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Age: 43
Year of Death: 2001

James A. Giberson

James A. Giberson‚ 43‚ firefighter‚ FDNY‚ Ladder 35. Giberson celebrated his 20th anniversary with the FDNY on September 5‚ 2001. The father of three girls‚ Giberson enjoyed cooking‚ gardening‚ golfing‚ and fishing‚ but would pass up any of those activities to cheer on his daughters at their swim meets.

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  1. I would walk to work every day and pass by the firehouse and always see James smiling to say hello holding his coffee cup. While I never knew him personally Ladder 35 was my territory in which I lived around the corner. I cooked & brought food for days to them after 9/11 and payed respect to all who served and they lost many in that company. Prayers for his wife and 3 daughters??

    – Winifred Jackson
  2. My sincere condolences. I see these photos and James looks so like my brother. Although we have never met, I know we are related distantly and my heart bleeds for all the hero’s that have left us on this sad day.

    – Amy Giberson Burgess
  3. Remembering James today as I did the stair climb in his honor in Green Bay,WI yesterday! I am blessed to be part of a family of firefighters and with his sacrifice he made to our country really hits home to me! God Bless his family!!

    – Tammy Stradal
  4. For the past 15 years, the City of Sandy, Utah has hosted a memorial for the people who lost their lives in the 9-11 terrorist attack that claimed nearly 3,000 innocent lives. A flag is placed in a grassy field with the name of each victim. We visited the memorial this year for the first time. As we looked at the name tags we were deeply moved. It is a sobering sight to walk among the flags and realize each represents a life that was so dear and meaningful. We selected the flag bearing the name of James A. Giberson which we were able to purchase and now fly proudly at our home in his memory.

    – Phil and Veline Bradley
  5. I just found out Jim Giberson died during 9/11. I knew him briefly for I dated his sister Nancy . I knew the family and grew up close to them and similarly as middle class New Yorkers. I pray for his family and they will remain in my prayers. The family was salt of the earth New Yorkers, who worked hard and cared about family and community. We all owe a debt of gratitude to this family! Ray Pierce

    – Ray Pierce
  6. I haven’t read the names of those who died on 9/11, but my son John jr. has. My son works with the fire department in Mississippi. He has worn a bracelet for James since the 9/11 incident occurred. I never knew James until my son asked whether James was related to us. We have started to look for any connection to us and no matter what we find, we will always remember his sacrifice. We will never forget him and are proud to say “we bare the same last name.”

    – John Robert giberson
  7. Today I completed a 9-11 memorial stair climb in Greenbay Wisconsin. I had a picture of James with me for the entire climb. I was honored to be able to make the climb in his name. As a young volunteer fire fighter, I look up to men like James and his brothers who gave their lives that day. His bravery and honor are what give me something to strive for. It was a true blessing to get to know his story. I myself will never forget him and his brothers, and I will make sure others never forget them as well.

    – Noah Tepps
  8. I was given the honor of climbing the WTC at the 9/11 memorial stair climb in memory of James. It was heartbreaking to be on the same grounds, climbing the new tower where so many heroes died that day. His sacrifice will never be forgotten.

    – Jennifer English
  9. This morning as I arrived at check in for the 9/11 Memorial Silent Walk in Charleston, SC I decided to walk for James in remembrance. I felt the pull for him as I saw so many heros names on cards whom payed the ultimate sacrifice for our country. I felt it was confirmed given the similarities in our last names. Fate took control. I will continue to pray for you all that are family and friends of Mr. Giberson. Much love from Greenwood City Fire Dept(Greenwood SC) Thank You and God Bless!

