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Age: 40
Year of Death: 2001

Kenneth J. Marino

My husband‚ Kenneth J. Marino‚ FDNY Rescue 1‚ died while fighting a fire for our country at the World Trade Center on September 11‚ 2001. Kenny has been a firefighter for over 20 years‚ starting when turned 18‚ as a volunteer‚ and continuing on throughout his career of over 10 years as a New York City Fire Fighter.

Even though fire fighting was in Kenny’s blood‚ so many things make up who Kenny was. He was a caring husband to his wife‚ Katrina‚ attentive father (DaDa) to Kristin and Tyler who were only 3 and 1 years old at the time‚ and loving son to his ‘da‚’ Patrick‚ and mother‚ Mary Ann. He also had many hobbies.

He enjoyed playing softball – NY Mets‚ Hockey – NY Rangers‚ strat-o-matic‚ taking care of his house and home. He also worked other jobs‚ as a disc jockey‚ school bus driver‚ some construction work‚ and automobile detailing. He was always busy and he fit so much into his 40 years; however‚ it will never be enough. He will miss so muchƒ his children growing up‚ their spirit‚ hopes‚ dreams‚ accomplishments‚ and so much more.

He is our Hero‚ our Angel‚ and will always be our special guide through our lives. We will always miss him and know that he is with us‚ and watching over.

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  1. Kenneth Marino: firefighter on 911 who lost his life. RIP; a true hero!!

    – sharon Kreitzer, MSRN
  2. Today I climbed in your remembrance today at Bay a View Middle School-2016

    – Haylea
  3. Hi! I’m Payton Jeske and I’m from Wisconsin. Today at school we climbed in
    remembrance of your fallen hero, Kenneth. We climbed 78 flights of stairs, and I did it in remembrance of him! I’m so excited I got to do it for him and all of the other fire fighters that died on that September day. I will never forget him. He was a hero.

    – Payton
  4. Thank you for your sacrifice and the sacrifice your family and friends have made saving and inspiring others. Your story and your wife’s story of Ken Griffey Jr’s home run hang on my collection wall and it’s very much a special part of my life.

    – Jason Vass
  5. Today I climbed in remembrance of Kenny at a 9/11 memorial in Tupelo, MS. I was a young firefighter on Tuesday September 11,2001. I was 24yrs old and had been a Tupelo firefighter for 3yrs. I was on duty that morning. We gathered in the day room and watched what was happening and discussed how they might handle this awful situation.
    Today as I climbed, I thought about how I’m the age Kenny was then. I thought about what a tuff guy he must have been to climb those stairs in gear to get to where the real work was! I did it in gear but no stress and in a nice cool building and it was hard! To the family and brother fireman who knew Kenny, it way truly and honor to climb for him.

    SGT David Lee
    Tupelo Fire Dept

    – David Lee
  6. I had to the pleasure of running in a race for The Fallen on Saturday, September 9th in Schofield, Wisconsin. I wore Kenneth’s badge with honor! He sounded like an amazing fire fighter, father and husband. He will be remembered!

    – Kim Kohlbeck
  7. Hi on 9/9/17 I ran a 5K in remembrance of Kenny at a 9/11 Never Forget Freedom Run through Lake Ozark Firefighters in Lake Ozark, MO. Wow! What an honor! I became curious about Kenny after reflecting all weekend and yesterday (the actual 9/11 date)….and so I googled Kenny’s name and here I landed and learned of all his loved ones…wife, children, parents! You will all be in my thoughts and prayers.

    – Andrea Gilbert
  8. Earlier this year I climbed 110 stories in Nashville, TN in your honor. Now your name card hangs in my gear locker. Thank you for your sacrifice.

    FF Brett Barnett
    Pegram Fire Department

    – Brett Barnett
  9. Today I climbed stairs in honor of Kenneth Marino. I feel very honored to have walked with his photo and name on my lanyard. We will never forget.

    – Dawn Etchison
  10. Today I climbed 110 floors in Clayton,
    Missouri in your remembrance! Thank you for your sacrifice!

    – Clifford House
  11. Seems like yesterday we all sat on Chauncey’s beach…..

    – Meg Doyle
  12. Today (9/11/18) I participated in my first stair climb. This was to honor the people who died 17 years ago. It took place at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. Over 2,000 people including first responders and firefighters showed up. All who registered got a badge with a firefighter’s name and picture on it. I picked up Kenneth J. Marino. I walked all 9 laps of it in his honor. It was a truely amazing and impactful experience. Although I’m only training to be a firefighter currently, I still feel the huge loss of our first responder/firefighter brothers and sisters who died that day. Rest In Peace Mr. Marino, you are such an inspiration.

    – Jessica Reimers
  13. Today (9/22/18) I wore Kenneth’s badge with honor as I paticipated in the 9/11 memorial stair climb at Lambeau Field in Green Bay WI.
    What an amazing & humbling experience. Know that I will wear his badge for all future climbs I participate in. Kenneth will never be forgotten.

    – Denise Porter
  14. I walked for you during the Green Bay stair climb. I think you ever year on September 11. Thanks for your service.

    – Angela Sprangers
  15. Today, September 7, I wore Kenneth’s badge as I participated in the Roanoke Va 911 Stair Climb in honor of all the heroes of 911. Bless you all.

    – Phyllis Krizner
  16. Today I climbed 168 flights of stairs today in your honor at 9/11 Memorial Stair climb in VA. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. An amazing and humbling experience to walk side by side with other firefighters. Kenneth, you will never be forgotten.

