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Age: 35
Year of Death: 2001

George C. Cain

As a member of the FDNY for 32 years‚ I was proud of my son following in my footsteps. He loved the job. When not working‚ he loved studying the Civil War‚ playing golf‚ and skiing the mountains of Colorado. He was an animal lover and bird lover. He was just an all around loving person. I’m proud to call him my son.

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  1. I got to ski the mountains of Colorado with George. How lucky am I? Miss you George. You led an honorable life and are an inspiration to anyone that knew you. Thoughts to your family today and everyday.

    – Marca Hagenstad
  2. It was an honor to climb in memory of George Cain this morning at the Kalamazoo Stair Climb.

    – Sara Groenheide
  3. I climbed the stairs of Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI today wearing George Cain’s photo on my badge. Unfortunately due to health complications, I was unable to complete the whole climb. I’m sorry, George, for not being able to finish, but your life and memory lives on, and I will always keep your photo tucked in a safe place to remember all you sacrificed on September 11th, 2001. You are truly one of America’s heroes, and your legacy will live on forever. God bless your family, and Rest In Peace. ❤️❤️

    – Caitlin Hoefs
  4. I had the pleasure and honor to climb for George today (9/16/2017) in Green Bay WI at Lambeau Field. I am a avid skier and like George love skiing the mountains of Colorado! I believe I was picked today to honor George and his love for skiing!! I was blessed today!!

    – Dan Hall
  5. I received a message on a one dollar bill today. I have a great message from some special. George Cain Brother, Uncle, Friend Remember September 11 ❤FDNY❤ We all love you. Bless America… And Bless you.

    – Tonya lemons
  6. I’m an Australian firefighter who frequently participates in stair climbs for various charities and causes. Most recently I did one for fallen firefighters of 9/11 and got allocated to climb for George C.Cain. Biggest honour of my life. I’ll carry George with me for the rest of my life. Never forget.

    – Hayley dun
  7. It was an honor to climb in remembrance of George Cain today(9/09/18)at the stair climb in Columbus,OH.

    – Jennifer Patterson
  8. Today I had the honor of doing a 9/11 memorial stair climb at fisher cat stadium in Manchester NH. In honor of the 343 firefighters who lost their lives. I was given George C. Cain’s photo as who the fallen hero I was climbing for. I saw the photo of him and was instantly touched on how much of a sacrifice he made that day. I’m sure George was a good soul and and amazing firefighter. I was honored to climb the stairs today in remembrance of George Cain.

    – Connor Brewster
  9. Thinking of George today and all of the others who tragically lost their lives 17 years ago. When I had the privilege of meeting Rosemary at ground zero some ten years ago, George’s story had a profound effect on me and I think about it regularly to this day and I no doubt will for the rest of my life. You should be and no doubt are incredibly proud to have had such a brave son and I will be praying for him and his fallen brothers today. God bless you George.

    Lewis, UK

    – Lewis Shepherd
  10. I never met George but know he was a true hero. I went and searched for a short period at the WTC and left to write board exams so that I could help firefighters with their wellness. I felt incredibly guilty for walking out of ground zero and when I returned I was so torn up inside I realized it had been ripping me apart for years. Then came an angel, Rosemary. She could see I was troubled. She came over and spoke of her son and the incredible person he was. I was honoured to be hugged by her and when she gave me the card with George and told me stories, it was like he was a long lost brother, and seeing the pictures of him a fellow lover of family, life and skiing. I have told the story of his courage and of his mothers to many. Young firefighters I taught still have his card and appreciate what he did, and what Rosemary did. Thank you Rosemary and George. God Bless
    Scott, Ottawa Canada

    – Captain Scott Miller D.C.
  11. Our daughter Brooke Burgher Gibbs passed away last year in Houston, Texas, June 25, 2017 in an auto accident. She always carried the memory card of George Cain in his fireman hat with the beautiful poem on it. It was given to her by a woman in a restaurant she met randomly one night in NYC and the woman wanted her to have it. (We never got her name). When our daughter died she was carrying the memory card in her wallet. We loved the poem and card so much we made the same one for her with his poem on it. I would love to send George’s family one. We honor him on this day 9/11 and the gift he gave our family too. Rest In Peace George and Brooke.

    – Tiffany Burgher
  12. I climbed in remembrance for George C. Cain in the Clayton Memorial Stair Climb in Clayton, MO. It was a honor to do this I finished and wore his name badge all day. Bless his family and Friends!

    – Michelle Bratt
  13. I climbed in remembrance for George C. Cain in the Clayton Memorial Stair Climb in Clayton, MO. It was a honor to do this I finished and wore his name badge all day. Bless his family and Friends!

    – Michelle Bratton
  14. I’m climbing tomorrow morning with George on my chest and his family in my heart. I’ve read and studied so much about this man. I pray that all that knew him personally isn’t ever reminded of the terrible day that took the lives of 343+ heroes but the 35 years of joy Mr. Cain gave on this Earth. I’m climbing for “the Dude” (the name given to him by his mates at Ladder 7) to remember his LIFE and nothing less. His mother once said, “I have pictures of him, and you’d think he could reach up and touch heaven,” speaking about George’s love for snow skiing. Well…I’m going to climb up there and see him smiling. WE WILL NEVER FORGET.

