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Joseph Sanford Jr.

Joseph Sanford Jr.

  • Firefighter
  • Inwood Fire Department
  • New York
  • Age: 43
  • Year of Death: 2014

Joseph Sanford Jr. was born on July 24, 1971, in Tuskegee, Alabama. “Junior,” as he was affectionately known, moved to New York in February of 1992 where he met his wife, Jacqueline. He had three children, Douglas (27), Janisha (20), and Isaiah (22). Junior was a faithful family man with a desire to serve his community.

Junior joined the Inwood Fire Department on October 7, 1996, where he became a member of Engine Company #1. It was there he began to excel in the fire training certification courses and gained a reputation as an outstanding and dedicated fireman. He loved being a part of the brotherhood in the volunteer fire department. He was also known for his explosive personality and infectious smile. Junior held several positions in his 18 years of service, including lieutenant as of March 14, 2005, captain as of March 12, 2007, and assistant chief as of April 2009.

After his term of chief, Joseph continued his service as a veteran firefighter, but also focused on his other hobbies, such as football. Junior became a co-owner of a semi-professional football team named the Nassau Golden Eagles. Junior’s love of life was apparent to all that knew him.

During a house fire in Woodmere on Friday, December 19, 2014, Junior had an accident which ultimately led to his passing on December 23, 2014.

Joseph was a beloved husband, father, brother, friend, and an amazing fireman. He will be greatly missed.

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