Roll of Honor

Kevin Hauber

Kevin Hauber

  • Firefighter/Paramedic
  • Buffalo Grove Fire Department
  • Illinois
  • Age: 51
  • Year of Death: 2018

John “Kevin” Hauber was born January 6, 1967, to parents, Betty and Jack Hauber. Kevin has three older sisters, as well as a twin brother. His twin brother was eventually hired by the same department as Kevin. Kevin grew up in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, where he completed his entire 12 years of schooling. Once he completed high school, he began working part-time as a firefighter at Buffalo Grove Fire Department. Kevin loved the town he grew up in and always knew he not only wanted to be a full-time firefighter/paramedic, but that he wanted to serve the community of Buffalo Grove specifically. Kevin did succeed in getting hired full-time at Buffalo Grove and worked there for 24 years.

Kevin loved helping people, but he also was very much a “family man.” During the summer of 2001, he decided to make extra cash by working as a paramedic at Six Flags Great America. While working at Great America, he met Kim, who he would eventually marry in 2003. By 2007, the Hauber family grew substantially with the addition of four beautiful daughters, including a set of triplets. Despite thinking he would have liked to have at least one son, he was the most amazing “girl dad” and stepped into that role happily. His daughters remember him being supportive. “No matter how sick he felt, he would make sure to be in the stands of cheer competitions or sitting on the soccer field bleachers so he could watch us and cheer us on.” They also recall him coming home after work with his Dunkin Donuts coffee and two dozen donuts for the girls.

Kevin’s diagnosis of stage 4 colon cancer did not slow him down any. He would go to work regardless of how nauseous the chemo made him or what pain he was experiencing. He fought courageously until the very end. In fact, Kevin attended Christmas Eve with family just one month prior to his passing. We will remember Kevin not only for his dedication to serving Buffalo Grove, but most importantly as the great dad and husband that he was. We hope to honor his life by remembering his easygoing nature and trying to live out the rest of our days as he lived his life.

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