Roll of Honor

James  D'heron

James D’heron

  • Deputy Chief
  • New Brunswick Fire Department
  • New Jersey
  • Age: 51
  • Year of Death: 2004

Jimmy D’heron was one man‚ but he was so much more to so many people. He was a husband‚ a father‚ a grandfather‚ a brother‚ a cousin‚ a nephew‚ and a great friend. Jimmy gave 110% in everything he did. He did not settle for second‚ nor did he ever do anything without taking it to the limits. So many people speak of others with words‚ trying to describe their personalities; there are no words that can truly describe the type of person Jimmy was. He was the most honest‚ humble‚ giving‚ loving‚ fair person any of us will ever know. The world and the people who were a part of his life are all the better for having known him. Jimmy was also a hero.

During his career with the NBFD‚ Jimmy helped many. In 1984‚ he saved the life of a city resident. In 1995‚ in two separate incidents‚ Jimmy saved the life of a five year old child and carried a man in his mid 50’s out of a burning house. He received department honors for all three acts of valor‚ the Bronze Commendation in 1984‚ the Department Medal of Honor and the Grand Cordon Citation; both in 1995.

On September 3‚ 2004‚ Jimmy made the ultimate sacrifice responding to a call‚ by giving his life to save the residents that were sleeping inside. When Jimmy arrived at the scene‚ before his platoon‚ he knew he had to warn the 15 people living in the home to flee. He couldn’t wait‚ and he didn’t. He knew that the propane tanks in this dwelling posed a severe threat to all who were inside. The residents of this home were all able to make it out alive thanks to the efforts of this firefighter. Jimmy didn’t make it out. He gave his life so that others could live‚ and that is what Jimmy was all about. September 3‚ 2004‚ was only one day of Jimmy’s life‚ the actions he took on this day are only a reflection of what he was all about. His life will go on forever through everyone he has ever come in contact with. He always said he was one of the luckiest guys around‚ and he surely was. We are the luckiest people for having known him.

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Memorial Wall

  1. RIP ‘JIMMY D’ never forgotten always in my prayers.

    – Vinni Inzano
  2. Still showing my money to the moon Jimmy – miss you!

    – Sue Gardner
  3. I started the day not wanting to remember your loss but your life. It seemed you were right behind me for two days. I had a smile that was real, everyone I came in contact with me enjoyed my company as well as silliness. I felt funny and strong. I was thoughtful and kind. I had so much happiness feeling that way I knew you had to go and give someone else that feeling. Miss you and love you always, my brother. Thanks for being there now and always. Love Terri

    – Terri
  4. I miss you so my brother. I woke up with that empty feeling, and played my long lost favorite Terri’s song by Bruce. Felt you with me all day giving me that push. Actualy, Felt your presence so strong giving me a push and laughing. I was happy, more thoughtful, silly, laughing and even enjoying work. I felt like you. Thanks for that spirit Jim keep spreading it. Love you always. Terri

    – Terri