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Jeffery A. Hudson

Jeffery A. Hudson

  • Firefighter
  • St. Louis Fire Department
  • Missouri
  • Age: 46
  • Year of Death: 2012

Jeffery Artell Hudson was born on November 25‚ 1966‚ in St. Louis‚ Missouri‚ to the union of Presley Sr. and Ernestine Hudson. He was the youngest of four children‚ two brothers; Andrew and Presley Jr.‚ and a sister‚ Veronica.

Jeffery attended Southwest High School‚ where he developed a love for basketball‚ wrestling‚ and art; he was even offered an art scholarship upon graduation. With an energetic attitude and a smile that would light up any room‚ Jeffery was always full of life.

Early in life he married and reared four children‚ Tia‚ Donnella‚ Sherita‚ and Jeffery. He also has four grandchildren‚ Aniya‚ Demar Jr.‚ Dahlia‚ and DonVeion Jr.

In 1993‚ Jeffery joined the St. Louis Fire Department‚ where he served for 18 proud years. His love for his job inspired him to have hopes of making captain‚ which he was studying for up to his passing. Jeffery was also a member of the Firemen’s Association. Along with being a fireman‚ Jeffery explored several successful business ventures‚ such as Hudson Auto Sales‚ and many home proprietorships.

Anyone that knew Jeffery would tell you of this face he made right before he was getting ready to tell a joke‚ laugh‚ or render good news. He will always be remembered as loving‚ kind‚ and caring; a great son‚ brother‚ father‚ and grandfather. Jeffery was always there when you needed a helping hand. There was never a problem he couldn’t solve or help with for his family. To many Jeffery was a hero‚ but to his children he was Superman.

Dad‚ you were our hero…in so many ways‚ we are so grateful to you. We have such respect for the man that you were and the wonderful things that you did. You had a heart ‘as big as an ocean‚’ a ‘soft side’ you didn’t often show. All of your life‚ you worked for our family‚ you taught us and helped us grow. You were the man we knew we could lean on‚ who fostered a strong sense of pride. The father who gave us his love and affection and always remained by our side. All of our lives‚ Dad‚ we will be thankful‚ that we had a father so true. We never had to search for a hero; the hero in our lives was you.

Tia‚ Donnella‚ Sherita‚ and Jeffery

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