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Firefighter Technician
Age: 34
Year of Death: 2007

James McRae III

Submitted by his Wife

District of Columbia Firefighter‚ James McRae III‚ died in the line of duty from a massive heart attack on Saturday July 7‚ 2007. ‘Mac’ as he was called by his brothers and sisters of the DCFD was the Tiller man and a 17 year veteran of the department and was assigned to Engine #20‚ Truck 12‚ 3rd Platoon.

James started his career with the DCFD straight out of high school and quickly excelled in his new career. I remember saying one day that he must really be proud to be a fireman and he told me no I am proud to be a DC Fireman and that is when I knew he had found his true calling.

‘Jamie’ as he was affectionately called by his mother and wife‚ was the only son born to James & Mary McRae on October 4‚ 1972 in Washington‚ DC. Jamie had the greatest sense of humor and a wonderful personality. Jamie had the type of personality that you just either loved him or hated him and most people adored him. Jamie danced to his own beat and never cared what anyone thought of him. I admired that about him.

Jamie was a ‘HUGE’ sports fan and there wasn’t a time or place that he would not discuss his beloved ‘WASHINGTON REDSKINS’ or ‘Washington Wizards’. I could not believe at first how he would plan the family schedule around the Skins schedule and we would just laugh at him. Jamie was an avid bowler and bowled several nights a week.

Jamie’s love for his family could not be measured. There was not anything he wouldn’t do for them. Jamie was married to Yolanda and they have two children Anthony and his beloved baby girl ‘Jami-Cierra’. He also has one sister Sherri. Jamie had such a special affect on everyone he met with his beautiful smile and loud laugh that if you heard it you knew he was in the house/firehouse.

Special people in Jamie’s life: Paul S.‚ Jacques Y.‚ C-Diddy‚ Kim S.‚ Silas S.‚ Jermaine K.‚ Ty‚ Gary H‚ Tim B.‚ Mel B.‚ Leo W.‚ Mike S.‚ Derek P.‚ Aaron B.‚ Pastor Shawn McBride‚ Dana P.‚ Levi E.‚ Corinne M.

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  1. Wish I had a chance to get to know you better. Your cousin Joy McRae

    – Joy McRae