#FireHeroTuesday kicked off the holiday season of givingtogether we can make sure our Fire Hero Families know that we remember.
National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

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Age: 41
Year of Death: 2000

Gail Lynne Van Auken

Gail Lynne Van Auken‚ 41‚ a four-year volunteer with the Overisel Township Fire Department‚ died on November 2‚ 2000‚ in a motor vehicle accident while responding to a fire call. She was a teacher’s aide and taught a fire prevention program that she had developed.


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  1. Love you and miss you mom!! Thank you to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation for helping me get through school!

    – Michelle Price
  2. We love you and miss you! There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of you.

    – Jessica Kearns
  3. Not a day goes by where my heart doesn’t ache for you, wishing I could just hear your voice one last time! Love you and miss you so incredibly much Mom!!

    – Laurel VanAuken
  4. Gail was an extraordinary woman. She was my reading buddy 1st-3rd grade and was the person that taught me how to read. Her random acts of kindness really stick out to me. Sweet little surprises for birthdays, or for no reason at all 🙂
    Calls over summer vacation to ask us out for ice cream. She even took me to a White Caps game once. She was loved by her community and is dearly missed.

    – Erinn Mutz
  5. Gail’s enthusiasm for life was palpable and contagious! What an absolutely vivid and well spoken tribute to a wonderful woman! Gail would be so proud of her daughter!

    – Peg Ryan
  6. Dear Gail, I can’t drive past the Colonial Kitchen without remembering how you taught me to wash dishes at my first real job. I can not walk past a bank of lockers without remembering you as the best “locker buddy” anyone could ever had. I remember your smile, your incredible energy, your love for everyone! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family always! Lorie Haefner Williams

    – Lorie Williams
  7. Gail was a dear childhood friend and a beautiful person. Her love of life and zest for service was always part of who she was. Miss her always! Michelle you look so much like her! Bless you all.

    – Anita Kerber
  8. I could not have had a better wife,partner,friend,and loving mother to our children,She gave of herself with no thought of reward for herself.I love our children and I will always love Gail no matter how many years go by, Love you and miss you always and forever.

    – Richard F Van Auken
  9. Prayers and support to all. Stay strong and stay safe. ❤️❤️❤️

    – Riley Capel
  10. Thank you for your years of service. May she never be forgotten. Rest in peace

    – Raymond