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Age: 42
Year of Death: 2001

Kevin J. Pfeifer

Lt. Kevin J. Pfeifer worked out of Engine 33 on Great Jones Street in Manhattan. He was a Paramedic for NY Hospital and St. Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan. Kevin loved life! He was an expert sailor and had a private pilot’s license. Kevin always wanted to be like his brother Deputy Chief Joseph‚ and he adored his sister‚ Mary Ellen.

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  1. I saw your name on the 9/11 Memorial today in NYC and wanted to see who you were. God bless you and your family.

    – Ruth Ensing
  2. I was at the WTC Reflecting Pools last month and saw your name.
    I was really touched by your unselfishness but very proud

    – Elaine
  3. Thinking of you on your birthday and always.

    – Alina Badia
  4. I am participating in the Colorado 9/11 Stair Climb to honor our hero’s that so bravely entered the towers 15 years ago & sacrificed their life so others could live. I am honored to make this climb in your name Kevin J. Pfeifer. It is an honor to walk this memorial for you. May God Bless your family today as the anniversary of your great sacrifice I’m sure still hurts.

  5. 15 years ago I chose a single name from the television to remember from that fateful day. Each September and often other times I do just that. I remember you, Lt Pfeifer. I didn’t know you personally, sir, but I will never forget your name or your selfless sacrifice.

    – Steve
  6. Depty Chief Pfeifer Joseph God Bless you and your brother Kevin

    – Elizabeth
  7. Went to St.Margaret’s with you. Sweet man. That awful day took your life too soon. I kept seeing your name on 9-11 specialson TV. Woke up this morning thinking about that day and you. Rest In Peace. You are a true hero!

    – Joanne
  8. I participated in the 911 stair climb here in San Diego, CA, yesterday. It was an honor to climbed in your name, I’m a firefighter’s wife, I had you in my thought as I climbed, thanking you for your sacrifice and praying for love ones. A True Heroe.

    – Johanny Hernandez
  9. Mr. Pfeifer, I did not know you personally but I have great respect for what you and your fellow brothers and sisters did for NYC and our nation on that day. You made us feel like even though the worst had happened, we had firefighters that were going to save the day. 343 made the ultimate sacrifice that day. As a New Yorker, I take special pride in that people like you donned the FDNY uniform with honor and dignity. I will never forget you or your fellow firefighters for what you did. God Bless You and rest well sir.

    – Christopher Benner
  10. Kevin and I were paramedics together at Bellevue for a few months in 1986. I was a brand new medic, and Kevin took me under his wing and showed me what was important and what wasn’t. I was transferred to Harlem Hospital and he joined FDNY, which had been his goal all along, but I always remember Kevin as a great guy, and was very sad to hear of his tragic death.

    – Charles Hintermeister
  11. true hero kevin

    – gren steel
  12. I climb today for you, in honor of your sacrifice.

    – James
  13. I’ve watched the documentary ten times. Each time I see a little if you and lots of your brother. You both were so calm in the face of absolute chaos. When it was time to climb you did just that. To hear you saved many lives while giving your own is a truly heroic thing. We in the world that survived watching that horror have continued to push forward in this world. We all honor all who lost their lives that frightful day. Rest easy sir. We are doing okay. You are a hero. All of you are heroes to many in this world

    – Richard Lawson
  14. I am a 9 year old who really thinks that you are a huge hero as a paramedic. You saved so many lives. Not only people in the tower but some were outside. God bless you and your brother Joseph Pfeifer. You helped us not lose our freedom for our country. Thanks for all of your support and braveness. Don’t forget that you helped the 343 firemen who died and you really deserve the lieutenant job and you helped all of us. Thank you and God Bless you forever.

    – Finnley Olds
  15. My name is Brandin McCuiston I am a firefighter emt. I volunteer for a small department in Freeman Missouri. Dolan West Dolan fire protection district. Today I will be doing the 9/11 memorial stair climb in Kansas City Missouri. This will be the first climb I’ve ever attended and I’m climbing for lieutenant Kevin J. Pfeifer . This is my chance to show i will never forget. Thank you for your service brother. I will never forget what you did that day. You are a true hero.

