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Jason Adams

Jason Adams

  • Lieutenant
  • East Pulaski County Fire Department
  • Arkansas
  • Age: 29
  • Year of Death: 2016

Lt. Jason Adams of North Little Rock, Arkansas, served as a volunteer firefighter for ten years with East Pulaski County Fire Department (EPCFD) and was a career firefighter for four years with Sherwood Fire Department. On January 22, 2016, Lt. Adams responded to a medical call at a residence less than half a mile away from the home he shared with his fiancée, Jeannie V. De Meyere. That snowy morning, Jason was shot and killed by a patient who had reportedly suffered a seizure. He was 29 years old.

Jason was born on May 21, 1986, in North Little Rock, Arkansas. A two-time Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer survivor and lifetime resident of North Little Rock, he graduated from Sylvan Hills High School in 2005. During a particularly difficult period of his cancer treatment, a volunteer firefighter responded to assist Jason. This brief interaction with a volunteer firefighter sparked Jason’s interest in the fire service. As soon as he was well enough, Jason joined EPCFD. He absorbed new knowledge like a sponge, and the spark ignited into a fully-involved love affair with the fire service.

In April 2012, after attaining IFSAC FFI and FF2, Jason was hired by Sherwood Fire Department. His quirky attitude and love of the fire service quickly made an impression on his new family of firefighters. Jason rapidly proved himself to be an asset to the department and was promoted to the rank of lieutenant in May 2015. He became training lieutenant shortly thereafter and took an active role as a trustee of the Sherwood Firefighters Association, IAFF Local 4756.

Jason’s knowledge and passion for the fire service was also noticed by EPCFD, and he was promoted to the rank of training lieutenant in February 2014. Jason took this role seriously, often planning complex and well thought out scenarios for training nights. His dedication to training led him to become an adjunct instructor for the Arkansas Fire Training Academy in the fall of 2015. Jason had his first paid gig as an adjunct instructor just weeks before his death, assisting with live burn testing. It was an extremely proud moment for him and inspired a lot of planning for future training evolutions.

The loss of Jason was a mighty blow, not only to those who knew him, but to the fire service in Arkansas as a whole. Jason had a love of the fire service that was unparalleled and left a lasting impression on everyone he met. He felt that training was a well that could never overflow and that all members of the fire service, whether paid or volunteer, had a responsibility to pursue training and should continuously seek to improve themselves throughout their fire career.


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