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Age: 37
Year of Death: 2001

John Heffernan

John played guitar in a punk rock band – The Bullys. He was a devoted father to his daughter Samantha.

John loved his band‚ his job and his family.

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  1. I climbed for John F Heffernan in the 2016 Lucas Oil Stair Climb. I just hope that his family will look at this post and notice that he will never be forgotten.

    – Michael Turner
  2. I’m happy to have found this page and see that you too, Michael, climbed for Mr. Heffernan. Yesterday, 9/11 2016, I climbed for John Heffernan in the Clayton Missouri Memorial Stair Climb. My husband and I were very honored to be invited to join the West Overland Fire Protection District stair climb team.

    – Tori Vigil
  3. I climbed for John F Heffernan in Nashville 9/11/2016. He will never be forgotten.

    – Matt Ferguson
  4. Just climbed the 2017 FDIC Memorial Stair Climb for FF John F. Heffernan. NEVER FORGET!

    – Jon Filpansick
  5. I climbed for John F. Heffernan in Melbourne, Australia at the annual firefighter stair climb 2017

    Never forgotten

    – Jared lapsley
  6. I climbed today for Mr Heffernan today and I have to say it was the most humbling thing I have done as I was walking up the stairs i couldn’t help but think what a brave he was to go up there to help people. It was an honor to climb in his name

    – Jacob Bobeng
  7. On Sept 9, 2017, I had the distinct honor to carry with me firefighter John F. Heffernan, ladder 11, FDNY, with me on the 10K course at our Run For The Fallen 2017 event in a small town in Wisconsin, Kronenwetter.

    – Jason Lang
  8. On 9/16/17 I had the absolute honor of climbing in memory of John E. Heffernan at Lambeau Field. Never Forgotten.

    – Brad preston
  9. I climbed for John F. Heffernan, Ladder 11, today, September 22, 2018 in Green Bay, WI. I climbed because he climbed. #neverforgotten

    – Laurie Sallee
  10. I climbed today 9/7/2019 at the 9/11 Memorial at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI I climbed for John F Heffernan, Ladder 11 #neverforgotten I climbed because he climbed!

    – Brittney Johnson
  11. Today I climbed for John Heffernan what an honor to know he was a guitarist for a punk rock band. Rock on in heaven we remember your sacrifice during 911

  12. On Sept. 8th 2019 I climbed in honor of John F. Heffernan in Columbus OH. Never Forgotten

    – Amy Lewis
  13. 9/7/19 I climbed in honor of John F. Heffernan at the San Diego 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb. May we never forget. Fire Family Forever. ❤️

    – Desiree Ty
  14. I climbed today for Johnny Heff at VCUHS Richmond VA. I was lucky enough to see The Bullys several times. Much love to his fam.

    – Patricia
  15. I climbed the stairs on 2020 at Bristol Motor Speedway in honor of you. I thought I was prepared for the stairs; however the course included the aisle inside the coliseum and was an angle I hadn’t trained for. It was very challenging. In the background the loudspeakers were playing radio recordings of transmissions from first responders. It gives me tears as I write this as it did yesterday while climbing. You are now my hero. May the Lord’s loving arms comfort your family. I salute and honor you.

    – Diana Osborne
  16. I had no idea that Firefighter John Heffernan died in the 911 terror attack on America. It took some time and a visit to Ireland. John, I know that we have never met: however, our families: Gagan, O’Heffernan etc. have sent relatives to New Fire Dept. as well as the LEOs. We visited the Firefighter Memorial in Kinsale, Ireland. Each tree in the memorial was growing very well and contained letters and photo of the fallen firefighter.
    May God continue to hold your Spirit and your family in the palm of His.
    Semper Fidelis

    – James E. Heffernan
  17. I climbed the Sunsphere’s stairs at the Knoxville World’s Fair Site in memory of John today 9-11-2021. Im in High School NJROTC. It was an honor! I carried your picture with me around my neck during the climb. We climbed the stairs be are the sunsphere twice and climbed the 418 stairs inside the Sunsphere twice! You will never be forgotten.

    – Zachary Collins
  18. I climbed in his honor today….and I will never forget him.

    – Tammy Peshut
  19. I climbed for him in 2022 at Stse College, Pennsylvania.

    – R Echard
  20. I climbed for him in 2022 at State College, Pennsylvania.

    – R Echard
  21. I climbed for John on Sept 11, 2023, at Nellis AFB, Nevada. Never forget the heroes and lives we lost.

    – Jordan Thomason