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Age: 49
Year of Death: 2001

Harvey L. Harrell

Lt. Harvey L. Harrell‚ was of course‚ a special man to me & all who knew him. He had been a firefighter since 1979 and a Lieutenant since 1994. He was studying to be a captain when he lost his life on September 11th. Besides being one of the most enthusiastic firemen I’ve ever known‚ he was the best husband anyone could ever have; a devoted father‚ son‚ sibling‚ uncle and friend.

Always optimistic‚ he always strove to make improvements at whatever firehouse he was working in and in the fire department as a whole. This attitude spilled into his personal life‚ where he took an older house we purchased in 1985 and transformed it into a beautiful‚ comfortable house. He was an avid skier/SCUBA diver/gardener.

He will always be missed and never‚ ever will be forgotten.

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  1. On Sunday March 13th 2016, I will be joining other Firefighters across the country in the annual NYC Firefighter stairclimb. For the 343 Firefighters who gave their lives on 9/11 and on behalf of their families we climb in their Memory.. I will be carrying the name Lt. Harvey Harrell – Rescue Company 5 with me on my attempt . With Honor Russell C Halloran – Captain Beverly Fire Department.

    – Russell Halloran
  2. This morning, 9/11/2016, I joined 2,500 other people in the stair climb at Red Rocks Ampitheater near Denver, Colorado. It was incredibly powerful to climb the equivalent of 110 stories alongside active and retired firefighters, many carrying full gear. I instead carried, with honor and pride, a “badge” with the name and photo of Lt. Harvey Harrell. I am honored to climb in this hero’s memory.

    – Warren Hamelin
  3. On 9/10/2016 2000+ people came together along with the NFFA to lambeau field to climb 110 flights of stairs. I carried along with me Lt. Harvey L. Harrell of Rescue Company 5. On the 78th floor I stated his name and rang the bell. I believe he must have carried me the rest of the way. I spent most of 9/11 like I always do watching documentaries and remembering not only the 343 firefighters but everyone who lost their lives that day. This evening I turned on the sunday night football game they had a pre game tribute showing different pictures of the memorials in N.Y. They showed a very small section of the granite waterfall and about 5 names. In the middle with a white rose was Harvey L. Harrell…. there is no doubt he is watching down from above.
    Town Of Center Fire Department, Center Wi Craig L. Stadler

  4. I visited the 9/11 memorial today. I’m from central Alabama and am on a trip with my son’s middle school. The rose by Harvey’s name caught my attention. I understand that means today is his birthday.
    Just wanted you to know that I prayed for all of Harvey’s family today and asked my friends on Social media to do the same. One of my prayers is that God would give you strength and peace every day, but especially on tough days like today as you remember him.

    – Shawn Stinson
  5. My name is Addie I am a 9 year old who climbed for Harvey L. Harrell at Lambeau Field. Thank you for being an American Hero! You will be in my ❤️…always.

    – Addie Wreath
  6. Today I have the honor to walk with the name Lt.Harvey Harrell. I am doing the 9/11 walk in Charleston SC. The storm stopped it On 9/11. This is the 4th Silent Walk here across the bridge.

    – Sam Rowland
  7. Today, September 11, 2018, I wore a lanyard with the hero Harvey L. Harrell’s picture. I am stationed in the Middle East and ran our memorial 5k in his honor, and in honor of all the heroes and their family members who sacrificed everything on this fateful day. I will always remember.

    – TSgt. Mark Tucker

    – Mark Tucker
  8. Today, September 22nd of 2018, we participated once again during the Lambeau stair climb. I had the honor of carrying Harvey’s badge with me, and I couldn’t help but wonder who this man was, and who he still lives on in. I needed no motivation to keep going during the climb because I never wavered. I wouldn’t give myself the opportunity to want to give up, knowing these men and women never wavered going into those buildings. Yet, every time I felt that badge brush my leg I was met with his steady smile that encouraged me. Responders are a different breed, when most run from danger they greet it. Thank you Harvey, for giving all so others could live. You are a true hero.

    – Izzy
  9. Today is 9/7/19, the last Saturday before 9/11/19. I will be climbing 120 stories today with Lt. Harvey L. Harrell’s badge hanging on a lanyard from my neck. I am honored and humbled to have been selected for this tribute to his heroism on 9/11/01. When others ran out, he ran in to save as many as he could. That’s just who he was and what he did.

    – Dave Rogers
  10. Today, September 7,2019, I participated in my first stair climb at Lambeau Field. I had the honor to carry the badge of Harvey L Harrell. Being my first stair climb I was a tad nervous. Carrying his badge gave me the strength to carry on and hopefully be a great firefighter like he was.

    Fennimore Wisconsin Rural Fire Department.

    – Zach Sherman
  11. I climbed in the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Red Rocks, Colorado in honor of Lieutenant Harvey L. Harrell, Rescue 5. I carried his photo “badge” with me on 9/11/2019 on my climb. I prayed for his soul and for his family and friends as well as for his mother, wherever she may be. My son is a firefighter in Colorado and I am proud of him as I know Lt. Harrell’s mother is as well. God bless. Thank you for your sacrifice.

    – Lisa S Nelson
  12. I carried Lt Harvey Harrell’s badge with me during the Lambeau stair climb in 2017. His badge has been hanging on my cubicle wall at work along with pictures of my family since then. He just has the warmest, kindest smile and I can’t and won’t forget his sacrifice. Just thinking about him a lot today.

    – Karina
  13. The morning of 09/11/2021 I was honored to have climbed the 9/11 stair climb at lambeau field in Green Bay, WI. With Lt. Harvey L. Harrell close to my heart. He was a hero. They all were. We, the people will never forget. Ever.

    – Natalie B
  14. Thank you sir for your service and ultimate sacrifice. Today I run Tunnel to Towers in
    honor of you!

    – Becky Morton
  15. I carried Harvey’s name up the Stratosphere tower in Vegas today September 9th 2023. Never forgotten brother.

    – Jeff Hill