Roll of Honor

Garry Tanner

  • Assistant Chief
  • Pleasantville Volunteer Fire Department
  • Tennessee
  • Age: 57
  • Year of Death: 2006

Garry Tanner
Pleasantville Volunteer Fire Department – Tennessee

Classification: Volunteer
Rank: Assistant Chief
Date of Death: April 19‚ 2006
Age: 57

Garry was a loving‚ devoted dad to his three children. He had two grown daughters‚ Christine and Connie‚ and a thirteen-year-old son‚ Travis. He also had three grandchildren: Robbie‚ Hollie‚ and Sarah. They all were his pride and joy. Garry loved all children; they all touched a special place in his heart.

Garry loved spending time with his family‚ having big cookouts. Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners were always special to him‚ because he was with his family. Christmas was one of his favorite times of the year.

Garry‚ along with his wife Debra‚ owned and operated a country store and restaurant in Pleasantville‚ Tennessee‚ a small‚ close-knit community full of family and friends. Garry was also running for election as a county commissioner. When there was a need in the community‚ they would try to help-gifts for kids at Christmas‚ wood for winter heat‚ groceries‚ food for people that could not get out‚ just to name a few. Most people did not know this until Garry had passed away.

That is why it is not surprising that‚ when a call went out in the community that a small boy was missing. Garry and his wife answered the call for help. Along with family‚ friends‚ neighbors‚ rescue squad‚ and more‚ they went to a field along a creek where the little boy had wandered away. He was finally found in the creek‚ but it was too late for Duncan. The next day‚ people started to talk about what they could do to help each other. If they had been trained‚ could it have made a difference for one little boy? That was the question asked.

Finally the Pleasantville Volunteers was formed-neighbor helping neighbor. Training began-CPR‚ search and rescue‚ and more. After a few years‚ Pleasantville Volunteer Fire Department was formed‚ and fire training began. Garry was the Assistant Fire Chief.

Garry and Debra’s little market became the dispatch center. On April 19‚ 2006‚ a call came in about a fire. Garry left and said‚ ‘I am out of here. Call the rest of them.’ It was a dryer on fire in a trailer. They got the dryer out‚ and the trailer saved. Garry said‚ ‘We did a good deed today.’

On the way back from the fire‚ the brakes on the truck went out. He made the decision to take the truck‚ which he loved‚ into a chirt pit‚ so no one else would get hurt. That is the kind of person he was. Garry died doing what he loved and believed in.

John 15:13: ‘Greater love hath no one than this; that he lay down his life for his friends.’

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