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Battalion Chief
Age: 54
Year of Death: 2001

John J. Fanning

Jack joined the FDNY on October 4‚ 1969. He worked in all five boroughs achieving numerous medals and three Medals of Valor. He reached the rank of Battalion Chief in August 1994. He responded to the World Trade Center bombing in 1993‚ the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995‚ and was last seen heading towards the towers on 9-11.

He is missed by all‚ especially by his wife‚ Maureen‚ and his five children-Ryan‚ Jeremy‚ Jacqueline‚ Sean‚ and Patrick. His easy way and smiling face are what we remember. His favorite things were his computer‚ 7-11 coffee‚ and a good plate of food.

In spite of his medals and credentials‚ he was a very humble person‚ a regular guy. The proudest accomplishments of his life are his love for Maureen and his five children.

Maureen Fanning

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  1. Today I climb up and down 6 flights for the Effingham 9/11 memorial climb with a bunch of our surrounding area firefighters that had their full gear on and other community people. I am honored to say I picked John J Fanning to climb in memory of. Wow some great achievements thank you!

    – Tina Whitaker
  2. I did not know Chief Fanning…he was a year ahead of me at Mater Christi HS in Astoria, Queens, NY so perhaps I passed him in a hallway. Our school was a fine institution run by the Christian Brothers, and so like me, John was a ‘Brother’s Boy’…and St. John Baptiste de la Salle, the founder of the order, I am sure is very proud of the Chief. Thank you for your service Chief Fanning.

    – Ken Kasalis
  3. I too climbed this past 9-11-18 with a photo of John Fanning. I climbed up our local hill on 9-11-18 (the equivalent of all 110 floors) in honor of the friends I lost. I climbed in honor of Mr. Fanning. I climbed in honor of all the great people we lost who were looking out for us in love of service who I never knew. We will never forget the bravery, sacrifice and excellence. We remain iinspired to care for and protect our community and reflect a humble kindness.

    – Tucker Offitt
  4. I am a housekeeper at Anderson Hospital in Maryville, Illinois. I push a cart around and clean all bathrooms and common areas. I could not climb stairs because my cart has to ride the elevator. But I received John’s name so my part was prayer. All day on 9-11….. I prayed for John’s family, wife, children, extended family members, grandchildren…not even knowing if he had any,,,I’ve found this page and am so glad that my prayers were for your whole family…what a loss,…I am so sorry. John was a GREAT MAN and his sacrifice will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!! ….I will continue to pray for God’s healing touch upon each and every one of you.

    – T.J. Beckman
  5. Today I am climbing in John J Fannings memory in Montgomery, AL at the Alabama Remembers climb. Gone but never forgotten.

    – Melissa Mulvanny
  6. I worked with Jack during the war years in the South Bronx. They just don’t make them any better. He owned this unique smile that radiated who he was a soft-spoken gentleman who loved helping others a fireman’s fireman. Till we meet again, Rest In Peace, my brother.

    – Henry Bey
  7. 9/11/21 –
    Thank you for your sacrifice and courage. I will always remember watching as you and your family respond to the towers on the news. Your sacrifice was and is not in vain. Today as a member of the Utah County Sheriff’s Office and Utah County Metro Swat I participated with PAFD in their memorial climb. I climbed 111 stories today in your honor in my full SWAT kit. Had to represent the brotherhood. It was inspiring to feel like you were there. May you and your family be forever blessed for your service and ultimate sacrifice. Rest now we have it from here.
    Friedrichsen- UCSO/UCMC

    – Nich Friedrichsen
  8. On the 20th anniversary of 9/11 I participated in the foundation’s memorial stair climb in Spokane, Washington. I hiked over 1300 vertical feet in the morning and hung an American flag at the top in memory of those we lost. I am honored to say I received a card indicating I was participating in honor of John Fanning. God bless him and his family.

    – Don Bolling
  9. I was not able to do the tower climb we just had this past Sunday May 1, 2022 due to just having heart surgery but chose his tag/photo to learn more about him. He sounded like a great man, great hero and a great husband and father.

    – Diane Martel
  10. I run a Community Center in KC and about 2 months ago–someone turned in some keys. There is a dog tag attached to the keys and it states FDNY BC Fanning J HAZMAT Ops Badge 532 Age 54?
    Are the tags like a memorial tag that were sold? or? Several keys on the ring as well. I also read that 2 of his children have autism. I have a son 17 who is Autistic–and when I read that—well I don’t know what to think. I don’t know how to reach the family and its bee 20 years—also why would these keys be in Kansas City?

    – Stephen Zapien
  11. I climbed today in your memory John! You will never be forgotten!!
    Beaumont, TX

    – Crystal Hayes
  12. It was my honor to carry a picture of John on our fight for air climb this year in Des Moines Iowa. I look forward to meeting him the day I climb that ladder myself. You may be gone but never forgotten!

    – travis stanberg
  13. Today I climbed to honor John Fanning and all the other heroes of 9/11

    – Cyndy Henderson
  14. I completed the 9/11 stair climb today and I got the honor to represent him. I have no much respect for every man and women who against all odds did everything they could on this tragic day. Thank you.

    – Emma Hurley
  15. Yesterday, 9/11/2023, my son’s school required he do a brief biography of an assigned fallen hero. He received Mr. Fanning as his hero. Curious, I googled and am in awe of his accomplishments and bravery. God bless you sir, you are not forgotten.

    – Christine Segelnick