Roll of Honor

Gregory J. Gonsioroski

Gregory J. Gonsioroski

  • Pilot/1st Officer
  • Neptune Aviation Service, Inc., USDA Forest Service Contract
  • Montana
  • Age: 41
  • Year of Death: 2008

Greg was born on November 24‚ 1966‚ to Jerry and Jean (Wyrick) Gonsioroski‚ in Baker‚ Montana. He grew up and attended schools in Baker.

Greg went to be with Jesus on September 1‚ 2008‚ while doing what he loved to do‚ flying an air tanker while fighting fires to save other people’s lives. He was killed in a plane crash near Reno‚ Nevada‚ as he was taking off with a full tank of fuel and retardant headed to a fire. Greg has always loved to fly and received his pilot’s license from the University of North Dakota in 1993. He was working for Neptune Aviation as an aircraft mechanic and pilot until the time of his death.

He married Kim Karr of Helena‚ Montana‚ on August 12‚ 1995‚ and they had celebrated 13 years.

Greg was the most amazing person; anyone who had the privilege of knowing him knew that. He was a gentle giant and never spoke a harsh word to anyone. The loves of his life were his wife and three darling children. He always said Kim was his soulmate. Above all‚ Greg loved the Lord Jesus Christ and knew Him as his personal savior. He always told his family when it was his time to go‚ he’d be ready. He was the most caring‚ loving‚ and patient husband‚ father‚ son‚ brother and friend‚ and was devoted to whatever he did.

Greg was an avid hunter. You would usually find him on the 1st day of hunting season out with his boys‚ Gabe and Grady‚ looking for a buck. He taught them everything he knew about hunting and airplanes. Under Greg’s big physique was a special spot for his little girl‚ Gracie‚ and he always had his eye out for something pink he could bring home to her.

Greg was talented at whatever he did. He was a pilot‚ carpenter‚ taxidermist‚ and woodworker‚ and was in the process of building his children a two-story playhouse. If anyone had a question on how to do something‚ they called Greg. He will be missed by everyone who knew and loved him.

Survivors include his wife‚ Kim; his children‚ Gabriel Jess (6)‚ Grady Gerald (4)‚ and Gracelyn Marie (3); his parents‚ Jerry and Jean Gonsioroski; his grandma‚ Ellen Gonsioroski; three brothers‚ Joshua (Launa) Gonsioroski‚ Ben (LeAnn) Gonsioroski‚ Charles (Katina) Gonsioroski; three sisters‚ Kathy (Mark) Loveland‚ Cyndi (Jason) Mayes‚ and Debbie (Darren) Dunham; numerous nieces and nephews who adored their Uncle Greg; and several aunts and uncles. He was preceded in death by Granddad Gonsioroski‚ Grandma and Granddad Wyrick‚ and a very special uncle and aunt‚ Jerry and Terry Faye Wiseman.

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