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Age: 36
Year of Death: 2001

John T. Vigiano II

John was a man who enjoyed life. He loved his family especially his wife‚ Maria and their two daughters‚ Nicolette (6) and Ariana (3).

John loved being a firefighter‚ especially being a chauffer in his company Ladder 132. John enjoyed sports‚ especially golf and hockey.

As a son growing up‚ his parents were very proud of his achievements. Honor roll‚ Eagle Scout and going to college where he graduated with a BA degree. John was a good son‚ a great father‚ and an endearing husband.

He was always there for people willing to help and always with a smile. The smile was his trademark… it added to his sense of humor.

John Vigiano

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  1. I walked in honor of John today at the 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI. The weather wasn’t great (60s and raining) but we had over 2,000 people climbing for John and the other 342 fall firefighters. It was inspirational and is a day I won’t ever forget. I’ll continue to keep John and his family in my prayers. God bless all of the fallen firefighters and their families.

    – Tricia Freeman
  2. John T

    Today I participated in the Fallbrook Firefighters 9-11 memorial hike in Fallbrook, Ca. (a few miles from San Diego.) I was given Johns picture and assigned to ladder 132. I pinned the pic to my chest and carrying Old Glory, John and I climbed a steep mountain that represented the 110 floors of the towers. Unlike John on that fateful day, I came down with him this time, on my mind and forever in my heart.
    I am proud to have served this nation as a Soldier in the United States Army, and proud to have represented John T.Vigiano II, on this day, September 10, 2016.
    God bless the Vigiano family, and God bless these United States of America.
    Charles Rowe
    1SG (ret)

    – Charles Rowe
  3. I read your name off the list for the stair climb today. We will never forget.

    – GK
  4. I walked in honor of John at Lambeau Field on Saturday, September 16th, 2017. Thank you to John and his family. Your sacrifice does not go unnoticed. I pray that you find strength in the Lord and fellow survivors to honor John until you meet him again. God Bless.

    – Jeanette Roskom
  5. I carried John’s name and picture at the 2017 Memorial stair climb in Green Bay this past weekend. I may not have been able to complete all 110 stories this year, but, John, I got to that bell and rang it with great pride and heartfelt gratitude for you and the hundreds of others who have given your lives in service to our great country.

    Thank you.

    Never forgotten.

    – Mindy
  6. Today I walked in honor John and the family he left behind at Eastern Kentucky University’s 9/11 memorial stair climb. We will never forget the sacrifice you made to keep us safe. Thank you, sir.

    – Katelyn
  7. I was given a picture of John from a fire station in our small town, Ione, CA in remembrance of 9/11. We were given these to remember people who have fallen to save peoples lives. We thank these people who saved many lives on September 11, and lost their own. I am in the 2nd grade and I am very thankful for fire fighters and thank John Vigiano II.
    – Gretta

    – Gretta T.
  8. I am walking in your honor today. I’m going to do it with a huge smile for you! And I’m going to do my best.

    – Erin
  9. I live in Scottsdale Arizona.
    I sing every year at the 911 Memorial Ceremony.
    I offer up prayers of peace and happiness to all.
    Renee Bakes, CHt NLP
    Scottsdale Az.

    – Renee Bakes, CHt NLP
  10. John Vigiano Sr. was my first cousin. I want to thank all who remember this family and all the families who lost loved ones on 911. John Sr died last year after serving 36 years with the FDNY. His legacy and those of his boys will live on in Joe and John’s children. Two are in the Marines and all three plan to be policemen or firefighters. God Bless this family for their service and sacrifice. Gail Cochrane

    – Gail Cochrane
  11. I walked the 5K today in Columbia SC… as a wife of a SGT Major that went to war right after 911, I was proud, sad, and my heart was complete…….. Thank you John Vigiano for your ULTIMATE SERVICE!!!!!!! may God Protect you and your family always,,,,,, God Bless Gina Chavis Klinkhammer < Irmo, SC

    – Gina Klinkhammer
  12. I didn’t know John although I feel we may have been second cousins. My grandfather was Joseph Ralph Vigiano DDS. I never knew any relatives on the Vigiano side except for Sansone family with a son named Peter who was a Broadway actor. My Dad was named John and went by Jack. My brother is also named John. I think my grandfather chose to separate himself from his family. I also have two other brothers Stephen and Joel. I have been to the reflection pond and saw the names on the memorial. My prayers are always with the Vigiano family.

    – Christina Vigiano Menear
  13. For the 20th anniversary of 9/11, I climbed for john in green bay, wi. It was a honor and a day I will never forget. We had a record number of climbers this year. This was my first year. 343 and many others will never be forgotten.

    – David hoeth
  14. I’m proud to say that I have worn John’s name on the back of my turnout coat. It has been my honor to represent him at the Sacramento 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb on 8 occasions. My hope is to continue to do so for as long as I am physically able.

    – Dave Stoner
  15. I am walking here at Lambeau Field for you today, John. You and all the rest are truly heroes and I cannot express my gratitude and service you provided. As I reflect on today, I have tears in my eyes and will never forget. This was my first walk and I will continue to do this in years to come. You and your families are truly in my heart and I will forever thank you all. ❤️

    – Justine Ziegel
  16. I ran on Saturday, September 9, 2023, McDonough Georgia’s Tunnel to Towers 5K. I received your name and I will keep your family in my prayers. God Bless you.

    – Chandra D. Brown