Roll of Honor

Karl J Carman Jr.

  • Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department
  • Florida
  • Year of Death: 1987

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Memorial Wall

  1. I miss my Uncle Johnny, Karl J. Carman, Jr. and his twin Sister, Joan V. Carman Bryan. I know that you are both Angels and are with our Lord in Heaven.

    – Carol L Bryan
  2. Karl was a great firefighter, whom I had the privilege to know and work with. He loved everything fire related and he loved John Wayne. I was near him the night he died, from a heart attack, at a large chemical company fire. He was working a large nozzle with his crew, spraying water on the building when a large electrical transformer, directly overhead, exploded from the heat. It sounded like a bomb with a huge blue bolt of lightening. He fell into about a foot of water from runoff, where his men grabbed him and pulled him on to the street. Our medics worked hard to revive him, but it was not to be. Karl was a good man. We miss you Karl, but will see you in Paradise with our Lord.