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May 4-5, 2024
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Age: 55
Year of Death: 2002

Joseph M. Tynan Jr.

Submitted by his son

Joe Tynan followed his father‚ Joe Sr.‚ into the Brookline Fire Department on January 3‚ 1972 after an honorable discharge from the US Air Force‚ continuing a family tradition of firefighting that carries on to this day.

On May 8‚ 2002‚ he lost his life at age 55 due to complications from head injuries received in the line of duty in 1982.

Joe settled in Marshfield‚ MA with his wife Jackie and his two sons‚ Joe III and Greg. He earned an associate’s degree in Fire Science from Massasiot Community College in Brockton‚ MA. He was an active member of the Elks and Lions Clubs‚ enjoyed family cookouts‚ playing in recreation softball leagues‚ following Boston-area sports teams and working on home improvement projects.

He is survived by his wife and two sons‚ brothers Jim and Dan‚ sisters Barbara‚ Ellie and Patti‚ and countless family and friends‚ including the special staff and residents of The Greenery extended-care facility in Middleboro‚ MA.

All who knew him were very happy to have been part of his life. Joe was a wonderful‚ caring man.

Submitted by his department

Reflections Firefighter Joseph Michael Tynan‚ Jr. Brookline Fire Department Family Members‚ Friends‚ Relatives and Brother & Sister Firefighters; We have gathered here today to honor one of our own‚ Firefighter Joseph Michael Tynan Jr.; a member of the Brookline Fire Department who like all Firefighters throughout the world‚ goes off to work each day in order to serve their fellow citizens.

Joseph believed in this duty to others; a Vietnam Veteran‚ Joe served his country as a member of the United States Air Force. And after leaving the Air Force‚ he then found another way to serve others.

On January 3rd‚ 1972‚ he joined the ranks of Brookline’s Bravest‚ and was assigned to Engine Company 1 – Group 4‚ at Fire Station #1 in Brookline Village. Within two and a half years‚ Joe had not only joined the Fire Department’s Honor Guard‚ but had distinguished himself by being commended for actions taken at the Willow Pond Accident Rescue In April of 1975. He then attended Massasoit Community College and received his Associate Degree in Fire Science in December of 1978.

But his two biggest milestones occurred early in his career as a Firefighter‚ those being the birth of his two sons‚ Joseph III and Gregory. Sons of whom he was especially proud.

He also had a loving family in his parents‚ Joseph and Eleanor‚ his brothers Jimmy and Danny‚ and his three sisters Patti‚ Ellie and Barbara. Joseph Tynan Jr. had a family he loved‚ and who in turn loved him. He had a Job that he loved and was Just embarking on a study program in hopes of becoming an officer‚ when on that fateful day in November of 1982‚ his life and that of all who surrounded him was changed forever. And for the next nineteen plus years‚ life’s course was altered.

And now we find ourselves with Joe again‚ and we say from our hearts ‚.. Rest In Peace Joe. Those of us who were privileged to know Joe can still see that big happy grin of his. You couldn’t miss it But we miss you Joe‚ and you will always be in our hearts. We will not forget you. Sometimes we will remember you while we talk around the coffee table‚ and at other times it will be when we walk past your ‘Last Alarm Card’ posted in the Fire House. But we will remember.

There is a prayer that is as endearing to the Fire Service today as it was when It was first written; and I would like to read it to you in honor of Joseph Michael Tynan Jr.

When I am called to duty‚ God…
Whenever flames may rage…
Give me strength to save some life…
Whatever be its age…
Help me embrace a little child…
Before it is too late…
Or save an older person from…
The horror of that fate…
Enable me to be alert and hear the weakest shout…
And quickly and efficiently…
To put fire out…
I want to fill my calling and…
To give the best in me…
To guard my every neighbor and…
Protect his property…
And if according to my fate…
I am to lose my life…
Please bless with your protecting hand…
My children and my wife.

But Joseph would not have ended his prayer there … and I feel I know what he would say today: He would say: To the Brotherhood of Firefighters of whom I am proud‚ remember your loved ones and keep a vigilant watch over each other. He would say‚ I loved being a Firefighter and stand by you all today.

He would say: I will miss my loving family and friends and for all of you will pray.

And Joe would continue: To my brothers and sisters … I have seen the light you have burned for me within your hearts each day and have been warmed by your embrace.

And he would look to his sons and say … Joseph and Gregory‚ How proud that both of you have always made me and what fine young men you are today. Continue to be the brothers that you are and watch over each other each day.

And Alicia‚ you are a pillar of strength for your mother… keep her close as always.

And Joe would finish his prayer by saying …Thank You Lord for Blessing me … by allowing me to live each day within the loving arms of my Guardian Angel:

My Loving Sister‚ Barbara Amen.

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  1. In loving memory of Joe and his loving sister Barbara. I worked at the Greenery in Middleboro for 8 years , back in the late 80’s and early 90’s . Joe is a man will never forget along with his devoted sister Barbara. Mike Hamilton

    – Michael J. Hamilton