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National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

Roll of Honor

Age: 32
Year of Death: 2001

Joseph G. Hunter

Firefighter Joseph Hunter‚ FDNY‚ Squad 288‚ was born on September 29‚ 1969‚ in Brooklyn‚ New York. Joe had an infectious smile from the beginning; a beautiful‚ handsome son. He was all boy. Joe was the serious type from the onset. He always displayed traits of being caring‚ honest‚ sensitive‚ responsible‚ modest‚ bright‚ quick-witted‚ but private‚ too. Joe showed early signs of his fascination with the fire department. At the early age of four‚ Joe would race his big wheel to the corner in hopes of catching a glimpse of the fire truck on the move with its screaming sirens. As Joe grew older‚ he would follow the trucks as far as he was allowed to go on his bicycle.

At age 11‚ Joe had his own drill team practicing in his driveway and backyard‚ a cluster of neighborhood buddies‚ along with Dad’s ladder; the shed‚ the little red wagon and the garden hose were used to recreate the action of the tournaments. Joe was so serious about the racing he would instruct those who were not taking it seriously to go home! It was the preface of what was to follow. Joe played football‚ baseball‚ hockey‚ golf‚ skiing and many other sports.

When Joe turned 18‚ he was old enough to join the South Hempstead Fire Department as a volunteer. Now it was Joe’s turn to fulfill his dream and to race with the drill team. He did so for 13 years as the hydrant man for the South Hempstead Rascals‚ certainly not to be confused with the term nozzle man. The dedication and commitment to this passion was incredible. Again one of those things you couldn’t understand unless it was your passion. Joe was been referred to as the best hydrant man in Nassau County‚ which meant he could get off the truck‚ get the hose on the hydrant and turn on the water in fractions of a second.

Through the years‚ Joe was somewhat of a fixture in the firehouse‚ his second home. If he wasn’t there tending to the normal firehouse duties‚ he was often found reading or studying in the conference room‚ which was dedicated in his honor‚ being renamed the Joseph Hunter Meeting Room. Joe was often found goofing around with the guys in the firehouse‚ but when the siren went off‚ Joe became a man of action. He was serious about firefighting and liked discussing fire training.

Joe graduated from Hofstra University in 1994‚ where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Joe‚ a beloved son‚ and adored loving brother‚ a proud uncle‚ a brother-in-law‚ a proud Irishman‚ a cousin‚ a nephew‚ a friend‚ a boyfriend‚ a confidant‚ our pride and joy‚ our hero.

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  1. R.I.P. Joe…You will be missed. You were a great man who treated all equally & was a friend to all.

    – William Herrera
  2. I walked in honor of Joseph Hunter this past Saturday at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI for the 9-11 tribute. There are no words that will do justice to his family for his untimely death. Thank you for his service. God Bless America.

    – Tiffany
  3. Joe you will be missed by all i never met you but i truly honor you i wrote a 9-11 song in honor of you

    – Clare
  4. Always in our hearts cousin Joe ❤

    – Christina gannon
  5. I had the privilege to honor Joe today by carrying his tag in the Tri-Cities TN Memorial Stair Climb (9/9/2018). The bravery, courage and sacrifice he and the others made will not be forgotten.

    – Amanda Barnette
  6. I walked in honor of Mr. Hunter today (September 11,2018) in a tower challenge hosted by the 100 club. I was only a child when this horrid attack happened, but I do want to send my thought and prayers to the family and friends of the fallen hero.

    – Alicia Brunette
  7. Dear Family of Joseph G. Hunter, It was my honor to hold Josephs badge in the Run For The Fallen in Kronenwetter Wi. Sept. 2017. Thank you for your service and your ultimate sacrifice. God bless you and your family.


    – bonnie mittlesteadt
  8. Named after Joseph G Hunter. A daily inspiration to me each and everyday, an amazing man.

    – Joseph Hunter Kiff
  9. Always in our thoughts cousin Joe our hero ❤️❤️❤️

    – Christina
  10. Never forgotten ALWAYS REMEMBERED miss you Joe ~ thoughts of you are often honestly every time I hear the bell ring or see the big red truck my prayers are always with you & your family a true Angel of God

    – Charles Majeski
  11. I had privilege of walking in honor of Joe today. Thank you for your service.

    – DeAndrea Kuhns
  12. I climbed in honor of Joseph Hunter this September 2020. The traditional CNY memorial stair climb was canceled due to Covid 19 but we climbed anyway. A group of us climbed to the fire tower of Bald Mountain in honor of our brothers who fell doing their jobs. We will never forget.

    – Hans Schmid
  13. Joe, your story and one other we hold in our heart when we think of 9/11, I don’t know why but your story stuck out. Our spirts on this earth never passed but you are always in our thoughts. You are a hero Joe. Paul & Angela from Scotland x

    – Paul
  14. joe was a very good friend Joseph hunter was a good Irish catholic and was an honest truthful man and that came from his mother one of the strongest women on earth miss hunter love you joe and margret joe we had great times sunday football never forget you joe never R i p

    – john morelli
  15. Happy Birthday, Fireman Joe

    – Lizzie
  16. I didn’t know him but I want to thank him for being a hero and giving his life helping others.

    – Mary
  17. Joe I found your picture in one of my dad’s belongings, he has also past so I believe you might have worked together since he was a firefighter too. I give you and your family empathy because as much as I love my dad your we’re a hero too so I respect you none less.

    – Frank Dibenedetto
  18. Joe, you are not forgotten! I believe you left a legacy that continues to flourish in your hometown to this day. Thank you for your caring service! I climbed because you climbed. Lambeau Field, 09-10-2022

    – Maynard Kilmer
  19. Happy heavenly birthday, Hero Fireman Joe.

    – Lizzie
  20. I recently visited a beautiful memorial garden in Kinsale, Ireland where 344 trees have been planted in honour of the men who fell and their chaplain. I tied a ribbon for Joe to the tree bearing his name. I had previously come across a memorial card for Joe at Máméan, Connemara, having previously heard his dear mother talking on Irish radio only a few days before.

    – Matt Cremin
  21. It was an honor to climb for Fireman Joesph Hunter, on 9 Sep 2023 at the Tri-City TN, Memorial Stair Climb. R.I.P. Fireman Joe, you are a true hero.

    – Michael
  22. You and your 342 brothers are heroes.

    Happy heavenly birthday, fireman joe

    – Lizzie
  23. Happy birthday Joe. You would have rocked 54 in life like you did on the field.

    – Jen
  24. God bless you Joe 🙏

    – Samantha Elliott