    – Clay Brown
  15. Today I climbed in memory of George at the 9/11 memorial stair climb at Lambeau field. It was an honor.

    – Jessica
  16. Today I was clearing out a few things, and came upon a dollar bill with the same message about George Cain as mentioned above. I must’ve picked it up on a visit to NYC in 2012 and it was still in my suitcase. I live in London, so I wanted to share that his memory made it all the way here and I am thinking of him today, 12th October, 2018, in my flat in Tower Hamlets.

    – Tamar Good
  17. Received a 20$ bill with his name on it looked it up it lead me here…my mother was on a flight tht tragic morning so I remember it well. She is well thank God and thank you George for your commitment and sacrifice for us all God bless you and your family

    – Mike Cunningham
  18. This year (2019) I will once again (eighth year) be at our 9-11 Memorial in Crestline, California for a continuous 3 days, 2 nights. George is who we honor because he was who I rode for (his name on my motorcycle) with other firefighters to the Colorado Springs Memorial in 2002. In George C. Cain’s honor we remember 9-11-01 and in the memory of all who didn’t come home to their families. In remembrance of that day people donate to The Boys & Girls Club Of The Mountain to help children who lost a parent or loose them for most of the day while they are at work. Over the past 7 years I have been able to give them around 18,000 dollars. My prayers and love go out to you all who lost George on 9-11. In Crestline however his name lives on.❤️

    – Tony Horn
  19. George you were my dad.s best friend and he was very upset today

    – Evan Bransfield
  20. It was my pleasure to climb in honor of George Cain this evening in Crown Point Indiana.

    – Theresa Reinholtz
  21. 13 years ago our family, including twin
    daughters, visited NYC (from Arizona) and the 9/11 site, taking a tour overlooking the site, hosted by George Cain’s mother Rosemarie.
    We frequently recall his story and the manner his mother told it and have included him in our prayers countless times. Yesterday (9/11/2019) we saw a picture online of Rosemarie
    honoring George next to his name at the site and thought to leave this note.

    – Jim DaBroi
  22. We Once Crossed Paths
    I was snowboarding out west on a Colorado Mtn, I believe was Breckenridge several years before 9/11. I got separated from my group and did a few runs alone when I met up with George on a lift. He was with a very pretty Asian woman and as he was conversing with her I detected a thick New York accent. I asked where he was from which he told me and a I told I’m from NY as well, and my neighborhood Flatiron Gramercy to which he responded he was a fireman in my local firehouse on 29th and 2nd. I asked if he skied Colorado often and he introduced me to his girlfriend and responded that he worked as much overtime as possible to be on the slopes with her. We got off the lift and I recall feeling how lucky this man was. When 9/11 happened I walked over to the firehouse to see if my friend Firefighter David Rodriguez was Ok. I met up with David and asked about George and felt so sad to hear he was one of the missing.
    PS I now live in Long Beach with my wife and this morning I rode my bike and sat on George Cains Memorial Bench. RIP GC

    – David Youngworth
  23. Hello everyone..thank you for your beautiful messages about Georgie…My baby brother…I just stumble upon this page and saw all of your heartfelt messages. It means so much to all of us…..if you want to reach me you can at [email protected]. Thank you so much….
    Georgie was a fun, fun-loving outdoorsman…he loved life and his family..
    We talk about him everyday! Never forget!!

    – Nancy K Nee
  24. 20 years this year and I miss my baby brother just as much now, as ever…time has not erased the pain or his impact…
    However reading all these wonderful messages is heartwarming and means the world to us, his family. I stamp my money with the messages below, So thank you for that! For noticing. That’s the point. Ffor those who knew him personally you know how big his smile and laugh was. He lit up every room his entered. He was a happy single handsome funny brother, son, uncle and friend. Love you Georgie!! Nancy

    – Nancy Nee
  25. Time can never erase that beautiful smile and that sense of humor that we all who knew him loved. He is never that far from our hearts even though it is 20 years. I know that you are with your dad in heaven and we will all join you someday.

    – Mary N. Cain
  26. Sure you were very proud of your son as a firefighter in New York. I am retired from being a Texas State Trooper and a Narcotics Sergeant Investigator with 27 years and also retired Captain from Williamson County Sheriff’s Department, Georgetown, Texas with 10 years. I am a coin and currency collector and by a streak of luck and the man upstairs I found a One Dollar bill and on the back in red letters was stamped FF George C. Cain NYFD Remember 9-11-01. What a wonderful way to honor your son along with all the brave firefighters that lost their lives on such a tragic day. Should you want to call me, my number is 512/630/9866. I would be happy to send this bill back to you since you know it has been found today (1-4-2022) for your family to know someone cares and know the pain your family has gone thru .Hollis Riggins, Irving, Texas

    – Hollis Riggins
  27. Dear Mr Cain,

    I’m sorry to say i never met your precious son George but I wore his bracelet for many years at the request of your other son who I met quite by chance (20 yrs ago) in Montauk NY. That night,, he gave me one of 3 memorial bracelets he had and asked me to wear it and to never let people forget his brother’s name… Also at your son’s request,, I’ve kept George’s name “on the wind.”