    – Wayne Gibert
  10. In Jackson Hole Wyoming we don’t have a building tall enough to have 110 flights of stairs. So for many years Jackson Hole Fire/EMS has organized the climb up our town ski area. Some climb to the equivalent to 110 flights of stairs while others climb the whole 1,571 vertical feet. For the first time this year they provided badges with a name and picture of each emergency responder who lost their lives as a result of 911. I randomly picked James A. Giberson and pinned it on my t-shirt for the hike up. This 911 anniversary was particularly emotional for me as it was the first that I attended without my husband. My husband, who was a Captain of his fire station and EMT, passed away last fall of cancer. “NEVER FORGET” is so important for the world because I know the loved ones of these brave emergency responders who selflessly put themselves in danger to help others will NEVER FORGET. Bless the family of James A. Giberson.

    – Nicole Tepe
  11. I grew up in Staten Island NY and Jimmy lived on my block. He was my brother and sisters best friend and i think a best friend to all he encountered. I would always hear stories about his loyalty and what a “stand up” guy he was. I always looked up to him as a sort of big brother and he became a mythic hero to me when he became a member of FDNY. I doubt he ever realized what an impression he had on me. Ive worn his bracelet since 2001 and ill make sure sure i im wearing it when i leave this world.

    – Mike bruno
  12. Ok…just found out that giberson is related to MY great grandma. Cause the name is her birth name. Even though they were estranged cause of some feud, i feel like it is not fair that i never got the opportunity to meet my distant relative. I feel mad thathis life was cut short and im grateful to know that heserved a great duty to protect us. To the best ofhis ability and im honored to carry my great grandma name in my veins…or to be related to a hero being related to him through my great grandma. Rip and godspeed.

    – Ashley Beck
  13. I loved Jim from the moment we met 2 yrs before 9/11 on St Patricks day. Not only was he a wonderful and totally loving guy but he loved me too! I remember when we met we knew this was something different for both of us. I met all the great guys he worked with. Went to their Christmas parties. I remember Jim and I taking his sweet little girls to the zoo. He had a way about him that you just fell in love with. Shortly before he died we talked about getting married. My heart still aches for him after all this time. He loved his job and if he had to die so young this is the way he would have wanted to. I love you my sweetheart and always will. God bless everyone that lost a loved one on that awful day. God bless America

    – Patricia Boland
  14. I’m a police officer in South Carolina. Yesterday I had the honor and privilege to carry an ID card bearing the picture of James Giberson while I climbed 110 floors. His legacy will always be remembered. Rest easy hero.

    – Jimmy Sparks
  15. My thoughts on the eve of 20th rememberance of 911 is for my cousin James Giberson who died so tragically helping others at the World Trade Center, to say he was brave would underestimate his bravery!!

    – Stuart Ian Giberson
  16. God bless you. I can still close my eyes and see Mr. Giberson sitting by the pool with a coffee and a paper at Great Kills Swim Club. He was a giant – he IS a giant. Never forget.

    – Tim Clyne
  17. I had the honor to carry the badge of Firefighter James Giberson In the Tunnels to Towers 5k in Crescent Springs KY today, the 20th anniversary of the terrible day. I will carry his badge in 2 weeks when I participate in the Tunnels to Towers in NYC. I’m so excited to honor these first responders in their home town. I also plan to visit his name at the memorial. Thank you James for the ultimate sacrifice. Know that you are remembered. Blessings to his family

    – Beth Morrison
  18. My family has over 150 years vested into firefighting in the state of Texas. My husband just joined the fire department as a volunteer less than a year ago, and today did his first memorial climb. I couldn’t be more proud of him as Climbed for all his fallen brothers, but he climbed for James Giberson as his honoree with his picture around his neck. Condolences and peace to his family as the anniversary approaches. A true hero. Rest In Peace Brother.

    – Katie Williams
  19. Watching the memorial service this morning, 9/11/2022, I heard James’ name read. My mother Emily’s maiden name was Giberson. Although we are all from Monmouth County New Jersey, I like to think we are somehow related to this hero, James. God bless you all in your continued mourning, your continued remembrances, and God bless the United States of America. Freedom isn’t free, but it’s worth fighting for.

    – Dianne