Roll of Honor

Jeffrey A. Vollmer

Jeffrey A. Vollmer

  • Captain
  • Mayer Fire and Rescue Department
  • Minnesota
  • Age: 40
  • Year of Death: 2017

Jeffrey A Vollmer, age 40, passed away in December of 2017. He was a member of the Mayer Fire Department and served as an EMT and captain. He also took on the role of mentor to new members. He continually strove to better himself and his department by pursuit of education and training. He was quick to offer aid to those in need, making lasting impacts on those he helped, as well as their families. Jeff also made sure his fellow brothers were supported after difficult calls. He proudly served his community.

Jeff was husband to Emily and a loving, joyful father to their two daughters, Anika and Kennedi. He worked hard to make himself better and to provide for his family. He was a trained construction journeyman, spending many years in carpentry, but had also owned and operated his own business in the insurance industry. Emily misses his friendship, and the girls miss daddy being here to play with them.

Jeff had many interests and excelled at them all—hunting, woodworking, photography, playing the guitar—but fishing was his hobby of passion. He especially enjoyed pursuing the elusive muskie and spent many hours on the lake.

Jeff had an easy way of getting along with everyone, sharing his time and talents, and being generous in all ways. Ready, always, with an easy smile, he will be greatly missed by many.

His family recognizes the sacrifice that both firemen and families make when the choice to serve is made. Jeff will live on in the hearts of his family and in the way the future firemen and women answer “the call” to serve and carry hope to those waiting in need.