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Roll of Honor

Age: 34
Year of Death: 2001

James M. Gray

James M. Gray‚ 34‚ firefighter‚ FDNY‚ Ladder 20. Gray left a job as a bus driver to become a firefighter in 1996‚ following his father to the FDNY where he retired as a lieutenant. Passionate and committed to his job‚ he was studying for his lieutenant’s test while working with his brothers at ‘SOHO Trucking’ as they referred to their Lafayette Street firehouse. A member of the Emerald Society and the Knights of Columbus‚ Gray was a devoted husband to his wife and a doting father to his two girls.

Memorial Posts


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  1. I have a bracelet commemorating you. You will not be forgotten. Thank you.

    – Brian
  2. Today, September 12, 2015, I am participating in the Prince George’s County 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb. You are with me, your photo over my heart. You are not forgotten.

    – Tonya
  3. I had the honor of climbing for you in the OKC memorial stair climb 9-12-15. You are a hero who is gone too soon. Your wife and daughters, and other family are in my prayers. You are not forgotten!

    – Grant McDanel
  4. I had the honor of climbing for you this year at FDIC international 4/22/16. You are a true hero who made the ultimate sacrifice. Your family will be in my prayers. You may be gone, but you are not forgotten.

    – Dylan Boone
  5. I climbed for you in Dallas on 9/10/2016. With your name tag over my heart, I placed your helmet tag on the memorial at the top. We’ve got it from here. Rest easy and God bless

    – Jason Shelby
  6. I carried your picture, today, 9/11/2016. It was humbling. It was an honor. It was a privalage.

    – Kristy Hughes
  7. Today, September 11, 2016, I participated in the Denver, CO Red Rocks Memorial Climb. I had the honor and privilege of carrying you with me, Mr. James Gray. As others have said above, you are not forgotten! Your family are in my prayers.

    – Brandon White
  8. Today on 09/11/2016 I had the honor to climb for you @ Mcallen Stairclimb . Your will always be a hero. Your daughters would be so proud of you . Heaven gained an angel that day…prayers to ur family.

    – Natalia Caratachea
  9. September 10th 2016, I was honored to carry an ID badge with James M. Gray’s name and picture on it. I climbed 110 flights of stairs at Lambeau Field in Green Bay Wisconsin to honor his memory. His sacrifice will never be forgotten.

    – Chris McDaniel
  10. Honored to run for you on 04.23.17 at the Weatherly, PA Tunnel to Towers 5K. Your badge was with me on the run. You are not forgotten.

    – Susan Gallagher
  11. I have the honor of climbing for this man in Wichita, KS on 9/9/17. He will not be forgotten!

    – LJay Geist
  12. Walked in memory of you today brother

    – Wes Embry
  13. I had the honor of doing the stair climb for Mr. Gray. On Sept 11th 2001 Mr.Gray did not hesitate although he I’m sure had fear, he charged into the world trade center as a human to save other humans.
    Race did not matter, religion did not matter, life mattered period and this hero gave his for others. Today he is mourned by family, friends and honestly myself. I take the stair climb to heart. It is an honor to have Had Mr. Gray accompany me Sunday in Richmond. Never Forget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As an EMT as a firefighter, we are here to preserve life. We do not see color, religious beliefs. We see fellow humans. Period. We will not forget your sacrifice James M Gray ladder 20 NYFD

    – Raymond A Harrison Sr
  14. Today, 9/16/17 I climbed in Green Bay, WI to honor his memory. He will never be forgotten. True hero!

    – Maria Menebroeker
  15. September 16th 2017 I had the honor of carrying you over my heart as I climbed the equivalent of 78 stories at Lambeau Field Memorial stair climb I rang the bell in your honor thank you for your service and dedication and most of all for sacrifice, my prayers go out to you and your family you James M. Gray will never be forgotten. You are a true Hero
    Angela Sanders

    – Angela Sanders
  16. I carried you with me during my climb on 9/17/17 in Tucson. I’ll keep your picture forever. RIP

    – Graham Ludewig
  17. I climbed in Wildwood NJ today 9/16/18 for the first time. Your tag was clipped over my heart. When I got home I wanted to know more about you. You were just 34 years old. The same as I am now. I will never forget.

    – Ryan Finn
  18. Honored and privileged to wear the badge today, 9-16-18, of Firefighter James Gray of Ladder 20. During the Albany NY Tunnel to Tower Climb Thank you for your bravery and sacrifice. You will never be
    -Robin Kromer

    – Robin Kromet
  19. I climbed for you today (9/7/2019) at the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in San Diego, Ca. James, you will always be remembered.

