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Age: 35
Year of Death: 2001

Gerard P. Dewan

Gerard P. Dewan‚ 35‚ firefighter‚ FDNY‚ Ladder 3. Dewan‚ a five-year FDNY veteran‚ was originally from Boston. He moved to New York because there weren’t any fire department positions open in his hometown. He had firefighting in his blood. His father and grandfather were both firefighters. Four brothers had also served as public safety officers. Dewan planned to return to Boston one day and raise a family.

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  1. Gerry,
    I coached you as a 12 year old in Roslindale. You were my catcher and team leader, even at that young age. I remember your pride regarding your family of firefighters. You were a special person then and obviously carried that quality throughout your life.
    Sleep well my friend and know that you touched many more lives than you realized!
    God Bless!
    Coach Tom

    – Tom McLaughlin
  2. Today I did the 9/11 memory stair climb in honor of you. I can’t possibly imagine what you went through that day. I am thankful that I completed it today.

    – Amy Davis
  3. My name is Megan Sawyers. I am a 35 year old high school librarian. Yesterday I participated in the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb with my husband, a Roanoke City Fire Fighter in VA. I joined Station 6 in the climb up 110 flights of stairs to honor the fallen fire fighters and victims of that horrific day. As I climbed, I wore a badge around my neck with Gerry’s name and picture on it. I may not have known this man personally, but it was an honor to ring that bell and say his name for the crowd to hear when we finished the climb. I wanted his family and friends to know that 15 years later, he was remembered and honored in Roanoke,VA. God Bless you.

    – Megan Sawyers
  4. I went to the 9/11 tribute museum and found this selfless firefighter’s name on one of the bracelets. I aspire to become a firefighter paramedic/EMT and people like Mister Dewan are people who I look up to. Thank you to him and his family for their bravery.

    Love and condolences,
    Sanford ME

    – Nick Paquette
  5. I bought a 2006 pickup truck in 2017 in Nashua NH and on the back window was a sticker honoring Gerald P. Dewan, truck 3, 9-11.
    Since then I researched Gerald and it is obvious what a good man and dedicated fire fighter he was. I will pray for his soul and I will think of this stranger, this fellow American, this hero, this man who is now my friend often for the rest of my life. May he rest in God’s peace.

    – Dom Mazzotta
  6. Every day I work at the Pier Peddler on Ft Myers Beach Florida surrounded by over 200 patches of first responders, I see your memorial patch, front and center. Yours is the one I point out whenever customers ask about the store’s patch collection. Every day you are my hero. Every day I am reminded of your sacrifice. Every day I speak of you to our customers as if I know you, as if I am your friend and you are mine. May God comfort your loved ones today, 9/11/2018, and every day hereafter.

    – Vicki Massengill
  7. Hero’s run in the family.
    Never met Gerard but had the privilege of working with his brother Frank; one of the finest men to ever wear a Boston Police badge.

    – Joe Lally
  8. Gone but never forgotten!
    Rest easy my friend ❤

    – Leslie Casiello Raymond
  9. I wore your face proudly today as I did a memorial stair walk to commemorate first responders from 9/11. As I got tired, and wanted to quit, I looked at your face and thought about how you didn’t quit and gave the ultimate sacrifice, so I kept going. Thank you for your courage and service to others.

    – Brandi Floyd
  10. So proud to be named after u. My hero always. We miss u down here❤️

    – Michael Gerard Staines
  11. In the quiet, early morning hours of a September day 20 years later we still remember and honor you Dewey. I will be keeping your family & friends in my thoughts today and always.

    – Stephen Fitzgerald DBT ‘85
  12. I walked with your tag on Sat. Sept 11, 2021 at Red Rocks in Colorado. It was an honor to do so. Thank you for your service and ultimate sacrifice.

    -Jennifer L Ducatte

    – Jennifer Ducatte
  13. Even today, 21 years later, Gerard Dewan is not forgotten.

  14. Gerard was my husband’s cousin, but like a son to us as he was the same age as our kids. Our family will never forget his sacrifice and hope that he will never be forgotten. God bless all who lost loved ones that horrible day.

  15. Proud to have climbed the 110 with Gerard today in Rochester, NY. We will never forget the sacrifice and bravery of the 343. Love and light to those you left behind. Rest easy, we have the watch.

    – Surya
  16. Dewey, it’s been 22 years now, Bosco may be gone but as long our ‘85 classmates are alive, you will always be in our hearts and minds. You are a true American hero !!

    – David Fitzgerald
  17. Hello to the Dewan family. I did my first 9/11 stair climb today and was given Gerard as the firefighter I was climbing for. I will never lose the lanyard that has his name on it and will participate every year from now on in his honor. He is a hero. Although I did climb many stairs, I wanted to give it my best shot because I know he would have climbed the stairs for me. I am a big man, and made it about 1/4 of the way today before moving to the track and walking laps. I will do better next year. He is my hero and my motivation. Love you all! Never forget!

    – Jay Scott
  18. Today I had the honor of running a 5k in your name. The emotions that came over me was very unexpected and overwhelming. We are so close in age I could only imagine us being friends and sharing a laugh. I hope I did you proud today.

    – Omar De'Sean Pinckney