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Karlton Allen Kole Briscoe

Karlton Allen Kole Briscoe

  • Auxiliary Firefighter
  • Hickory Flat Volunteer Fire Department
  • Mississippi
  • Age: 16
  • Year of Death: 2003

Karlton Allen Kole Briscoe was born November 19‚ 1986‚ to Tammy and Ronnie Briscoe. The younger of two boys‚ he had a loving bond with his brother‚ Craig‚ and all his family members and friends. Everybody in the community from the youngest to the oldest loved him.

At the young age of sixteen‚ he gave his life serving his community as a junior firefighter. Kole was a man of courage‚ wisdom‚ and character way beyond his years. He had a love for life and left a lasting impression on everyone that knew him. He was full of humor and integrity.

Kole was a sophomore at Hickory Flat High School in Hickory Flat‚ Mississippi. He was hind catcher for the H.F. Rebel baseball team. He worked‚ rode horses‚ and was a firefighter.

Kole was a member of First Baptist Church‚ where he accepted Jesus as his Lord and savior at a young age. We know he is in a better place‚ and we thank the Lord for letting us have him‚ even if it was for a short time.

There is a scholarship that is awarded in Kole’s honor each year to a graduating student from Hickory Flat High School.

He is survived by his mother‚ Tammy Hogue; his father‚ Ronnie Briscoe; his brothers‚ Craig Briscoe and Kolton Briscoe; his sister‚ Britney Childers; and his grandparents‚ Jimmy and Norma Rooker and Verona Briscoe. His grandfather‚ Vardman Briscoe‚ is deceased.

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