    – Mara
  20. To the family of Firefighter James Gray. It was an honor getting to represent him and his family by having his memorial badge join me on the bike for Harley Davidson 911 Memorial Remembrance Ride. Rest in peace sir and may your family be greatly blessed.

  21. My 5th grade daughter, Ella Grace, walked in your memory today. You are not forgetten Thank you! Praying for your family ❤️

    – Christina Lake
  22. I had the honor of carrying your photo during the Kalamazoo, MI memorial stair climb today, 9/11/19. Thank you…and you will not be forgotten!! <3

    – Beverly Rasler
  23. The Brotherhood Ride is on its way to New York from Florida on bicycles. I was given a picture of James at one of our overnight stops. I’m glad I now know who James Gray is. I will never forget. God Bless our fallen.

  24. 9/11/2021- it’s been 20 years since the attack on our country. It is my absolute privilege to climb for you in Crown Point, Indiana. I’ll be thinking of you and praying for your family.
    Thank you for your sacrifice. Forever loved; never forgotten.

    – Sabrina Styles
  25. It was an honor and a privilege to carry your badge at the 1st Chicagoland 9/11 Memorial stair climb..

    – Dan
  26. I have a bracelet I wear for you every year. It was a gift to me for Christmas 2001. I wore it every day for many years. Even though I do not wear it everyday anymore, every time I do I say a prayer for you, for your wife, for your daughters and your family. It is worn every 9/11, I am wearing it today.

    – Charlotte Coates
  27. I was given James’ name to run in honor of during a Tunnel to Towers 5k race on 9/11/21. I carried his photo and prayed for him during my run and offered it up for his soul, and asked my family to pray for him. Oddly, a song in my running playlist that has not popped up in a while came up in the last mile of the race. It is a bagpipe version of Amazing Grace. My condolences to his family and fellow firefighters. Never forgotten.

    – Johanna
  28. On Sept 11, 2021 my 8 year old son Connor participating in his first Binghamton 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb and completed your 110 flight climb in your honor. You are not forgotten!

    – Dori
  29. I had the honor to walk in memory of James during the memorial stairclimb yesterday. I walked with my 3-year old daughter on my back and she fell asleep holding the tag last night ❤️ Never forgotten!

    – Ashley Pevine
  30. I had the honor and privilege today to carry your photo during a 9/11 memorial stair climb in Maryville,MO. Thank you for your service and ultimate sacrifice.

    – Charles Mayfield
  31. Today (9/11/22) I wear your name tag in Estes Park CO. We will never forget.

    – Pat Nelson
  32. I had the honor of finishing your walk today in the Binghamton fire dept 9/11 memorial stair climb

    – Kim
  33. This year I completed my 4th OKC 9/11 Memorial stairclimb in honor of James Gray. I have climbed every year I have been a firefighter for James Gray and am honored to do so. This year I completed the climb while being 31 weeks pregnant.

    – Stephanie Choplin
  34. I was able to climb 110 flights for our 9/11 Fallen Heroes today, Sept 11, 2022. I chose James as a picture on a lanyard to wear while I climbed the flights today. You have not been forgotten, always remembered, and truly there for me today pushing me through. Thank you so much for your service and dedication to our nation. Thank you to your wife and children. You and your brothers are an inspiration to all of us! I will continue to climb 110 flights every 9/11 in remembrance to you and your fallen brothers. ❤️

    – Aisha Sweet
  35. September 10th, 2022, I participated at the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Lambeau Field, Green Bay, Wisconsin. You climbed with me up the 110 stories with your badge on my helmet. You will be climbing with me every year on 9/11. You will never be forgotten.

    – Brady Alfred
  36. Climbed the stairs for you today in Tunnel to Towers Tampa. You are not forgotten.

    – Crystal Lynn Park
  37. Climbed the stairs for you today in Tunnel to Towers Tampa. You are not forgotten.

    – Crystal Park
  38. This will be the 14th year I got to carry you as God gave me the strength to do another Stair climb. This year I climbed 78 flights carrying you & Lt. Michael Healey in the New Orleans Memorial Stair climb (2023). It truly was an Honor & privilege… you gave the ultimate sacrifice…. and we will NEVER FORGET!! Kimmie McCord (FF Friendswood Volunteer Fire Dept.)

    Kimberly McCord
  39. Nashville 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb 09/10/2023. Today I climbed 112 flights in your honor along with over 300 other fire fighters in remembrance of your brethren. It’s a bitter sweet accomplishment. It gives me pride to be a part of something so special. Never forget.

    – Corey