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Age: 46
Year of Death: 2001

Gerard T. Nevins

July 6‚ 1983‚ the day Gerry was sworn into the FDNY‚ was among the proudest of his life. After completing the Academy‚ Gerry spent 12 years at Ladder 34/Engine 84 where he earned the title ‘Bravest’ many times over. In 1995‚ he transferred to Rescue 1.

It is understood that firefighters rescue people. The members of Rescue rescue firefighters. Gerry was proud to be a member of this talented unit. Gerry’s humble nature never spoke of the various medals and awards he received for his heroism.

Outside of Rescue 1 Gerry’s life revolved around his unconditional love for his wife Marie and their boys Daniel and Andrew. On their gentleman’s farm‚ they were surrounded by the love of close friends‚ chickens‚ goats‚ rabbits and his pigs.

Gerry’s gentle caring nature touched everyone who knew him. Gerry was a shining star in this life. He possessed courage and bravery in amounts far greater than those towers that touched the sky.

His love for his family and friends and those who knew him has left this world a better place. To those who had the honor of knowing Gerry‚ he was always a hero. Now the rest of the world knows.

Marie E. Nevins

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  1. On 9/11 /2016 I climbed 110 floors carrying a badge with your picture on it. It was my way of honoring what you did back in 2001. You are truly a hero. I will keep the badge with me from now on. You are not forgotten.

    – Pamela Beerman
  2. I participated in the Lambeau Field Memorial Stair Climb on 9/10/16 and was given this firefighter’s name to climb in memory of. I was honored to be able to participate in the climb for Gerry. God have mercy on his soul. God bless his loving family.

    – Natalie
  3. On 9/11/2015 I partcipated in a stair climb at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado. I carried a badge with your picture and name on it. I have it in my car and talk with you often. Although I have never met you, you have a special place in my heart. God Bless you and your family always.

    – Paula Luna
  4. Tomorrow I will be participating in the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in Utica New York in your honor. I have no idea what I am in for and my nevers are a mess but that’s the feeling you get as an interior fire fighter. I have never met you but a photo of you and 342 other fallen fire fighters hung on my parent’s living room wall for many years after 9/11. You actually helped me connect with a cousin of mine who was a FDNY Chief and a civil Engineer. He lost 95 fire fighters under him that day. Thank you for your service and your assistance.

    – Nicole Dalton
  5. On 9/9/2017 I participated in the 9-11 Memorial Stair Climb in Panama City Beach, Fl carrying the badge of Gerard T. Nevins. It was a honor to do so.

    – Brittany Donehoo
  6. I carried your badge with me on 9/23/17 at the first annual Philadelphia 9/11 stair climb it was truly a honor knowing i climbed for a real hero you will never be forgotten

    – Max
  7. Tomorrow I am doing my first ever memorial stair climb at FDIC 2018. I can say that I am honored to carry your badge and represent such a dedicated and well respect man. Rest easy Brother, we’ll take it from here.

    – Ryan Barker
  8. I was honored to have walked in memory of Gerard T Nevins today at the 9/11 Stair Climb at Lambeau Field today!

    – Tammy Schramm
  9. I am your nephew, never got to meet you, you are my inspiration

    – Jack Nevins
  10. At this week every year I wear the Rescue 1 t shirt for a week to my local Fairport Fire Department calls. In that way I can honor my Brother Gerry and his family. RIP Brother.

    – Bill Harris
  11. Gerard and Gerard’s family and friends from a Nevins in Ireland, we are proud of you and our thoughts are with you.

    – Eoin Nevins
  12. Today I carried you while I climb the stairs as you carried all the weight of the world on your shoulders that day and lost your life. Bless your family and your courageous feet you endured that day.

    – Savannah Jackson
  13. I was given a ribboned pin with Gerald T. Nevins name on it and a brief description of him and his family by a group of Girl Scouts in 2001. I still have that and want his family to know that we never forget your loved one. God Bless You.

    – Judy Russell
  14. Brother Gerry and family,
    I wear the shirt that specifies your seat, tool and crew every year on 9/11. I cherish that shirt and always will. RIP my dear friend and Brother Firefighter. Love to your family and we’ll take it from here. Peace.

    – Bill Harris
  15. On 9/11/2021, I had the honor of carrying Gerry’s badge. May God continue to give comfort and peace to Gerry’s family and all those who lost love ones. Never Forget!

    – Gary Hudson
  16. On 9-11-2021, 20th Anniversary of the Attacks, I ran in the Pittsburgh Tunnels To Towers 5k and wore a badge with your name and face on it. So of course had to do research you after the race with my 6 year old and try to explain 9/11 to him.

    – Alan Anderson
  17. Hello , on 9/11/21 I climbed 110 stories wearing a picture of you . I wanted to know more about you so when I googled you is when I saw something that is very shocking! You were sworn into FDNY on the exact day that I was born! These things just doesn’t happen.

    That day was a big day for you as well as it was the day I was brought into this world. 2001 I learned you got awarded firefighter of the year…well that year was a big year for me as well. It was when I graduated high school.

    – Jennifer Johnson
  18. On 9/11/21, I was honnored to carry Gerard Nevins photo badge for the Colorado Red Rocks Memorial Stair Climb. Your family member was an incredible man! I thank him for his sacrifice and for his families’ sacrifice. May his name, remembrance and heroism forever live on.

    – Jordan Zierk
  19. Honored to carry the badge of Gerard Nevins, an American hero, at the Crown Point, IN 9-11 stair climb September 11, 2022. May his memory be eternal.

    – Al Leach
  20. I climbed the Colorado Red Rocks Memorial Stair Climb again Sunday, September 11, 2022 carrying the badge of Gerard T, Nevins. It was my privilege to honor and remember you for your bravery, heroism, and ultimate sacrifice you made that day 21 years ago! You will never be forgotten and may God have mercy on your soul and bless your family!

    – Mike Ley