Roll of Honor

J. Chris Cage

J. Chris Cage

  • Engineer
  • Unified Fire Authority
  • Utah
  • Age: 63
  • Year of Death: 2020

J. Chris Cage was a man of the people. He lived to help others. He was active in his church, community, family and firefighting. He was a part of the Unified Fire Authority from 1985-2016; in that time he was an engineer, inspector, paramedic and investigator. He also served on the honor guard, as he felt it was part of his duty as a firefighter to show respect to all other fellow firefighters.

He was a rescue specialist with FEMA Utah Task Force One Urban Search & Rescue Team that responded to 9/11, Katrina, Rita, and many other disasters. He worked in his community creating the first CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) team in Utah. He also worked with other poverty-stricken countries to help get them firefighting and medical equipment that they needed. He started the World Firefighters Assistance League to send everything from fire engines to x-ray machines around the world.

In the winter he spent most of his free time skiing at Snowbird, the place that brought him to Utah. He helped start the first volunteer fire department at Snowbird back in the early 80s that eventually became a part of the Unified Fire Authority.

Chirs was the guardian of the Cage Family. He was an amazing father, husband, and friend to all that knew him. He will forever be a legend to us.

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