    – Brandin T McCuiston
  16. This past Saturday, September 7th, 2019, I climbed 110 flights of stairs at Lambeau Field in your honor. At the 78th flight, I rang a bell and cried as I said your name. Thank you for your sacrifice, and know that I will never forget your name. No words can express the emotion I felt as I walked in your honor. #neverforget

    – Becca Worzalla
  17. We used to have interesting conversations about your EMT house calls. You were a pilot, had a degree in psychology and were a dedicated firefighter. You gave your life so that others could be saved. You are a true hero. I will never forget you.

    – Lucille Scafide
  18. I remember you Kevin J. Pfeifer you were one of our paramedics working at Jacob K. Javits Center when I met you. You were a kind and gentle man. I remember when you left to join the Fire Dept. We loved you at the Javits Center and were devastated when you perished. We will never forget you!

    – Gwendolyn Douglas
  19. God Bless You Kevin. May you Rest In Peace…we’ll take if from here

    – Matt Urtz
  20. To this day I remember Kevin
    We worked on 12-boy our unit out of the Bellevue garage as emts before later becoming medics.
    He was smart, compassionate, quiet
    Was happy when he got called to work with nyfd
    He was always composed compassionate caring. He has always been missed.

    – Stephen Baker
  21. I was in infantry school In 2018 and after graduation I was in the back of a cab when I saw a par of dog tags. I just thought someone forgot them. I when picked them up I saw that they weren’t ID tags they were memorial tags, your memorial tags. I just sat there for a couple seconds and stared at them. It made me think, it made me take a second to picture the sene. the buildings burning, the people screaming, the mass fear, and In all of that I see you. As you watch all of this happen and make the conscious decision to run into the crumbling building. I just hope one day I’ll be as selfless as you were. I still have them and they hang above my bed. I see them every night before bed and it humbles me. Thank you Kevin

    – Jeshua Mumm
  22. I worked with Kevin as a Paramedic before he went over to FDNY. He was such a funny guy and fun to work with. I don’t ever remember him raising his voice, he was always a calming influence, whatever the call was.

    – Simeon Klebaner
  23. I thank you for your bravery- I send my condolences to your Family-

    – Olga F Fisher
  24. Proud to be an American not because of who I am but because of men like Kevin J. Pfeifer.

    – Richard Pfeifer
  25. One of the many reasons why I became a firefighter. Big shoes to fill. We got it from here, thank you.

    – Ethan
  26. Kevin. Thinking of you & your
    family. sending my love and prayers to you. You’ll never ever be forgotten.

    Ryan C. Reed
  27. Kevin: We, your classmates from Marist College, will never forget you. Your kindness and spirit will always be with us…We think of you everyday. Your care, kindness and friendship remain with us.

    Thank you for all your friendship

    Geoff Aldrich and the Marist College family.

  28. I never knew you, but saw your sacrifice on a documentary, told by your brother Joseph. One of many stories I know, but yours stuck with me. Rest in paradise Lt Pfeifer

    – Emma Dixon
  29. Thankyou to you and all your firefighting brothers for what you did that day, God bless.

    – Nikki Butler
  30. It was the events of 9/11 that made me want to become a firefighter at the age of 39 11 years ago. 343 heros including Lt. Kevin Pffeifer.

    – Mathew Missey
  31. Recently saw you and your brother in a documentary honoring all those who lost their lives on 9/11/01. God bless you for your selflessness and heroism. We honor your memory.

    – John
  32. I participated in a memorial stair climb on this the 20th anniversary of 9-11. It was an honor to carry your badge and my prayers and thanks go out to your family and your ultimate sacrifice

    – Bud Anglin
  33. Kevin, twenty years today on that fateful day you were tragically taken away from us all, but you will never be forgotten. You are truly loved and missed by all, and always on my mind. Kevin God Bless you and your family always.


    – Ann Cassidy
  34. This morning I participated in the Colorado 9/11 Stair Climb at Red Rocks. It was tough, but I had your badge clipped to my shirt and you helped me finish.

    – Lauren
  35. Thank you for being so brave. You helped so many people with your selfless actions. We will never forget what a true hero you are <3

    – Maria Greco
  36. I just learned about your story on 9/11 about what you did and your heroic sacrifice for the employees of the World Trade Center and for your fellow brothers of the FDNY. Thank you for your heroic service and may you Rest In Peace

    – Brian Evans
  37. I watch the National Geographic with Deputy Chief Joseph. And was moved by his story. I was 26 at the time and offshore working when this tragedy happen. And remember the fear, the anger, and the sadness among the crew. 9/11 and among the other major tragedies has always stuck with me. And my heart and soul goes out to the first responders and people who step up at the moment in need. Thank you guys so much.