    My husband and I lost three dear friends that day, I consider George to be one of them. I’ve never forgotten him, his excellence and his great sacrifice,, and I never will.

    If you see this, please tell your other son who’s name I’ve forgotten,, that the girl he met so many years ago in Salivars has kept her promise to him. I keep his brothers name on the wind & given the opportunity I tell people what I know about him. In doing so, we keep him here with us and I hope he hears his name being called in Heaven.

    My heartfelt thoughts to you and your family. The years may pass but love lives on forever…..

    God bless you and yours….. xx
    May George rest in peace ❤

    – Ninette Halpin
  28. I never knew George, I wasn’t even alive when he died, but when I visited new York I went to the 9/11 memorial and ran into his brother who was there with him that day. He was such a nice gentlemen and even gave me a photo he took two days after the towers fell. I don’t know why, but that interaction has left an impression on me. I will never forget it and cherish that moment forever and I will always remember the name George C. Cain.

    – Braden Keeney
  29. I never knew George, I wasn’t even alive when he died but when I visited new York I went to the 9/11 memorial and ran into his brother who was there with him that day. He was such a nice gentlemen and even gave me a photo he took two days after the towers fell. I don’t know why but that interaction has left an impression on me. I will never forget it and cherish that moment forever and I will always remember the name George C Cain. A name I hope I can give respects too and honor one day.

    – Braden Keeney
  30. I ran the 911 Memorial Stair Climb in Omaha, NE in honor of George. Beyond humbled to do so.

    – Missy
  31. I was friends with George in Telluride back in the day. He was from NY and I’m from Jersey. In the summer of 2001, I went back to visit my family and planned to meet up with my T-ride friends Ann Marie ( one of George’s closest friends) and her husband Randy in NYC . She said she would call George to join us and we would all meet at an apartment that my parents rented at the time. George said he would call us after his dentist appointment. When George called he asked for the address and lo and behold the dentist’s office was in the same building! George took the elevator up and we all went out on the town. Great night. Anyone who knows the city knows the odds are astronomical. A few months later the unthinkable happened. To this day, I think of it as some form of divine intervention. To George’s family, he is still deeply missed by his T-ride friends and the anniversary is just as upsetting. God bless you.

    – Art
  32. Today I participated in the Bishop Fire Department’s 2022 annual Memorial Stair Climb where I climbed the many steps to represent the 110 flights of stairs of the World Trade Centers. While climbing I was honored to carry the badge of George. I have been a ski team race coach for over 30 years so it was so fitting that I received a fallen fire fighter who shares a love and freedom of skiing. It was an absolute honor fo climb in the memory of this hero! Next time I stand on top of the ski slope I will think and be thankful for George’s ultimate sacrifice and will carry his badge in my uniform at all times.

    – Connie
  33. Thinking of you and your family today, George. Rest in peace.

    – April Cain
  34. Last year I honored George and all the fallen members of the FDNY at the 9/11 Bishop Fire Department Stair Climb. I am a ski race coach at Mammoth Mountain, CA and carry the badge I received with his photo whenever I am out on the mountain and share with our youth his huge sacrifice on that day! His memory will always live on through joy of skiing!

    – Conny Moyer
  35. My daughter was selected to honor George Cain in her 2nd Grade Class for Patriots Day today. I looked George Cain online and was able to put a face with a name. My heart and prayers are will his family . True HERO!

    – Maggie Bailey
  36. I remember your girlfriend calling the home office where your mom worked looking to speak with her (I worked there and took the call) about you. I think of you at every 9/11…and about 1000x a year….

    – Terry
  37. Soon after 9/11, one day while I was working at the local neighborhood supermarket, your Mother shared your story with me and handed me your prayer card. Though I have never met you, I will always remember your heroism and the sadness I saw in her eyes. That day and conversation has always remained in my memory. God bless you and your family.

    – Pete Silvestri
  38. I ran the Tunnel to Towers 5K this past weekend. Before the race, we were given a name of a fallen fire fighter to dedicate our run to. I had the honor of running for George Cain. I was so inspired by this act, I took this practice to my CrossFit gym. This past 9/11 every athlete in the gym dedicated their workout to one of the fallen 343 firefighters.
    Thank you for your service and inspiration.

    – Colin Gittings (FF)
  39. December 31, 2001 Georgie was recovered from the hellhole and rubble. Today, December 31, 2023, I read all of the heartfelt messages from strangers who didn’t know him, but are connected. THANK YOU all for sharing your memories or connections. We miss him everyday.. George’s sister,[email protected]

    – Nancy Nee