Roll of Honor

Jonathan L. Ielpi

Jonathan L. Ielpi

  • Firefighter
  • Fire Department City of New York
  • New York
  • Age: 29
  • Year of Death: 2001

Jonathan L. Ielpi‚ 29‚ firefighter‚ FDNY‚ Squad 288. For Ielpi‚ the son of an FDNY veteran‚ firefighting was priority number one. A longtime hockey player‚ Ielpi gave up his favorite sport after joining the FDNY‚ worried that an injury could interfere with his work. His North High School team recently retired his jersey. Like his father before him‚ Ielpi served as chief of Great Neck’s Vigilant Volunteer Fire Department. A six-year FDNY veteran‚ Ielpi is survived by his wife and two sons.

Memorial Wall

  1. I grew up in Maspeth. Your firehouse was my firehouse. When I read of the loss of so many good men, I was moved. I thank God there are people willing to serve others as firefighters and police officers. Godspeed to you and all your brethren and all those who knew and loved you.

    – James Austin
  2. Walked in remembrance of this great hero. Had a great time this morning honoring our fallen heroes. Thank you for your great sacrifice in putting other’s lives ahead of your own. God bless your your wife and two sons.

    – Christopher Fox
  3. I’m 14 years old and I climbed for Jonathan Ielpi at Lambeau Field. It was an honor! I keep you and your family in my ❤️ and thoughts. An American hero.

    – Payton Wreath
  4. On 1st September 2018 I am doing the Melbourne Australia Firefighter Stairclimb with the Ballarat Fire Brigade team. I am dedicating this climb to Jonathan and his family. May his legacy never be forgotten.

    – Chris Darge
  5. It’s an honor to climb today in Panama City Beach Florida for Jonathan and my 343 brothers. Lt. James Brown Gainesville Fire Rescue…

    – JAMES D Brown
  6. This was my first stair climb and it was such an honor to climb for Jonathan Lelpi I really appreciate all the sacrifices our brave heroes like Jonathan have made for us may you live forever in our hearts and memories ?‍?

    – Ron mancuso
  7. To the friends and family of Jonathan,

    Your hero is not forgotten. We walked in honor of him today. My thoughts and prayers are with you all that you have found peace and happiness. It was an honor to wear his name today in Richmond Hill, GA.

    – Lynnette Comette
  8. I pray for you and your family Jonathan, we will never forget, no matter how many years pass. We will always remember the sacrifice and the selflessness. Thank you and God bless from England xxx

    – Nikki Barrs
  9. This was such a horrible situation so many innocent People lost there lives because of evil & Ignorance. But we have to pray for the families because they still have to deal with the after effects of this terrible act God Bless you all!

    – Eric J Thomas
  10. Today I did my first McAllen Stair Climb and I climbed in remembrance of Jonathan. His bravery, and courage will never be forgotten. My continued prayers for his wife, sons and him, forever. It was an honor to climb for him. Mari from Rio Grande Valley, Texas.

    – Mari De Leon
  11. I climbed in the 2019 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in Clayton Missouri with Jonathan’s picture around my neck. He and the rest of his fallen brothers will never be forgotten, and I hope to carry on their legacy as I am currently attending the St Louis County Fire Academy. May he Rest In Peace.

    – James P Kurten
  12. Still in all our minds! You and all are never forgotten! See you later Friend!

    – Matthew Buttaro
  13. Jonathan is my uncle. Even though I’ve never met him, he is always in my heart.

    – Sydney l brengel
  14. Happy Heavenly Birthday Jonathan!

    – Xantra Baker
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