#FireHeroTuesday kicked off the holiday season of givingtogether we can make sure our Fire Hero Families know that we remember.
National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Roll of Honor

Age: 53
Year of Death: 2003

Gary D. Boyert

Submitted by his family and brother firefighters

When I think of Gary‚ all I see is a smile. He was always smiling and always laughing. Gary knew life was precious and he did his best to live his life to the fullest. Of course‚ this required that he help anyone whom he thought needed it. I was one of those people on a number of occasions. Some of us never understood his way of love‚ which was just to give and give and give; and when someone did something really horrible to him‚ he gave some more.

I believe I owe a lot of where my life has led me to Gary. I went to high school expecting to run into Gary at events‚ knowing he would have something funny to say or at least a good story. After I went away to college and came back‚ not knowing what to do with life‚ I’m pretty sure my chosen career is due‚ mostly‚ if not entirely‚ to Gary. I didn’t know any other firefighters other than Gary. I believe his outlook on life was due in part because the fire department allowed him to help even more people and to see the results of doing so. I strive in my life to see how fun it is to live. Gary showed everyone exactly how that was done.

My heart is heavy with sadness for the loss of a wonderful person. Gary did exactly what God wanted. Gary tried to make the world a better place. God now has a little more help in heaven and we all know Gary is still smiling and helping anyone up there who needs it.

Thank all of you for sharing Gary’s time with me. God be with us all.

Josh Huyett and family

My wife and I lost a friend today
And we don’t know why.
And as we sat their in disbelief and shock‚
The tears rolled down from our eyes.

I had no answer to her question‚
When she tearfully said‚
Why does God always take the good ones‚
And leave us with the bad.

Because you see‚ Gary was always there‚
With a smile or a laugh or to lend a helping hand‚
He didn’t claim to have all the answers‚
But‚ he always tried to understand.

Gary‚ you will be missed‚ but surely not forgotten‚
Because‚ whenever we see a fire truck‚
or a firefighter dressed in blue‚
We will bow our heads in reference‚
And yes – we’ll think of you.

– Brothers in the Flame

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