire Department
  • Florida
  • Age: 43
  • Year of Death: 2005

Submitted by his wife

Frank ‘Frankie’ Joseph Kucera‚ 42‚ Lieutenant‚ Seminole County Fire Department‚ passed away on May 27‚ 2005 when he suffered a heart attack after a day of training‚ which he always loved. He became part of the SCFD family on June 15‚ 1981 and during its history‚ Frank was the first firefighter to pass away in the line of duty.

Frankie’s 1st firefighting job started with the Longwood Fire Department in 1980 where he was a part-time firefighter. He was with them for about 10 months. Frankie also received his Law Enforcement certificate in 1983 where he was a reserve police officer for Longwood PD up until 1990 when he was promoted to Lieutenant for SCFD. Through out his years with SCFD he received many awards and certificates‚ he was always taking classes to continue his education and he was a member of the High Angle Rescue Team. He also accomplished many hours in flying lessons to become a pilot. In 2002‚ he was promoted to the SHOT team.

Frankie always lived life to its fullest and would recruit all of those around him to do the same through his exceptional leadership skills and more importantly‚ his sense of humor. He enjoyed spending time with Chyanne (stepdaughter) and wife going boating‚ camping‚ 4 wheeling‚ riding bikes‚ snow skiing‚ taking vacations‚ scuba diving and spending time with friends golfing‚ fishing‚ hunting and riding motorcycles.

His wife and stepdaughter are truly blessed to have had him in their lives‚ no matter how short the time. He was and will always be their hero.

Submitted by his parents

Frank J. Kucera was born in Naha‚ Okinawa in 1962‚ where his father was stationed in the United States Air Force. He grew up in Seminole County‚ Florida. Still a senior in High School‚ Frank attended the Seminole Community College-Seminole County Fire Training Academy. Upon Graduation in 1980 from Lake Brantley High School and Seminole County Fire Academy he was hired‚ first as a Reserve Motorcycle Patrol Officer with Longwood Police Department‚ then as a Firefighter for the City of Longwood Fire Department in Seminole County‚ Florida. In 1981 Frank transferred to the Seminole County Fire Department where in 1990 was promoted to Lieutenant‚ in 2002 Frank was promoted to the Departments Special Hazard and Operations Team. Frank was respected‚ admired and loved by his fellow firefighters for his dedication to the job‚ his wonderful sense of humor and the twinkle in his eyes.

Frank had a real zest for life‚ at the age of 22 he was diagnosed with Cancer and was very ill. With all the love and support of his family‚ friends and fellow firefighters he fought back and after a lengthy recovery returned to work and excelled in his job. His love for life was infectious. He loved his family‚ riding motorcycles‚ hunting‚ scuba diving‚ boating‚ fishing‚ skiing‚ and golf. He loved the outdoors‚ socializing and staying home watching movies with his friends.

Frank wanted to be a firefighter his whole life. As a little boy‚ he ran around his house wearing a red fireman’s helmet telling his mom and dad that he was going to be a fireman when he grew up. He really loved his job and would not have traded it for anything else in the world. He was a good son‚ a caring friend and a kind man who is terribly missed by those who loved him; they wouldn’t have traded him for anything else in the world. Although‚ Frank J. Kucera’s life was too short‚ he lived a very full one and he died doing the thing he loved most in the world‚ being a Firefighter.

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