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Kevin J. Woyjeck

Kevin Woyjeck, 21, died fulfilling a family firefighter legacy. His father, Joe Woyjeck, was a fire captain with the Los Angeles County Fire Department. His two uncles were firefighters there as well. Kevin’s grandmother, Delores Woyjeck, said her grandson wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps, first joining the Los Angeles County Fire Department Explorers Club when he was 15.

After working for several years as a firefighter, he joined a hotshot team in South Dakota. From there he joined the Granite Mountain Hot Shots in April. Los Angeles County Fire Chief Daryl Osby stated, “Kevin and I just spoke a few months ago about how excited he was to be a hotshot in Arizona.” Kevin joined the Granite Mountain Hot Shots to gain the wildland firefighting experience he needed for his desired job in the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

He is survived by his parents, a brother (19), and his 16-year-old sister. Maddie says there are so many things she will miss about her brother. “I’m going to miss his smile, his laugh, the way he said ‘I love you.’ He was so outgoing; he could walk into a room and just start a fire inside of somebody,” she said.

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  1. Kevin was the nicest young man I have ever met. I pray he is in peace in heaven.

    – Dean Magistrale
  2. I miss you son,
    LOVE from your dad…..

    – Joe WOYJECK
  3. Rest in Peace Brother.

    – Don Spadoni, Div. Chief, Retired
  4. This FF’s photo jumped off the page of my city’s newspaper in the post-incident articles. I’m praying that the Woyjeck family finds peace and comfort in the LORD. Romans 10:13. <3

    – Bethany McGraw
  5. Such a loss… I recently taught a class of 9 wild land firefighters First Aid for there jobs in the Interior of British Columbia , Canada. I related the story of the granite Mountain Hot Shots. I did not know Kevin personally, I do know his Dad, Joe. Always remember… thank you for keeping the fallen in our hearts and memories.

    Wally Berg
    Berg Safety/ 360 Safety Services

    Wally Berg
  6. I am humbled that I had the
    pleasure of crossing paths with Kevin In our lives. I had the join of being in the same college fire academy as Kevin ( el Camino) and I always enjoyed his company. He made everyone laugh , shared his skill set in wild land firefighting and just knew how to brighten up a room. Thank you for all laughs and lessons taught.
    Your bro – Andy

    – Andy James Galvan
  7. To Kevin and to the Woyjeck family;

    The tragedy of that faithful day will never be forgotten by myself as a wildland instructor. It is my faith that keeps motivating me to ensure to the best of my instructional skills ability that no other person and family suffers such a loss from a wildland fire.

    – Ricky Burroughs, Retired Captain
  8. On this the 7th year anniversary of Kevin death, please know Kevin and all the other men of the Granite Mountain
    Hotshots will never be forgotten by his Firefighter Family!!

  9. God bless him!!! I am an ex-military guy. I respect those who fight fires.

    – Ricardo Sawyer
  10. God Bless You Sir, May your family know that even till this day the Lord is opening our eyes to your legacy. As I sit outside my car eating lunch a fire truck parked behind me for an emergency call at my facility. I seen your sticker, looked you up and read about you. Happy to have met you…..even after all these years. Thank you for shining light in this world….and continuing to do so. GOD BLESS

    – Jennifer Ramos
  11. Rip firefighter

    – HOWIE lippman
  12. Hoje eu pude ter a oportunidade de conhecer a história real baseando se em um filme que conta a tragetoria ,acredito que todos tem um propósito e deus compriu a dele que todos os heróis se encontram juntos ao lado do pai.

    – Arnaldo Brandao
  13. Not forgotten, bro.

    – Daniel Goncharov