    – Juli Rasure
  17. Hello, on 9/7/2019 the Cathedral City Fire Dept. Was honored to walk 110 flights in your husbands name.

    – Noelle Burchartz
  18. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten Kenneth! We will always remember you, a true american hero!

    – JL
  19. I climbed in honor/remembrance of Kenneth at the 2019 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI. This was my second year climbing and for some reason harder than the year prior. It amazes me how many people do this to honor those that have fallen and the sacrifice that they made, as well as their families. Kenneth and the others who have lost their lives over the years will never be forgotten.

    – Ashlee
  20. Today I participated in a 911 stair climb in honor of Kenneth.
    I wore his name and carried his memory with pride.
    We will never forget my friend.

    – Ken Reed
  21. May god welcome you in heaven with open arms. May god give you access to protect your family on earth around the clock. Peace be with you… my heart goes out to your loved ones.

    San Antonio Texas

    – Christopher Frias
  22. FF Kenneth Marino is believed to have rescued my Uncle Jeff Benjamin from the 83rd floor of the North Tower, we are ever so grateful for the sacrifice he made that evil day 20 years ago. God Bless the Marino Family, especially his daughter Kristin for giving us a name of our forever Hero, FF Kenneth Marino.

    – Steve
  23. R.I.P Kenneth❤ you will be remembered forever! True hero❤

    – Tyler Marino
  24. I would like to give my condolences to Kenneth Marino and his beautiful family! Kristin Marino is a beautiful, sweet, and very caring woman and I’m proud to know of her and watch her videos & keep up with her on all of her social media accounts. Sending lots of prayers, hugs, and love to Kristin (Noah), her Mother, her brother, and the rest of her family tomorrow as well as the rest of this weekend as they remember her amazing father whom is & was a hero to so many families!!
    Love, Cassie Bell McKinney, Hunter McKinney, & their 2 sons Gauge & Gunner McKinney ❤️

    – Cassie Bell McKinney
  25. he will forever be remembered <3

    – Amelia
  26. Katrina, holding you and your family close to our hearts.

    – Flister
  27. September 12, 2021
    So many lost their lives on 9/11. My son once was a fireman, first responder. I could only be thankful that my son was not one of the many who died that day.
    In order for me to make it personal and to think of and pray for the families and friends of some of those heroes, I chose 5 names and pictures of those heroes.
    I don’t know which website that I was on to choose the names and pictures, but I printed them and cut them out and mounted them on cardstock.
    I just want you to know that your loved one ,Kenneth Marino, was one of the five that I have been thinking of for 20 years.
    I also think of the families who, though they go on, never stop missing their loved one.

    From me in North Carolina.

    – Sharon B McLendon
  28. Today I selected Kenneth’s name card as I attended a 9/11 memorial event in Knoxville, TN. Kenneth was a hero and dedicated father, husband and firefighter. Honored to have carried his memory with me today.

    – Tina Minnick
  29. In 2001 after this tragedy my Mom purchased a special hero bracelet from a website for each of our family members for Christmas and mine has the name Kenneth Marino FDNY in the front. Each year I remove the red stainless steel cuff bracelet from my jewelry box and take a moment to reflect on your hero and his sacrifice. Just wanted you to know.

    – Lorie Hodny
  30. Today I climbed in your honor at the Tunnel to Towers climb in uptown Charlotte. I carried your photo with me and will keep it to honor you with each climb . You and your sacrifice will never be forgotten.

    – Catherine Lane
  31. Missing The Chauncey Days; The beach and the laughs. You are and always be Mine and John’s hero.

    – Meg Doyle
  32. I had the honor of participating in the Pierce 9/11 Memorial Stairclimb at Lambeau Filed in Green Bay, WI on Sept 10th and climbed for FF Marino. His card was the first one I came across and knew this was the guy as I was assigned to Rescue 1 at my career department in North Carolina. It was a humble experience and I will proudly display his card that I had attached to my gear and walked with. As I write this, I pray your family is doing ok and your memory will always be remembered! We have it from here and WE WILL NEVER FORGET!

    Chief Lanham

    – Randy Lanham
  33. I will be climbing in honor of Ken this Saturday 9/9/2023 at the annual CNY stair climb. I’m honored to have his name attatched during my climb to remember the fallen.

    – Brandon mehl
  34. Kenneth you saved so many lives you are a hero my dad died later that day and he told us your name today we honor not only the loss that your family had to go through but we honor you today for saving many lives including my fathers I hope he thanked you up in heaven. Rest in love. We love you Kcup and Tyler and Katrina. You guys are very loved today and we honor your dad and husband. Prayers go out to you guys stay strong and hold on there.

    – Ezralynn
  35. i pray for Kcup, Mrs marino, and kcups brother. for the tragedy you guys had to go through. I know and you guys know hes in a better place. Amen

    – Ezra Heier
  36. Hey family of Kenneth. J. Marino
    I want to say sorry for your lost. He is up above with God and looking down on his beloved family! By watching your daughter Kristin Marino YouTube I can see how much he meant. God is always there through everything and will continue to bless your family.


    – Stephanie Edwards
  37. May You Rest In Peace Thank You For Your Service You Will Never Be Forgotten ❤️🙏🏽🌹🕊️

    – Jesenia Espinal
  38. We will never forget you, you will we remembered, but now your in a better place. 🙏😊

    – Dorcas 🫶🏽