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Fire Patrol Officer
Age: 27
Year of Death: 2001

Keith M. Roma

Keith was found in the rear of Tower 1 along with 9 civilians he was leading to safety. According to his supervisor‚ this was Keith’s fourth trip out with civilians‚ each time returning to the rescue operation.

Keith was a sports enthusiast playing on softball and basketball teams. He was an avid Yankee fan.

He could always be counted on when needed‚ as he proved on 9/11. A civilian ran past a group of people assisting a very heavy female to safety; with that group was a fire patrolman‚ Keith. That group never made it to safety.

– Arnie Roma

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  1. I just wanna write acouple of words to a true hero…and let everyone know that Keith M. Roma is the whole worlds hero! R.I.P Keith Jimmy from Sweaden

    – Jimmy
  2. Keith Roma was my cousin. He was a true hero. His legacy will live on forever.Rest in peace Keith. You are what we call a true hero.

    – Quetcy
  3. R.I.P. brother. We will NEVER FORGET

    – Greg
  4. I never met Keith but, the stories I’ve heard made me wish I had. R.I.P. you’ll be forever missed

    – friend
  5. My husband and I were in NYC in April 2002 and came across Fire Patrol #2. My husband is a photographer and made a print of the building so that’s how we found out about Mr. Keith Roma. The print hangs in our bedroom so I see it every day. Continued prayers for his family and daughter. Lord, have mercy.

    – Anne-Marie Glover
  6. Keith along with all of the brave souls that were tragically taken from us will never be forgotten. Our Prayers are with you and your families every day. May God Bless You All, and God Bless America.

    – Grace
  7. Rest In Peace my friend

    – Peggy D
  8. Thank you.

    – Strom
  9. True American hero, will never be forgotten.
    Inspired my own goals in wanting to become a firefighter.

    – Javier
  10. I was only 16 when that devastating day happened. I remember it vividly though, watching in pure disbelief as did so many others around the world. This year I will be doing the 2226 steps, or 159 flights of my home stairs in honor of a fallen hero. Keith Roma is going to be my nominated hero. He will never be forgotten, one of the many true heroes who sacrificed their lives in the desperation to help others survive. 20 years on…my thoughts are with you all

    – Sam
  11. Everyone always talks about 343.

    I always correct them, “344”.

    Rest easy brother, we’ll take it from here.

    – Landon
  12. Keith was a good person rip Keith

    – James Higgins
  13. I was proud to support Tunnel 2 Tower at a 5k today (10/9/21) wearing a picture and name tag of Keith Roma. I am so thankful for the brave firefighters like Keith!

    – Courtney
  14. Keith was my cousin Arnold’s son! So my cousin also! I say prayers fir him and the family every year! I didn’t know till many years after because our families didn’t keep in touch! But my prayers are with them!

    – Pauline Kangas Ourique
  15. Keith, you are a hero and your selflessness to save others has not and will not be forgotten! I will continue to make sure you are remembered as a hero and first responder for as long as I live. Rest in paradise ❤️

    – Jenna Cook