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May 4-5, 2024
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Age: 50
Year of Death: 2001

Harry S. Ford

Harry S. Ford joined the New York Fire Department on January 26‚ 1974. He worked in Ladder 108 in Brooklyn until 1990 when he transferred to Rescue 4 in Queens. He was awarded many citations throughout his career and received the Thomas Crimmins medal one‚ of the most prestigious awards given by the fire department. Harry played and later became an active alumnus for the fire department’s football team‚ the Bravest. Harry was the senior man in Rescue 4 as well as the chauffer and union delegate. He was an exceptional firefighter gaining respect from both the officers and his fellow firefighters.

Harry was also a grip in Local 52‚ IATSE‚ where his father and brothers work. He grew up in Douglaston‚ Queens with his parents‚ Harry and Helen‚ and siblings Richie‚ Tom‚ John and Mary. He was always playing sports but he loved playing golf most of all. Perhaps‚ on a clear day you may see him playing the back nine in heaven with some of his buddies.

Harry met his wife‚ Denise‚ in 1983 and they were married a few years later. He became a father to Denise’s daughter‚ Janna. Harry and Denise have two sons‚ Harry (13) and Gerard (11). He was a wonderful husband and loving father. Harry became very active with his sons’ sports and he always helped with whatever team they were on. Because of his sons‚ he learned to roller blade and snowboard.

Harry loved being a firefighter and with 27 years on the job‚ he still was not thinking about retiring. Harry died in an explosion in Astoria‚ Queens‚ on Father’s Day‚ June 17‚ 2001‚ two weeks after his 50th birthday. He was a true hero and will always be remembered and loved.

Submitted by a Friend

Harry S. Ford was one of three Firefighters Killed at what is termed The Father’s Day Fire. It occurred on Father’s Day 2001 when a building exploded due to hazardous material being stored for sale in a business. Gasoline poured by two youths rolled under the rear delivery dock door and the gas water heater ignited. The Fire rolled throughout the store and when enough explosive material had heated beyond the temperature necessary to cause an explosion‚ it happened.

Harry‚ a FDNY Rescue 4 Member‚ was outside trying to vent some windows and when the explosion occurred a whole brick wall collapsed burying My Brother Firefighter and Best Friend. Harry died at the fire scene along with two other Bravest of the Brave.

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  1. I work with Harry’s son Gerard in local 52…. Harry would be a proud Daddy….

    – Dan Woods
  2. RIP Harry S Ford the FDNY will never forget you

    – anthony
  3. Thank you for your selflessness and bravery. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

    – Maria Greco
  4. I was a neighbor. Still live in Astoria. I was home when it occurred. Ran from Crescent to 14th St. and Astoria Blvd. Saw the last firefighter brought out. Horrible scene. Still visit the brick monument and see the wall painting. I WILL NEVER FORGET THERE WERE THREE VERY BRAVE MEN, even if I didn’t know them.

    – Eli Almodovar