    – chris hill
  38. I just finished reading Ordinary Heroes and reliving the events of that awful day. There was nothing ordinary about Kevin or any of the men who went into that building and climbed those stairs to give others a chance at life.

    – Janet Osen
  39. I was at a thing for 9-11 and tunle to towers had a wall with all the fallen police and fire fighters from that day, your name was one I was stuck on for a good while, something about your eyes.. today I’m doing a 5k for tunle to towers and they have 343 badges, one for each person who died on 9-11, I got your badge. So I did a bit of research, you sounds like an amazing man, I’m touched by your selflessness and bravery. You where and still are truly an amazing man

    – Sierra
  40. Lt Kevin J. Pfeifer of Engine 33 , We lost a “Brave, Caring, Unselfish Fire Lieutenant on 911 ! We will BE PROUD OF ” ALL YOU DID ” for ” ALL AMERICAN’S ” on that awful day ! Rest Peacefully Lt Pfeifer !

    – Dawn Autera
  41. Recently I had the chance to visit your house Lt. Pfeifer, E33 & L9. It is a great firehouse. There was one place that was most important to visit for me in New York and that was E33 & L9. The reason why is so I could pay my respects to all the men at the Great Jones Street firehouse who lost their lives at box 8087. Thank you Lieutenant Pfeifer.

    – Luke Zavislak
  42. The Pfeiffer brothers exemplify what being a firefighter is all about and I’m so sorry that Kevin didn’t make it and he remains with me in my mind, heart and soul forever

    – Matthew Henry
  43. Climbed 110 stories with a picture of you around my neck. We did it Kevin. Thank you for all that you did. #NeverForget

    – Kyle Kenny
  44. Thank you for your service & your sacrifice. Your a true hero! Rest peacefully Kevin. You will never be forgotten. Sarah – Australia

    – Sarah
  45. So courageous. A great man.

    – Brian pessin
  46. …….Thank you……..

    – Alwin
  47. Climbed for you today during our 9/11 memorial stair climb. Rest easy brother.

    – Mike Brady
  48. I chose your name tag to wear around my neck while doing the Stair Climb in Roanoke, VA, Saturday, with my son who is a Firefighter/EMS employee of Roanoke County. He gathered a team of 15 family and friends to climb. It was quite emotional for us all. In your honor and your families honor we all finished the climb, I will keep your tag and pray for your family forever. Thank you and God Bless.

    – Brian Ruggieri
  49. My gym was recognizing and giving honor today of those who died and I drew your name. I didn’t know you obviously but I wanted to see who you were. I worked out for you today and pray you did not suffer. I wish I had known you and thank you for your sacrifice so others could survive. What a brave soul.

    – Susan
  50. Today I carried your name for the VMI 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb. I chose your name because I share a similar last name, but it was your legacy that carried me up those stairs. Having your name and memory taped to my assault pack as I ran up those steps gave me the strength to keep going. I will continue to carry your name on my back every year on this solemn day to keep your legacy alive. Rest in peace and may God bless your friends and family.

    – Drew Pfeiffer
  51. No words can thank you enough, your soul will always save lives. The lessons we all learned from this are everlasting!!

    – Donna Frustere
  52. Thinking of you on the anniversary of 9/11. We shall never forget you and all who died. I’m UK and I remember you all on this anniversary.

    – nicola simkins
  53. Thank you for your tremendous bravery Lt. Kevin Pfeifer and all the brave souls who passed saving lives. Rest In Peace. You will not be forgotten 🙏✝️☮️

    – Wyatt Snyder
  54. ~ With Respect and Honor…
    !!! ALL HAIL THE 1s !!!
    On behalf of Myself, my Spouse, JASB, our Daughter, and Families Worldwide…
    We Salute You! Thank You, Sir!
    Hawkins, Tommy Gerald, Esquire ~

    – Tommy Gerald Hawkins
  55. I was so touched by the documentary by Jules & Gedeon Naudet. The unselfishness and mindset to save as many people with your company were truly inspiring. God bless and I pray for both you and your company.

    – Ellie
  56. God bless you, Kevin. He was the first person to contact NYPD about the first plane hitting Tower 1 on 9/11.

    – Andry Exomacs
  57. I have met joe pfiefer and he said his brother was the best and he is too!

    Much love,
    Brooks Mixson lexington, sc 29072

    – Brooks Mixson