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Age: 35
Year of Death: 2001

John D. Marshall

John D. Marshall‚ 35‚ firefighter‚ FDNY‚ Engine 23. A resident of Congers‚ N.Y.‚ Marshall worked at Ladder 27‚ near where his father had served as a police officer. He was doing a rotation at Engine 23 on September 11. He is survived by his wife and two children.

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  1. I didn’t know you, but I heard about all of your efforts from a memorial service we did at my school. Your dedication to your job as a firefighter is one of the most admirable things I have ever heard of. Your heroism encourages myself and others to be as courageous as you were when you gave your life on September 11th.

    – Susannah Wright
  2. Hi John, I am a firefighter from Australia and recently completed the Melbourne Firefighter Stair Climb and I had the honour of displaying your photo on my uniform, I would love to find out more about you and your family, with respect

    – Dave
  3. I worked with John at local 754 I have always thought about you. I listen for your name every year and somehow I miss it and by chance today I see a tv commercial and spot your name in the background. Thank you for your service and Rip I will never forget you. Kenny VanDunk

    – Ken VanDunk
  4. Hi John, I never met you, but had your badge on today when I did a memorial stair climb in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice. You went in when others were running out. Godspeed!

    – William Hale
  5. My stepson just did a stair climb in Nashville today and represented John with a picture of him and a lanyard around his neck while he climbed. As he read his name he rang a bell in honor of him! Never forgotten! He even resembles our son!

    – Maggie Chapman
  6. Always remembered. Thank You for your service. God Bless your family and friends,

    – Valerie
  7. Hi John,
    My name is Jared. We never had the opportunity to meet in person. I am a RN in an ICU for children. Today I participated in the Annual 911 stair climb in Denver, CO. I wanted you to know that I had the honor to wear your badge today. Each step I took was for you and all of the fallen Hero’s who selflessly sacrificed your lives on this day back in 2001. You will never be forgotten! Thank You for being our Hero!!

    – Jared Brown
  8. I completed the Memorial Stair Climb today at Lambeau Field and it was an honor and humbling experience to be able to complete the climb in your name. Thank you to John and his family for his sacrifice, acts of love, care, and selflessness. God bless you all.

    – Jennifer Lees
  9. I am wearing your photo on my bib at the Stephen Siller T2T Tower climb in Houston Texas. God bless you and all of our First Responders.

    – Travis McCullough
  10. I walked with you for the first 78 flights and completed the other 32 you never got to complete on 09/11/2001 at Lambeau Field for the stair climb. Thank you for your service and God Bless your family and friends in the years to come.

    – Hope Young
  11. Thinking of you and your family today. I still hold onto your badge that I carried on my previous memorial stair climb. God Bless. #neverforget

    – Jennifer Lees
  12. I will be climbing 110 stories In your honor my fellow brother. I don’t know you bu face but I know you by the grace of brotherhood, and I will not give up just like you did not give up. I will give my all for you my Brother

    – Timothy Buchanan
  13. Every year on September 11, the Fire Department in Aspen, Colorado honors the fallen FDNY firefighters. There is one rose for each hero, and a photo with name is attached to each rose. Members of the community each take a rose home. This year I got John D. Marshall. Nineteen years later and 2,000 miles away, I hope his family knows that he is being honored. I read that he was only 35 years old when he gave his life — same age as my son now. Rest in peace, John D. Marshall. We will always remember and and thank you for your heroism.

    – Ellen W. Anderson
  14. I did a stair climb today at FDIC in Indianapolis, I want to let you know, I climbed in honor of you. I read your name aloud at the bell ring when I finished. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. You are not forgotten. I will continue to pray for your family and friends who were left behind.
    – Heidi M.

    – Heidi Melms
  15. I will always cherish the gift of meeting you, John Daniel Marshall, and getting to know you, even though it was just a little. I am proud to say, I knew one of those brave NYFD Firefighters, that gave their all, on that fateful day of September 11th, 2001. I’m sorry, I did not know of your fate, until weeks later. That day will forever be etched into my memory, as I watched with eyes filled with tears, as this terrible attack on our Nation took place. After finding out about your sacrifice, it hurts my Heart even more, each time I see that South Tower fall. God Bless You John Daniel Marshall, and may you forever Rest In Peace. God be with Lori, Paige and John. Amen

    – Michael J Murphy
  16. John, we never met, but we share a surname, so perhaps we are related somehow. Your service to your fellow man is never forgotten.
    I spent 36 years in the military, and a deployment to Afghanistan. We had FDNY signs everywhere! In your honor… thank you for your ultimate sacrifice.

    – Will Marshall
  17. I completed the stair climb at Lambeau Field (2022) and had the honor of climbing in your memory. May God Bless you and your family. We will never forget those who made the ulitmate sacrifices.

    – Anna Ely
  18. Hello to all,
    Today I completed a stair climb in Cumming, Georgia and was given John’s name to carry during the event. I was curious as to who you were and started doing some research which led me here. Thank you for your dedication and know that you will not be forgotten.

    – Aaron Johnson
  19. John, yesterday I wore your name around my neck as I climbed 110 flights. I am a police officer, I had just turned 2 years old when you died. I organized a 9/11 Stair Climb for my local & surrounding police and fire departments. Every participant wore a name of one of your fallen brothers around their neck. I climbed those stairs with you yesterday. I may not remember, but I will never forget.

    – Alexandra Lizzi